Neil and Devyaani’s love and heartbreak in Shastri Sisters

Neil could not stop redeveloping feelings for Devyaani, and showing his concern and support always. Devyaani is thankful to him for always being a friend, and has not thought ahead. Neil’s friends joke on him, saying he is making the same mistake again to love Devyaani and she will again reject his love.

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  1. neil is showing his immature mind again. very bad on his part.

  2. Neil knows devyanni does not like him so why is he still after her if she liked him it would be ok but its like he is forcing her in falling in love for him

  3. where’s new updates

  4. its not like that wins & areela he loves devyaani & she should also love him it will be very nice to see 3 couples on serial anuraj rohalka devneil

  5. Where is new update

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