Marrying at last — Tu Jo Mila

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rikara’s house:

om entered only to be welcomed by his two kids.

Mariam: papa, our gifts?

viren: dad, gifts.

om: oh no! I am so sorry. I forgot to buy you two something.

Mariam-viren: what?!

om: just kidding!

he bends down and whispers: don’t tell anyone but soon me and your mummy will marry soon. this a good gift?

Mariam-viren: yes

Mariam: now no one in school will tease me saying that my parents are not married yeh voh.

om: that’s good. accha so where is your mum?

Mariam: she is upstairs.

om hugs his kids and goes upstairs.

rikara’s room:

om entered only to meet angryri.

gauri: om, who is this lady with you?

she showed the picture on her phone showing his facebook post.

om: this is just a friend.

gauri: friend?! then this love heart and kisses?

om: friends do that.

gauri: you are really the worst. I hate you! now you can look after Mariam and viren and sleep on the coach. I am not talking to you!

om: gauri… jaan….mithu aisi maat….

she locked the house door on his face.

om: karo..

Mariam: how many times have we told you not to post your friends pics on facebook. now look, propose to her soon else everyone will bully me and viren.

om: i’ll try Mariam but your mum is a fireball. once she has lit up, it is not easy to stop the fire.

viren bought om’s guitar. om gets shocked seeing his small son drag a heavy thing.

om: arre yaar, viren give me. you are too small, you got hurt then??

he looked at the guitar and smiled.

om: wow viren, you gave me an idea. thank you beta.

he kisses his son’s forehead.

Mariam-viren: kaunsa idea?

om: guys, how would you like to be babysat by a new babysitter?

he gets his phone out and calls rudy: hey rudy, time to get to know your niece and nephew. I need to go out. you babysit the kids. yes i’ll send you the address. ok bye.

he gets off his phoen and texted rudy. once done…

viren: who rudy?

om: rudy chachu!

Mariam: your brother.

om: yes.

Mariam-viren: yay!

five minutes later:

the doorbell rang.

om: hello rudy.

Mariam-viren: hello rudy chachu.

rudy: hey! guess what guys? we will have so much fun. why? because I am your young chachu.

om: yes the young chachu who is already married and has a kid.

rudy: stop ruining everything o.

om: sorry. accha so i’ll be back soon. bye.

viren: arre guitar!

om: oh yeah! thanks.

he picks the guitar and goes.

rudy: is your dad always like this?

Mariam: not really. anyway which shade of lipstick would you like?

viren: no lipstick. me and chachu play video game.

Mariam: arre nahi chota, me and chachu will do makeup.

viren: no video game

rudy in mind: someone save me!!!






gauri: he really spoils my mood. especially with his stupid facebook posts. ek number ka jatadhari hippy.

just then..

voice: Aashiyaana mera saath tere hai na. Dhoondte teri gali mujhko ghar mila. Aab-o-daana mera haath tere hai na.

gauri turned only to find om playing his guitar, singing and looking at her. all people stopped to listen to om.

om: Dhoondte tera Khuda mujhko Rab mila. (gauri walks, om leaves his guitar on one side and runs to gauri) Tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil. Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil haan!. Mushqil sahi aasaan hui manzil. Kyunki Tu.. Dhad.kan.. Main Dil…

gauri tries to walk away from him but om grabbed her arm and brought her close to him.

om: Rooth jaana tera. Maan jaana mera. Dhoondhte teri hansi. Mill gayi Khushi.

gauri smiles lightly, her anger leaving her. om twirled her as he continued.

om: Raah hoon main teri. Rooh hai tu meri. Dhoondhte tere nishaan. Mill gayi khudi. Tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil. Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil haan! Mushqil sahi aasaan hui manzil. Kyunki Tu.. Dhadkan.. Main Dil… O…

gauri smiles. now she has forgotten om’s mistake.

om: Tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil.. haan! Tu jo mila aasaan hui mushqil. Kyunki Tu Dhadkan.. Main Dil…

he lets go of gauri and goes on his knees, taking out a ringbox from his pocket and opened it.

Image result for proposal rings for her

om: my life is wonderful because you are with me, you make me happy even if I feel sad and low. your smile lightens up my life and all the darkness disappear. your love has made me crazy. my eyes search for you when you are not around. my heart aches when I don’t find you. you are the reason for all my happiness and without you my life would be so dull. you given me two children to love and I want more with you. your fake anger is very cute. I feel empty if you don’t scold me. I love you a lot gauri. will you marry me?

gauri was speechless as om said his speech.

people in the crowd were hoping for her to say yes.

gauri: yes… yes om I will marry you.

om places the ring on her finger, gets up and locks his lips with hers.

precap: meeting his family + engagement

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