ADDICTED ISHQ (Ishqbaaz) by Mahira [EP 1]

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Obreoi Mansion…

– Aree… Who brought those roses here!? Don’t you know that Shivaay is allergic to them? I don’t want to relive same drama again!
– Last time, it was soooo fruitful bhabi!!!!
Annika gets startled by Rudy’s voice in her back, she dismisses the scolded servant urging him to take back roses’ basket quickly and turns to her young devar smiling joyfully. He teases her more:
– aree wah!! Five years and still blushing like a new bride, you… Ah… Aouch!
He’s stopped by her beat on his shoulder stopping him from continue his badmash suggestions!
– don’t you have a wife to tease in this early morning? Go and turn her nuts and let me do my job… Time is running and Maha Arti will take place tonight and still so much work to do. Do you even know how many things I’m sure I’ve forgot about and how…
Rudra stops her grabbing her shoulders to stop her gesticulating in every way and breaths deeply asking her to do the same by a nod:
– muuuuch better! First of all… Bhavya is already at work, commissioner call came in the middle of night! So, I have no one to tease but you!
His full tooth smile makes her pout frustrated but he continues before she can open her mouth further.
– AND… You’re our khidkitod Annika bhabi… You entered this mansion for the first time for the same maha arti, I know you’ll just be perfect as always!
She smiles finally melting in his encouraging words and both get lost in their memories for that day… Annika’s smile becomes wider recalling meeting her SSO again in the same day and how she would never imagine where life was taking them both. Rudra recalls his Obros moments, his Dadi’s words about ishqbaaz and the dramatic way the party ended!

His eyes get teary soon and Annika’s voice bring him back from his trance a caressing hand on his cheek and a reassuring sad smile on her face saying:

– don’t be sad today okey? please!

Rudra smiles back to her swallowing his tears and wipe her both cheeks with his hands replying:

– same to you!

Both part away turning aside to wipe their eyes and compose themselves with a bright smile. Annika asks enthusiastically:

– So you’ll be there?

– Of course! Big day for him too… I’ll just peep in and… OH YOU KNOW NA… She would kill me for sure!

Annika frowns surprised by his abrupt change of tone and subject but she understands soon and replies lightly:
– and she would be right ! Stay away from girls today, your wife has a ready bullet all the time!
They both laugh when she feels an arm on her waist, she smiles turning to see her handsome husband’s smiling face, she pecks his cheek lovingly making Rudra turn away!
– Good morning!
They exchange a cute look and he takes the vest he was hanging at his arm starting to wear it, she helps him asking worriedly:
– going somewhere!?
– to office, obviously!
– but Shivaay today is…
– I know Annika and I’ll be back on time okey?
– but…
– Khanna will stay back in case you need anything… And…
Seeing him adjusting his watch and heading straight she stops him pulling on his arm asking:
– you didn’t even take breakfast! You know you have your meds to take on time! Shivaay you…
For all response, he cups her cheek his fingers plunging in her hair’s strands and pulls her closer printing a kiss on her forehead closing his eyes and inhaling deeply making Rudra look away shyly!
– Siv…
– Have a nice day… Don’t wait me for launch!
– But…
He walks already away ignoring her calls:
– Shivaay… You’re not fair… Listen to me… Shivaay being careless is… Shiv…
He disappeared already when she growls making huge moves with her hands to mark her frustration:
– Bagad Billa!!!
Rudra burst out laughing heartily then shakes his head outing an arm around her shoulders and says:
– whole world can change, billi billa fights will remain same!
She frowns pouting and wants to argue but he cuts her offering to take breakfast together… Arguing with empty stomach isn’t healthy and anyways Chutki must be waiting for them already!
N/A: so? How was it?

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