Adi to prove Ishita a negligent mother in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi starts planning to show Ishita’s carelessness towards him, and to use Raman’s anger for breaking their marriage and plant Shagun back in Raman’s life.

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  1. absolutely bullshit. Raman, u said u will never fight with IShita but fight for her. this promise is broken. not satisfied with the happenings.

  2. Stop watching this Shit , we should watch other good serials such as Mahakumbh , Nisha aur uske cousins etc. which show some good things which keeps the viewers interested not like this serial which for TRP shows just ******************** .

  3. I would like to suggest you all not to waste your time on this SHIT !

  4. Bullshit day by day this growing worst adi u never suceed in what u want end this drama soon ruhi kutty help ur ishima

  5. arey yaar where is aaj ka written update.becoz of iam traveling i cant watch the show today.plz update karo naa jaldi se.

  6. Y no update today??

  7. Yaaar aaj mai jaldi aa gai to aaj updates me kyo itna late ho gaya???

  8. Stupid adi plz bring happins in ishitha life……… adi is same his mom poor raman always loves adi….

  9. Stupid adi.headup will all his evil plans.ruhi is d only one whoz gona help ishu..not even raman

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