Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 18)

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Radhika had never slept so well in her life. When she awoke the next morning she is happy to see that Arjun don‘t get up. He was still with her and asleep. He looked peaceful and incredibly handsome. She lifted her head and moved her gaze over his face. His jaw had a day‘s worth of stubble and it made him look worn but sinfully appealing. Having her body pressed against his hard form was doing amazing things to her insides too.
“Quit staring” He murmured.

“Oh for gosh sakes!” she flushed.
He opened his eyes and grinned, “Well, I can get used to this” He lifted his arm and looked at his watch, “I‘ve got to get going. Go get dressed Radhika, you‘re coming with me appointment with Doctor Jenson”
“Oh” She couldn‘t stop the tremor.
“Hey” he said softly nudging her chin so she‘d look at him, “I‘m with you every step of the way.”
Radhika : “I know. I‘m terrified.”
Arjun :”I‘m scared to honey, but we‘ll beat this together”
“Are you?” she said raising her brows. She was sure Arjun hadn‘t been scared of anything in his life. He faced adversary head on with horns out.
“Of course I am.” He said softly, Rohit has finally let me near you and now that I‘ve got you I certainly don‘t want anything to happen to you. You‘re my life” he said
She could feel her eyes moisten, “Do you really mean that?”
“Come here button” He said shifting his body and easily lifting her over him so he could kiss her. It was a kiss of complete tenderness and it was loaded with affection.
Finally he lifted her off him and sat up. “Let‘s get going before I drag you from here”.‖ He said in a strained voice.
Radhika couldn‘t see anything wrong with that, but intimacy was still new to her and she didn‘t know how to tell him so she did as he said and made her way to washroom to take a bath…..
“arjun but I don’t have clothes to change” SHE said
“Check out your bag in the cupboard” he replied with a smile
Radhika is shocked “oh my God……I Love you my baby…” she said in excitement nd hug Arjun tightly”
I knew sweety….but no romance now……go quickly and take the bath” he said
She followed as he said now….
After reaching hospital, they entered and saw rohit, janvi mom, anu and arjun”s parents are already waiting for them…….Radhika feel so good with the care of so many people
she was lying on the stretcher to be taken to surgery Arjun leaned over and gave her one last kiss on the forehead. Rohit and all other bless her and squeezed her hand “I‘ll be back” She smiled trying to alleviate their worries.

“We know button” arjun Said “But we just want you to know that we‘ll be here when you get out”
Rohit leaned over “Scared?”
“Terrified.” She said still smiling, “But I believe I can do anything with you all behind me”

“We‘re ready.”Said a nurse as she flipped the breaks off the gurney and gave them all a reassuring smile as she wheeled it through the double doors that they weren‘t allowed through.
Rohit and Arjun stepped next to one another until the doors closed. Rohit put an arm on his shoulder causing Arjun to look him.
“I‘ll buy you a coffee.”
Arjun: “That sounds good”

Rohit led him to the coffee machine and threw some change in the slot. The cup dropped followed by the hum of coffee being poured, “How was she last night?”
Arjun: “Worried, but–she was happy Rohit.”
They come back outside OT getting coffee for all of them…..everyone is tensed but doesn’t show it to others……
The next few hours were the longest of all but specially for both the men‘s life as they waited for news of Radhika. Finally Doctor Jenson walked into the waiting room wearing green OR scrubs and a surgical mask hanging from around his neck. Both men shot to their feet causing him to smile.

He lifted a hand, ―She‘s fine. We‘re moving her to a private room and you can all go see her in about twenty minutes after the nurses are done their assessments and making her comfortable. Chances are she‘s not going to be much of a conversationalist until late this evening. People usually sleep for the first twelve hours straight and if they do wake up, they don‘t remember.”

Arjun: “And the lump?”.
Doctor: “The lump was encapsulated”
Rohit : “What does that mean?”
Doctor “It means we got it all and that the chance of the cancer spreading is minimal—it‘s a good sign”
All of them visibly relaxed.
The light hurt Radhika‘s eyes and she mumbled something to that effect. Suddenly the room dimmed after the sound of scraping of a chair. Then she felt a warm large hand on her forehead and another gripping her hand.
“Hey button”
“Arjun?” Warm lips brushed her forehead.
“Everyone is here for you”
“You sound tired” She heard herself say.
“Well, if you didn‘t keep me up all night I‘d probably have a couple of hours of sleep” arjun replied in her ear only
She couldn‘t help but smile and actually opened her eyes this time. She still was set back by how handsome he was. “You know—waking up to some stud hanging over me is such a treat” she said

Her mom come near her…put her hand on her forehead, “How do you feel? Are you in pain?”
Radhika “No, not really mom “She reached up and felt her br*ast but there was a bandage there. “How long was I sleeping?”
Rohit answered “All night”

Arjun’s parents also asked her how is she now???? They also make her smile…and anu hug her lightlyyyyy…” get well soon…please our shopping plan is still pending”
All of them smile at it…
“you guys are waiting for me all night?” she asked again
Her eyes opened wider, ―Really. Oh, you all must‘ve been worried.”
“we were, but we have good news.‖ Arjun smiled, “It‘s benign”
A sob burst from her followed by a string of tears causing him to bend over and hold her.
“Now we can begin to plan our future” arjun said lightly again
All of them come out from their except arjun
Radhika: “I‘m going to have a scar”
Arjun “So? It will be a reminder of how much we love each other. Every time I see it, I‘ll know how precious you are to me.”

Radhika “Oh God! I‘ve done so much crying lately that I fear I have no fluid left in my body.‖ She said feeling another tear slip down her cheek. Then her eyes darted around the room, ―Where‘s Rohit?”
Arjun:”He‘s doing my job right now so I can be with you. He was here with us last night, then left early this morning. He already knows the results of your surgery. Remind me to give him a raise”
Radhika “Oh I will” She knew Rohit loved her and for him to allow Arjun to be there when she woke up must‘ve been hard for him.
He chuckled, ―When you‘re better, you have to join my company as promised…remember?”
She beamed: “yesssss”
He laughed, and then became serious, “get well soon button…I am eagerly waiting for you…and to make you mine forever…”
Radhika “ok….but how?”
Arjun”what how…I want to marry you”

Radhika: “super excited….”
Arjun “me too but as you say…you need to complete your graduate first”
Radhika: “yes but we can engage before I go back to hostel”
Arjun “nice idea….i also wants to say this….”, “ok now you should sleep for some time…then in evening we will go back to home”

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