agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 4)

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Scene1: Kriya and Amaya entre the house. Kriya notices her hand. Kriya: hey what happen to your hand?
Amaya: nothing much just got injured while practicing.
Kriya: you should be careful. But both the hands? I mean its strange to injure both the hands.
Amaya tries to ignore her. By the way Kezar had come?
Kriya: actually in the morning he did not come. And afternoon i had gone out. And returned now.
Amaya: ohhk. Let me call him.

Kezar: who are you calling? I am here only.
Amaya: great. Here your special cd. I got it.
Kezar: yess. I am very happy. You got it finally. Come let’s play.
Amaya: yup why not. Hey kriya come you also join.
Kezar: yeah let me connect.
They play the game happily. And they are enjoying.
Amaya: hey chotu now go home. Your mom must be waiting. I need to go.
Kezar: yeah yeah.
Kriya goes to her room while the two are in the drawing room.
Kezar: amaya again? Don’t harm your self for him.
Amaya: i know but i can’t control my anger. But now forget it.
Kezar: you take care.
Amaya: yeah by the way i got somrthing for you.
Kezar(excited) : what? What?
Amaya: gives him a pack of juice.
Kezar: what yaar. Juice. I have it everyday.
Amaya: i thought you needed it before something special. But now that you don’t want juice then forget it.

Kezar: something else? Give me.
Amaya: here you go. Gives him a extra large size toblerone.
Kezar: thank you. Gives a peck on her cheek and you are the best. And leaves.
Amaya goes for her work.
Its morning.
Amaya is walking on the street. There’s not a single person there. She hears someones foot steps. She turns around to see who’s it. To her suprise its Mantu.
Amaya: you here? Are you following me?
Mantu: mad a what. I was going home.
Amaya: meaning. So early what were you doing here.
Mantu: aree i told you na. I had some work at studio. So i was working there. My work got over. So i came out to go home but someone punctured my bike tires.
Amaya: ohhk so you are here in search of auto? Or mechanic?
Mantu: mechanic.
Amaya: you won’t find any. People are lazy here. None of them will wake so early.
Mantu: yeah i guess. But i think i should search a auto instead.
Amaya: that also you won’t get. You come to my place. Yesterday also you did not come.
Mantu: ohhk come anyways i am tired.
They move to her place.
Amaya opens the door and finds kriya practising. Mantu greets her.
She stops practicing. Kriya: hii good morning.
Mantu: hii
Amaya: sit mantu. Make yourself comfortable.
Mantu: yeah sure.
Kriya: here amayA your coffee. I knew you would come so i prepared in advance. Mantu what would you like to have?
Mantu: anything.

Amaya: anything insense water also. Aree tell na you came to our place for the first time so please tell.
Mantu: aree no formality.
Kriya: tell na
Mantu: ohhk fine tea.
Amaya goes in but stoped by kriya. Kriya: you sit I’ll make. You people look tired.
She goes in. While manya is sitting.
Mantu: you are Reys friend but i never saw you before.
Amaya: same here. I mean we are friends since hss. I never saw you before.
Mantu: we are childhood friends. Actually i joined different hss so we never saw each other before.
Amaya: yeah may be. Or we were meant to be friends like this.
Kriya comes while the door bell rings.
Kriya: let me check . Mantu here you go.
Kriya opens while Rey hugs her excitingly thinking its Amaya.
Rey: Amaaaaaaaaaayaaa
Kriya: leave me you fool.
Rey: ohhh shit i am so sorry. I thought you are amaya.
Amaya: rey come come. Look who’s here.
Rey hugs her. Aree Mantu. He hugs him .
Mantu: how come you are here so early. I mean you get up at 10 or so.
Rey: aree actually i did not meet her yesterday. I knew that she comes back by this time so i came here. But you.
Mantu explains him everything.
Rey: great we all are here so lets go out. Kriya you also come with us.
Amaya: of course she will.

Mantu: you guys carry on. I am going home.
Rey: what yaar. After so many days i am meeting my friends. And you are going.
Mantu: understand na. Baby will be worried. And i did not go home the whole night. I need to change and freshen up.
Rey: you go home and change . Then we will go. Don’t say no.
Mantu: ohhk fine. I’ll meet you later.
Amaya: great. I’ll also get ready.
Rey: mantu come I’ll come with you.
Mantu: no need. You come to pick me up.
Rey: ohhhk cool.
Rey sits . Kriya gives an irritating look to him.
Rey: hey kriya. Listen i am sorry. I thought you are amaya.
Kriya: are you always hyperactive?
Rey: no i am not. Thats when i am very happy i loose my control.
Kriya: try to stay in your limits.
Rey: i said i am sorry. Please leave it na. I know our start was bad but please we will start everything from begining.
Kriya: ohh k. Anyways we are arguining on stupid things. You are right.
Rey: great now you will see the new Rey.
Kriya: hope so.

Rey: really.
Kriya: you wait here now.
She leaves to get ready.
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  1. Hmm..many hidden secret past’s for amaya i guess.. Hope wil b revealed soon.. Nyways nice story line.. Beginning of new friendships.. Love..

    1. Yeah secrets are there. So hold on fr sometime. N yeah thanks fr reading n commenting

  2. I read all your episodes they are just awesome. Please write more abiit kriyaansh.

    1. Yeah kiya tnqu fr reading. I’ll try to write more about kriyaansh

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