Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi’s attempt to reconcile with Ritik and Manisha

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Manisha cries and tells Ritik about Prithvi’s trap, and his deterrence to kill Ritik if she doesn’t agree to marry Karan. She rejected Karan’s parent’s invitation for Rakhi’s birthday but Prithvi pushed her into the trap. She regrets that no one is her side at the moment, neither the Luthras, Prithvi and nor Ritik. Ritik hugs Manisha and was determined to teach everyone a lesson, specially that Prithvi who wronged her and attempted to kill him. Rishab suggests that they must scatter and find Manisha. Karan takes Preeta as a team.
Rishab and Sameer come to a room. They open a wardrobe, the clothes fell off the wardrobe. Sameer tries to put them back inside, but was dug in the heap of clothes. Dadi and Mahesh comes inside, and wonders what they were doing. Sameer says he was looking

for something. Rishab laughs that Sameer wanted to wear a saree and was finding it. Dadi and Mahesh were shocked to know the secret, Sameer wasn’t even able to explain himself. After Dadi and Mahesh leaves, Rishab makes fun of Sameer enjoyably.
Preeta and Karan were headed to the washroom when Rakhi comes to the room. She questions what the two of them are doing in washroom of her room. Preeta replies she and Karan were looking for Manisha. They got Manisha drunk to get the truth from her, but she was lost. They ask Rakhi to call them if Manisha is found somewhere and leave the room.
Prithvi was looking for Manisha when Bee ji comes from behind and demands him the medicine she sent him for. He makes up that he forgot them in a friend’s car and goes to fetch them.
Prithvi comes to the room where Manisha was with Ritik. Ritik assures Manisha that he is back here for Manisha now. Manisha comes to front and asks Prithvi about Ritik, Prithvi lies that he sent Ritik abroad and his work isn’t yet completed. Ritik appears from behind and grabs Prithvi’s collar for lying to them and torturing Manisha. They shout at Prithvi who was cautious of the crowd outside. Prithvi grabs a knife from the fruit’s plate and holds it over Ritik’s neck.
There, Shrishti sat on the bed with Karina. Rakhi and Dadi were also there. Shrishti offers Karina that she can fix her foot strain by twisting it, like Preeta does. Rakhi and Dadi compel Karina to get the treatment as they have witnessed Preeta doing the same
Prithvi deters them to keep their voices low else they might get trapped. Manisha continues shouting at Prithvi, not ready to get trapped. Prithvi indulges himself into a wrestle with the two. Manisha grabs the knife from the floor now and throws it to Ritik. Ritik holds Prithvi at the point of knife now, Manisha forbids Ritik to be merciful with Prithvi, as he is a selfish man and may kill both of them as soon as he gets a chance. Prithvi explains that he only wished the best way out of Manisha, he won’t have let her marry Karan and instead helping her out of the trouble caused by her in the past. Ritik instead tells Manisha to leave for airport with her passport, he will finish up Prithvi and join her there. Prithvi offers Manisha and Ritik huge amount of property in return to their continuation of this drama and sparing his life. Manisha was thoughtful while Ritik looks towards her.
Karan and Preeta had reached outside the room. They knock at the door and calls Manisha to open the door. Prithvi holds Ritik and Manisha responsible for gathering them. Prithvi looks towards his bruised face in the mirror. Outside, Rishab says Manisha must be drunk, they should break the door. Prithvi thinks no one can save them today. Karan and Rishab makes the final effort and breaks into the room. Inside, Manisha had clutched Prithvi’s collar.

PRECAP: Prithvi accuses Manisha of s*xually assaulting her. Preeta replies she doesn’t trust him, why would Manisha do this to him. Prithvi asks Manisha who gave her the drink. Karan replies, he did.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. useless serial. Thief never to be caught. Ekta kapoor serial is one of worst serial. There is no salt and mirchi. How to make fool the people should learn from Ekta kapoor. The story is to tell one lie to have say 100 lies Aleady 89 lies is made by Prithvi complete century 11 lies to be there. Worst worst worst worst serial

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