Adorable Vivian as Harman

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Guys do you remember Harman dialogue to Surbhi while he was in lockup few days back.
Surbhi: bol karta mere saath agar mujhe uttata to. Mardalta?
Harman: Harman ko woh sab karne ki zaroorat nahi hain. Waise bhi Ladkiyan harman ko dekh te hi mar jate hain.

So true. I keep adoring in shy, excitement while watching his cute expressions on screen.

Pata nahi vahhbij ka kya haal hai………………………

Do someone also feel in a similar way? His chemistry with anyone is just too cute because of his performance. Rubina Dilak is a bit disappointing sometimes although her character is extra sweet. I hope they reveal the twist soon. what could that be? Transgender as expected earlier or something else.

Surbhi and harman’s brother chemistry seems interesting. One more pair could be on the way. Good if it works out since I want Surbhi to move on. Lets see what happens.

Fingers crossed.

  1. Sriranjani

    hey Soumya is not transgender can’t You understand… koi bhi maa apne bachi ko ladka se ladki nahi bulathe. samjii..
    and koi bhi maa apne ladka->ladki bachi ko shadii aur ohh bhi ek ladka ke sath nahi karenge.
    Use ur mind man.

    1. Mona146

      That is news they have been spreading since the beginning of serial. Also each time soumya’s parents are shown getting worried regarding her marriage and medical checkup. One more thing even in case of transgender they will consider themselves either girl or boy only but not both. Nimmi was not at all interested things happened rapidly that she could not say proper no. One major fallacy in your argument is Samjhi refers to woman and man suggests otherwise. Half knowledge is more dangerous. No offense although.

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