Agnifera 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Comes To Stay At Sakshi’s House

Agnifera 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni walks into Revathi’s home with suitcase to stay here. Revathi is surprised to see her and says she told she will not come until Sakshi permits to her to stay here. Sakshi says she requested Agni to stay here. Sakshi hugs Agni happily. Sakshi says daadi’s happiness is most important to her as she is the only family member left in her life. Revathi says her sister Agni is there for her. Agni winks at Sakshi and goes into flashback where she walks into Sakshi’s clinic. She addresses Sakshi’s aides as Changu Mangu. They say they are Dr. Senti and Dr Toni. She says she came here to take Sakshi’s help to catch thief as she is new in town. She shows thief’s sketch to Sakshi. Sakshi tears it. Agni asks why did she tear thief’s pic, who will help her now,

Daadi… she will take Daadi’s help then. Sakshi warns not to blackmail her with Daadi’s name. Agni says does not blackmails, she blacklists and says she will stay with Daadi if Sakshi does not have any problem. Sakshi agrees. Out of flashback, Agni winks at Sakshi again.

Kishan introduces his family. His mother is brought on wheelchair by chutki bahu. Daadi asks Chutki to let Badki in first. After they all get in, Chutki’s jokergiri starts. Family enjoys. Kishen says he brought gift for everyone from London. Daadi says he spoilt Chutki… Daadi herself gives gifts and thinks she will make bahus fight and enjoy drama like serial’s saas.

Changu and Mangu in Sakshi’s clinic promote Vikram Betaal serial and say Sakshi bhai is tolerating Agni at home, so she is late for work.

Agni and Sakshi get ready for work. Sakshi hugs Daadi. Agni touches her feet. Daadi says daughter’s won’t touch feet and says she will feed Agni’s favorite food from her hand. Sakshi gets jealous and says she will not have Agni’s favorite food. Daadi says she prepared her favorite food and shows makhana kheer. Sakshi excitedly munches kheer. Daadi says even she will taste and says it is very tasty and reveals Agni prepared it. Agni angrily packs kheer and says she will throw it to dog and will hide truth that Agni prepared it as nobody would want to have murderer’s daughter’s prepared kheer. Sakshi controls her anger.

Precap: Agni rescues Kishan’s chachi from thief. Kishan acts as ill and calls Sakshi for treatment. Daadi saays she doubts this girl is not a doctor.

Update Credit to: MA

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