Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 18)

Today’s episode starts with….

Apu goes near malay, he asks did your take your decision, she says yes and is about to say but she gets a call and gets shocked, she starts panicking and asks who are you, where is my mom, but that woman cuts the call saying come here fast, Apu says malay malay, my mom, i need to save my mom and goes. Malay stops her and asks what happened to aunt, and who called you, apu says someone called and told me that if I don’t come there fast then she will kill my mother, malay asks who is that lady, did you hear aunt’s voice there, apu says yes, I heard her voice, she was shouting and saying me to not to come there. Malay gets thinking, he says we need to go there quickly, she says yes, I will go, malay says how can i leave you, there may be any danger, apu says no, malay says Yes and says this is final. Apu hesitantly agrees.

After sometime, both of them come outside with their bags and tell the other students and lecturer that they are going back to banaras, lecturer says you can’t leave like that, we still have many places to visit here, malay says My mom’s is not fine, she is in hospital and I need to go to her, lecturer says OK and asks what is the need to take apu with you, apu says I have singing competition and my mom wants me to participate so…., lecturer agrees and says have a safe journey, sid takes apu aside and asks is everything Ok there, apu says yes, sid doesn’t believe on her words and asks her to say the truth. She lies that malay and I want to make kalpana agree, so that is why we both are going, sid gets shocked and so fast, but apu…. apu says nothing but, we need to leave, sid tells her all the best and prays god to make mom agree to their love.

Apu and malay reach kalpana’s house, apu gets shocked seeing a woman, she reminisces a mad lady hugging her and laughing madly, she then sees kalpana near the corner and goes to her, she hugs her, but kalpana shouts at her saying, why did you come here, she asks malay to take apu far from here, apu and malay looks on confused, that lady comes near apu and hugs her asking how are you meri bachi, apu breaks the hug and asks who are you and what do you want, the woman asks her not to shout one me, she says I am your mother and laughs, malay, apu, kalpana gets shocked……..

Precap: FLASHBACK and story of Apu’s mother……

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    Good episode sarayu…. So soon secret gonna unveiled…. Waiting…. Keep writing…

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