Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: King surprised seeing Abhi’s concern for Pragya

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The Episode starts with Suwarni Dasi worrying about Pragya. King comes to them and says nothing will happen to her. He gets Chachi’s call and tells she is fine. Suwarni Dasi asks Disha who is he? Disha says he is Pragya’s boss. Suwarni Dasi thinks boss cares for Pragya and prays for her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi will not leave them, says he will kill me. She says he might throw me out of house if not kill me. Aaliya says this all happened because of you, and says you tried to buy John. She says I was threatening him, but you tried to give him money. They blame each other. Tanu says I won’t let my life ruin because of the Servant, and says my dream to become Mrs. Universe will end. She says you don’t have any dream, you will always cry for Purab. Aaliya asks her to apologize to her. Tanu refuses and says she will take them out of the mess.
Kiara tells Sunny that Chachi and Tarun slept. Sunny says I am getting sleep. Kiara calls driver and says Mama and Papa are not picking her call. Driver says they are busy. Kiara says she fell down and can’t walk. Driver tells her about Pragya’s accident. Kiara is shocked and tells Sunny that she wants to go to her mum. She walks out of room.

King tells Suwarni Dasi that she shouldn’t have come. Suwarni Dasi says until I see her, I won’t go. Nurse comes out and tells that they need blood. They need AB positive blood. Suwarni Dasi tells that her blood is AB +, but Nurse tells that they need someone else blood. Purab recalls and tells that Disha’s blood group is same. Disha is also in the hospital. Sunny calls her and tells that Kiara’s mum met with an accident and he is going with her. Disha asks him to stop Kiara from going to hospital, but Sunny tells that he can’t stop Kiara. Disha thinks may be this is the right time for everyone to know the truth and may be Abhi and Pragya unite. She gets Purab’s call.

Tanu thinks of John’s words and then Pragya’s words. She closes the window and says no storm will come in my house and life, and I will close all the windows. She thinks when I don’t let Pragya come in my life then how is this john. She thinks time has come to call him back. She calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks if she needs him to get Abhi’s help. Tanu says I need your help. She tells that today was Purab and Disha’s anniversary party and tells everything. She asks him to stop John from reaching the hospital. Nikhil says ok and thanks her for calling him and says he has reminisced all past nights with her.

Disha gives her blood. Abhi looks at Pragya. John tries to take an auto, but he couldn’t get any auto. He calls Robin and informs him that someone made the chandelier fall down and he will tell after reaching hospital. Robin thinks who want to kill her. John thinks he will walk to the hospital. Kiara calls Driver and asks him to reach asap. Driver says he is coming. Sunny asks her not to cry. Nikhil gets Tanu’s message and sees John pic. He says old story will end and new will start. King tries to organize the blood. Disha comes and tells that she will give her blood. Abhi thanks her. Disha asks him not to thank her and says Pragya is like her sister. King thinks why they are so sad for Pragya, I am worried for her, but they are broken. Everything seems strange.

Abhi asks Doctor about Pragya. Doctor tells that Pragya’s body is not responding to their treatment. Abhi sees Doctor trying to revive Pragya and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. the same thing is coming over and over again
    so annoying

  2. Who can tell me why pragya need blood. My god my god this evil tanu and nikhil will kill John. That’s means they will have no evidence. This writer make us sick

    1. yes you are right but may be injured

    2. You’d think by this time all the stupid characters would get it. Who needs proof. Whenever Pragya is hurt….it is always Tanu, Aliyah and Abhi’s doing. The three of them should be tied together and dropped into the ocean. Even though Abhi is remembering that he ‘loves’ Pragya…that’s only for today. Abhi will continue to abuse Pragya. Why? If he loved for real, then tanu and aliyah would have been dead a long time ago. Abhi does not love Pragya. he does not. He is missing the poor soul that he can abuse and get away with it.
      You see, Ekta does understand ‘abuse’. And she loves to abuse.

    3. Best comment ever lol

  3. Now it’s all getting *************…… Mishel it’s all because of you…Hum yeh show kabhi nahi dekhte the tumhari wajah se yeh bahot ghatiya dekhna padta hai…And jab bhi yeh abhi pragya ko dekhte hai to dimag kharab hota hai…Kash humare paas itne paise hote te to seriously num1 logical show banate…Sale inko lagti itni hai fir bhi jine marne ki kagar pe pohch jate hai aur khai me girne k baad bhi nahi marte???????

  4. So tanu d witch will get john killed d same old story been repeat I Dont think d writers do read our comment here if there is nothing more to write y not just end d show
    Happy independent guys jai Hindi

  5. The music tries to get my adrenaline pumping. Not working. Guilt-ridden Abhi is suffering. Whoopee. He suffers until his next temper tantrum. Like all abusers.
    The whole Mehra family, idiots that they are, continue to wonder why Pragya attracts all these murder attempts. And oh my, here’s Nikhil. Again. Another version of another stupid man, in Tanu’s world. Tanu sure is a one-man kind of sl*t. This low-life, piece of…. covered up in expensive and ridiculous clothing is a successful criminal. And one would hope that at least one of them would consider the Aliyah/Tanu connection. Will I finally get to watch Tanu being beaten to a pulp? Can Tanu and Aliyah be dropped off in Libya? But the talking doll WILL change her outfit if she decides to go to the hospital.
    And like any manipulative 5 year old will find a way to keep the guilt off of her face. Adults figure it out fairly quickly. But this is the Mehra family. It’s funny, I never once imagined Aliyah getting beaten to a pulp. I love it that Aliyah does her scene and then is off-stage. I used to fast forward through her monologues in the past, finding her script to be so ugly that I was unwilling to expose myself to the utter hate. I’m glad the actress asked for her role to be tempered.
    The music and the scenes simply don’t warrant yet another spin around in Ekta’s little head. Who nearly dies from being thrown to the floor? Sure she hit her head on the floor likely but the chandelier could only have hurt her feet.
    Let the poor woman die!! Kiara will remain safe with King. Away, from the House Of Horrors and stupidity… the Mehra Mansion. Keep the stupid family unhappy for ever. They more than deserve it. All of them, a family of cowards. Even Purab was turned into a washcloth after his marriage to Disha.
    And if Pragya dies (let’s cross our fingers) the stupid Mehra family will wonder why Pragya was so unfortunate. It’s all Pragya’s fault. Typical thinking in many Indian families when the family scapegoat/victim finally comes to an end or manages to escape.

    It fills me with extreme sadness to know that India remains stuck at this level of thinking and that people like Ekta will continue to keep these attitudes alive in the population. They have to. Their wealth depends upon it. As does Ekta’s ego. I wonder if Ekta is capable of adult thinking. Mostly, I see malice and the gift of a five year old level of story-telling. All her shows are the same, right? India, so confident of survival in the upcoming conflagaration of the whole planet. If this quality of thinking is one of India’s ‘gems’ than really, India is already lost. Still stuck like a slave nation …just like Pragya… slavering to her masters and their pretty western clothes.

  6. This is really annoying. So we are back to murders and nihkil. Worst india series so far. Too bad because Ahbi and pragya are great actors but the producers are evil minded, why else will they keep promoting wickedness.

  7. India is Pragya on the world stage. First it was the British Invasion which morphed into the US/Israeli, which holds India in an abusive relationship. And India can’t seem to stop behaving…like a smart, beautiful and very abused woman. And Ekta? Her malice wants the game to continue because she lacks the facility to connect to her own humanity. But who cares? She wears pretty clothes and parties a lot, where her father won’t see. And where she won’t ever see “the masses” she is so effectively raping and plundering. They are victims. They are used to it. Just like Pragya.

  8. I thought Pragya was saved by Abbi in the nick of time. Then why the operation and the blood transfusion?. I’m a big fun of this program but it so boring watching it these days. So sad

  9. Nikhil the hitman…..from the update, anyone would think that Pragya was almost crushed to a pulp…crap, mockery of blood transfusion and surgery…I really don’t understand how this serial ends up winning the award for best serial year after year it boggles the mind, maybe the points are tallied after counting the negative comments as well. I hope that Kiara comes to the hospital and Abhi discovers that she’s his daughter…by some freakish way…

  10. Did the fall nic a major artery???? WOW!! That is what I call grasping for straws…..Sheesh…

  11. I thought I missed something about Pragya’s fall and near miss It’s so far fetched that it’s insulting….see you next month….maybe.

  12. The writers of this kumkum bhagya or what ever is called, the don’t know anything.

  13. What the HELL is wrong with does Indian writers. The don’t know how to end a movie well, the always end it with tragedies.


    1. Not all Indian writers. There is a tremendous amount of talent/ingenuity in India. Unfortunately, the social and political system insures that mostly members of the elite get education/opportunities. You see in every country the cowards at the top set themselves up to be the only voices heard. The producer of this show is one of those cowards….in India. Her parents had her ‘working’ on the set with them when she was 9 years old. If you are elite…that was enough to start her ‘career’. She was going to be revered, worshipped no matter what she did. This junk production proves that. She likes being honoured for the ‘fact’ that she is challenging India’s taboos. In fact, she is strengthening the taboos through her work. But the good news is that she has created a space for herself to get her rocks off anyway and anyhow she can. She’s doing it now. This woman is an example of the worst kind of human that India offers. Sort of like all those westernized yogi’s who found themselves an opportunity to get rich and screw (literally) Westerners and teach them falsehoods. These are all the worst of India. Ekta helps to keep India’s talent and energy and light bound up, injured and broken. Just like Pragya. What can you create when all you have time for is to try and stay alive?

  14. Very boring and dragging

  15. this storyline is very boring because we already had that scene in kum lum bhagya with the chandellair falling on pragya been there seen that so what next another repetitive storyline like a kidnapping or so come on writers you keep doing the same shit all the time you are so transparent that anyone down to the smallest child could writer these storyline; the storylines simply lacks valuable subtance, so i say again it is time these serials come to an end pronto.

  16. pragya was not hit by some speeding truck or crushed in a car accident u ppl. show something sensible. for heaven’s sake, the chandelier didnt even touch pragya except for the broken glasses.
    pull out those glass pieces and stich her skin up. stop all this drama there.
    stop thinking viewers are fools. we do know something.

  17. today John is going to die

  18. Am I allowed to curse in here I am so angry ??????????????????????????

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