Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 25

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Sona’s POV
Dev: Sona what was the need to inform ma.. I didn’t know that Natasha will come and hug me.. I never ever thought about her. I knew that she used to like me, but what’s my fault in that? Sona say something..
Sona: you better don’t talk to me..a random girl comes in n hugs MY husband..says that she used to love him n asked me how did I managed to marry me… Now what do you want me to do??
Dev: sorry na Sona.. please..
And silence is the best response..
We reached home.. I went to bedroom and locked it.
Dev: Sona open the door.. Sona…
Sona: I m changing my clothes..
Dev: I have seen you naked need not lock the room.. why are you doing this.. I have already said sorry..(his tone was clearly saying that he is irritated)
And just then door bell rings..
Dev: shit Dev.. you are finished must be Maa
Dev went to open the door and I stepped out of the room.
I was right.. It was maa..
Ishwari: Dev..what’s this?
Dev: Maa.. Natasha came to hospital..
Ishwari: who is Natasha?
Dev: the one who was there in my school n who used to stay in our colony.
Ishwari: ok then?
Dev: she came in the canteen and hugged me in front of everyone
Ishwari: sab ke samne???
Dev just nodded in yes.
Ishwari: continue..

Dev: I introduced her to Sonakshi. Natasha told her that she was mad for me when I was there in the school..
Maa looked at Sona..then looked at me..
Dev: maa what’s my fault in that.. I never paid attention to her. I never paid attention to any girl..Sona ia the first and last one. I know she must be hurt.. I said sorry but she is not convinced..
And seeing his puppy face me n ma started laughing..Dev was looking at us in confusion..
Sona: tumhe kya laga, apni mother in law ke saath mil ke sirf tum hi mera majak uda sakte ho? I too have mother in law..
And I giggled..
Dev: means you were making fun of me..
Sona: Of course..
Dev: maa, you also joined this stupid girl?
Ishwari: don’t you dare call my bahu like that..
Dev: your bahu is first my wife then she is your bahu..
Sona: you are jealous that your mom loves me more..
Dev: Madam aap to chup hi rahiye..What did you say “you are going to pay for this” ? Now you are going to pay.. Today the ball is in your court..

Ishwari: kuch to sharam kr Dev…Ok chalo mai chalati hu.. Your Papa must be waiting for me.. Sonakshi ye tumhari bhindi ki sabji..(now I will leave.. SONAKSHI this is your bhindi ki sabji..)You told me in the afternoon that you wanted to eat I made it for you..
Sona: maa, iski kya jarurat thi.. (ma, what was the need of this) I would have made it for me..
Dev: haa ma..and vaise bhi Sonakshi doesn’t like I am going to have it..
Ishwari: it’s for you too..but she wanted to have so I made it..
I said thank you to maa and hugged her..
Ishwari: ok now I will leave
Dev: okay maa
And ma left..
Dev: Sona, from when did you started liking bhindi n all?
Sona: Do you have a problem with that?
Dev: no not at all..
Sona: I just felt like I want to eat it..
Dev: ohk
I was about to go in the kitchen but he held my hand..
Dev: bas vo payment ka mat bhulna(don’t forget about the payment)
Sona: tumi ekdum impossible.. concentrate on your studies..
And I blushed..and left..

Dev’s POV
We had our dinner.. I was studying in the room..and Sona was sitting on the bed, was reading some magazine..It was like an rule for us.. undefined rule..that no matter how we wanted to be with each other in the bed, I will study till 1am..and she will wait for me. Sona was a very understanding wife. She never wanted to enjoy at the cost of my studies. The thought of her made me turn my head to see her..and I was Sona was sleeping peacefully.. it’s the first time since we got married, she never slept without was weird..for a moment I felt insecure. I felt like I am not giving her sufficient time..and she is learning to live without me. I was disturbed by my own thoughts. may be I was over thinking. I felt thirsty.. there was no water in the room.. I switched off the lights and went to the kitchen. I was drinking water and I heard Sona’s voice.. I ran to the room..I turned on the lights. Sona was drenched due to sweat..her eyes were tightly closed. And she was calling me..
Dev: Sona, Sona wake up.. it’s a bad dream..Sona utho
I tried for some time and finally she got up.. I made her drink water.
She hugged me tightly.
Dev: Bachcha kuch nahi hua. Mai hu na tumhare saath..It was just a just saw a bad dream
Sona: I didn’t see anything Dev
Dev: what do you mean?
Sona: I heard you calling me..
Dev: I was calling you to wake you up.. I guess you heard that..
Sona: I heard you crying..
Dev: why would I was just a dream.. that’s it.. don’t think about it
Sona: you know what was strange..maa was also there and she was also crying and you asked her told her that you are going to marry me.. you said like you don’t trust anyone when it comes to me..

The things which I was hiding from her..she is recalling that..she heard everything.. how’s that possible..the drug injected to her was so strong that practically she won’t remember anything till she is under the influence of that drug.
I hugged her tightly.
Dev: I never said such things.. don’t think about it..
Sona: hmm
I tried to make her sleep..but I couldn’t sleep..I was thinking that should I tell her everything or not.. I was thinking for more than hour. And Sona again woke up..
Dev: What happened?
Sona: I am feeling like having some ice cream and some fresh air..
Dev: ok let’s go
It’s 2 am and we were searching a place where we can get some ice cream..and finally we found it. She wanted to have Orange Candy..
Dev: you want orange candy? so you gave upon handsome husband?
Sona: no I won’t give upon you.. anyhow I am going to have the last bite of whatever you eat.
She ate her first candy and demanded for it’s the fourth one.
Dev: Sona this is the last one. I am not giving you one more.
And she made puppy face..that pout..she knows very well how to manipulate me. Control Dev.
Dev: sona don’t make cute faces. This is not going to help you. You won’t have more. Bimar pdna hai kya?
Sona: Ok.

We had a long drive..with some romantic songs..and these things were turning on my mood. I blushed. And she saw that..
Sona: tell me what are you thinking about
Dev: nothing
Sona: batao na
Dev: nothing baba
Sona: ok don’t tell..
And she turned her face and started looking outside the window. Her hair didn’t allow me to see her face..
Dev: you know I always fantasized that I will kiss you when we are on a long drive..
She just blushed..
Sona: don’t you want to fulfill your wish?
I looked outside the window and stopped the car.. turned on the indicator..and we were ready to fulfill my wish. I lowered her seat. And allowed to lean back on seat comfortably. I leaned towards her and we ended in passionately kissing each other..she was pulling me closer.. I love it when I feel her breath on my body..
Sona: let’s go home.. I want something more.. payment is still pending..
We parted and I drove the car to our home. We were in so hurry that we even dropped the idea of going into the room. We ended in making love in the hall itself..ended up totally exhausted. I hope it made her forget about the dream.
We woke up late.. took bath together..reached hospital late.

In hospital
Tina: Good morning love birds..
Me n Sona: morning Tina..
Tina: aaj bhi late? Why you people don’t go for honeymoon?
Sona felt awkward..
Sona: I have appointment..see you soon..bye
And she ran away..
Dev: have you gone mad?
Tina: Sorry..
And we both laughed..

In the afternoon.. Natasha came to my cabin..we were recalling our memories of school time.
Just then Sona came..
Sona: Sorry..did I disturb you?
Natasha: No no not at all..we were just recalling old days..
Sona: ok then I will come later.
Dev: why later.. please sit for some time na
Sona: Natasha how is life going on?
Natasha: Everything is fine just joined this hospital 2 days before..
And then we talked about various things from my school, hospital, personal lives n all..
Natasha: Ok then now I will take your leave
Sona: Even I am also leaving..
Both the ladies stood up..were about to leave..and Sona slipped..Natasha held her both wrists firmly..
Natasha: Hey are you ok?
Sona: yes .. thanks
I ran towards them..
Dev: tum thik to ho?
Sona: yup
Natasha: I guess you should change your footwear..
Sona: you are right..
Natasha was still holding Sona’s wrist..
And suddenly Natasha smiled bright..
Natasha: Dev…

And I looked at Natasha in what
Natasha: Dev tum dono ke shadi ko kitna time hua?
Dev: about to complete 3 months.. Wait why are you asking this?
Natasha raised her eyebrows..
Natasha: don’t tell me that you don’t get why I have asked this question
Dev: like.. seriously???
And she nodded in yess..
Sona: are you guys going to tell me what’s the matter??
And I looked at her lovingly..and kissed her forehead..hugged her..
Dev: Sona, we are expecting.. you are pregnant..
Sona: seriously? How can you say that?
Dev: Natasha is a gynaecologist..she just checked you…when she held you by your wrist..
We eyes were filled with tears.. I was so happy.. I again hugged her..
Dev: Thank you Sona.. thank you so don’t know how happy I am..

Precap: I don’t know

Sorry guys I wrote the whole episode but I forgot that validity of my data pack was expired. And I was out of I couldn’t post it yesterday so so sorry. I know that I am late. But please don’t scold me..with all love… Richa

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    1. Richa144

      Hey dear.. Dev is yet to tell me.. I will let u know soon

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    1. Richa144

      Can you please translate? May be your negative comment will guide me to improve

      1. di woh bola rahi hai ki aap saab aise bana banake stories likhteho. aap saab ko kya lagta hai ki director aap see suggestions lenge. aur koi kaam nahi hai aap logo ka. and aunila there is a suggestion for you. if u think it is a waste of time then plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t read…

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    1. Richa144

      I am working girl dear. I hardly get time to write. And feel helpless when you people ask me to post soon or complain about I am always late.. anyway I am going to finish this ff and tere bin soon

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