Agnifera 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu’s Evil Side

Agnifera 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police arrests Baiju and takes him away. Visu asks Shristi not to worry, Baiju will be bailed out soon, they know Baiju has not done this.. He then reveals he is speaking to Shristi’s photo and laughs insanely and says he did it and reminisces reaching the venue when Baiu is warning eve teaser to dare not insult his wife. He then wears mask and trashes eve teaser and warning in Baiju’s voice to dare not insult his wife. He in a maniac way says he came in between 2 lovers and will get Shristi for sure.

Vishu then walks to living room and seeing Shristi acts as consoling her and says he will protect her always and take care of her happiness. Raagini walks in and asks what is happening. Vishu gets tensed. Baiju walks in and Shristi says Baiju got bail as goons told someone masking their face trashed them. Vishu says we all know Baiju is innocent. Shristi leaves with Baiju. Vishu looks at Shristi. Ragini notices that and asks him what is he thinking. He says his blood boils when his family member is in trouble. Courier boy delivers Anurag’s courier. Ragini receives it. Vishu asks what is it. Ragini asks him to call Anurag.

Ragini goes to her room and gives courier to Anruag. Anurag opens box and shows CCTV cameras, says these as secret cameras and he will fix them all over the house and catch culprit before he/she attacks babuji/Vikral next time. They both start fixing cameras around house. Dulari catches Anurag and asks what is he doing. He acts as exercising. Daadi catches Ragini, Ragini acts as cleaning house. They both meet again and discuss they fixed cameras all over the house and escaped narrowly.

Vishu walks into Shristi’s room and seeing Baiju asleep steals his mobile and hides it in bathroom to record video. Shristi returns from temple and after pampering sleeping Baiju walks into bathroom for a shower. Mobile records her showering. Vishu walks out with mobile and forwards video in Baiju’s local group and laughs that now Baiju will go away from Shristi and he will get Shristi then. Secret camera records his insane act.

Daadi recites Mahabharath chapter of Dhraupadi’s cheer haran to Vasu. Vishu says he does not like this chapter as Dhraupadi’s husband did not perform him duty aand protect her, instead he lost her in gambling. Villagers enter and ask to call Vidhvan, they cannot describe what his family has done.

Precap: No precap.

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