Absolute Darkness (ch 6)

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Laksh shout in anger: had u both became so soft and cant find out that she is beaten????????????

Swara: la..laksh, it o……??

Laksh: u don’t utter a word ok??

Sanskar and ragini got pale and swara close her eyes and tear came through down her cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Laksh: uffff?, I knew about raj sadistic ways, I thought u one of the his sadistic girls he likes, but no! isn’t?, u don’t like these things.

Swara: never

Sanskar repeated like robot: sadistic?

Laksh: yes, but I doubt swara straight at the party, when he pressed ur hand, that smile wasn’t pleasure one, it was challenging.

Come ( laksh took her upstairs in Sanskar room) ragini first aid box fast ( ragini run for it while Sanskar follow with hollow look)

Swara sit on bed only, laksh look at her, then got it?

Laksh: lets go Sanskar, ragini ll take care of it.

Sanskar just didn’t move, so laksh pull him, down stairs

Laksh: I’m sorry Sanskar. That’s y I told u stay away from her, she is not yet but raj ll never leave her until she is broken in mental, till she is total..

Sanskar: toy???

Laksh: sans…

Sanskar with broken voice: did I really became so soft, hw I didn’t see that, hw?????? And I was…..

Laksh hugged his bahi: no bahi no. don’t remember those again. Everything ll b ok

Sanskar: all u done was to get her out right?

Laksh: yes?…. Her pain when ragini hugged her.., I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to work with raj so u don’t see her that way.

Ragini down by that time and both looked for her as hw is she

Ragini: she is one tough girl, don’t worry, she ll be ok.

Sanskar: I wanna see her.

Ragini: hold it Sanskar!! She is….. is not mentally good, last thing she want is pity, so let it go.

Sanskar: its not pity rago, I wanna,,,,

Ragini: Whatever u want is just not now (ragini hug laksh) I’m sorry?

Laksh: y? u look so cute when u jealous haha??

Ragini: laaaksh!! I ll go and make some food with Avenash

Sanskar: I ll rest in office.??? (and head there directly

Laksh: none of us ll rest for awhile??

And each was drawn in his own memories.

#Sanskar #POV

I enter my office but didn’t light it, we supposed to be out remember, I threw myself on couch. That blo*dy son of b*t*h.. he dare he do that…. Raj is sadistic, swara nahi… hw he,,,,,,, god damn it, I ll break him.

How many years past shonny swara (his child friend)??? 12 years!! Ever since we separated. Ever since I got hell broken. I still remember each second which pain n my f**king brain.

The man who caught me, randeep was his name. he took me and throw me in room with other boys and girls in some home, all I wanted to reach swara bas swara…..

#Flash #back

Sanskar: what is this house? What r we doing here?

Boy: whr they had take u from.

Sanskar:…….. street, police was following us

Boy: U ll wish if u were caught by police, when police out they out too,

Sanskar: Who they? What this house pls?

Girl; house of pain

Sanskar: Y? what is that?

Boy: what u work?

Sanskar: Newspaper boy, pick pocket some times

Boy sadly: ur best days was over

Randeep came in and took me to another small room barly taking one bed

Randeep: undress

Sanskar: hell u ( next what I felt was hard slaps)

Randeep: I say and u do only

Sanskar: f**k u

Randeep smile devily: indeed

He catched me tight and rip my shirt, pin me to wall, I fought back but vein, he was so strong. He tasted my mouth , I feel so disgust that I bite his lips,

Randeep: u dirty shit

few hits and I fall on floor. I could hear the voice of his belt open, then he kneel on me…………….

#Flash #back #over

i sit on floor hitting it while tears com from me, remembering those horrible days, that randeep raped me again and again, he called me golden boy due to my creamy body.

I always refuse it, try hit and bite, and always gotten beaten till i cant stand it anymore. I cant even remember hw much time he rape me, each time he enter the room and used my…. body………… and then followed by burns and hitting with his belt. Hw many burns randeep gave me? I cant remember, my feet were his favorite place to off his dirty cigratte.

What it was called!!! Oh yes mentally breaking, it means breaking u pieces so that u have no bride. So u would do any dirty the told u to do.

Hw many days past in that dirty room, I hell don’t remember, time to time throw food on floor to eat and glass of water, I didn’t eat, I wanted to die and end this, but each time swara words echo in my head ” survive, care of laksh and ragini” what happen to them.

I failed u my swara, I failed, just then was like god heard my pray in that moment randeep came with some cloths and make me wear unwillingly with promise of being burnt if I didn’t obey… and at that moment yea I was hell in fear. chapter

They put me in room and there I found laksh…

Laksh: Sanskar bhai (hugging me so tight) …… u r here…. sanskaaar…..san…sans…kar (he was crying like hell)

Sanskar: aari laksh!!!!…. shhshhs don’t worry laksh, I’m here now, shshshs. Where is ragini?

Laksh: they took her, she is maid here. I’m so scared bhai, I wanna leave bhai please, theyyyyy… theyyy…. sanskaaaaar, i wanna leave here please………… ( he shivered like hell so i hugged hum again)

just in that moment a woman stepped n room, looked rich, and smile evily to us

woman: what is going on here? Acting drama?

I put laksh behind my back while she sit on bed

Woman: come here… dnt fear come…

we did slowly, laksh was still soping, and as soon we are closed she pulled our hairs, I shouted while laksh kept silent.

Woman: no! no shout… b good boy and strip …. my toys.

I hit her whenever I can reach: f**k u dirty b*t*h, let me go, aaaa, u filthy aaaaaaa.

Woman: u dirty toy

She let laksh and hit me, she pull out one weep to proceed but the hit didn’t reach me coz laksh lay on me and took it. I don’t know hw but he managed to speak

laksh: p..p..plss. ma.. ma.. ma’am, I ll.. ll do..oo all. all, let hi.. hi.. him, I.. I m obedient boy, I.. I.. I don’t fight, p.. p.. p.. pls, ma’am.

She called out for randeep to take me

Sanskar: nahiiii laksh, don’t do it, fight her laksh, laaaaks…….( randeep single hit knocked me down).


I walked through my office to door, I could see laksh laying on hall coach, from his face I can tell, he is remembering those days. Forgive me laksh… i wasnt strong enough to save u.?

Sasnkar POV over

laksh POV

12 years. Hw many time we wished to be killed or crushed instead of what came to our life, that day I never let ragini go, she was struggling in run but never let, unfournatly we hide inside house, I knew its prostitution house, but didn’t know it is the house of pain. Once we in we never out, I was separated from ragini, my friend, she was 11, I was 12, but I though they ll make us servants, didn’t know that servant is the best that can happen to us.


I was locked in cold room with only bed sheet on floor, then ugly man came in. I was afraid and breathless, he got closer to me, (Randeep sir is my name boy) that all he said, he touch my body and I make no action. I stand there let him do all he want, he made me lay and took all I was wearing and still find no action from my side, he laid and start do nasty voices and things, I was in complete shock

Randeep: I’m damn lucky today. Two creamy boys, intreeesssssting, specially u my gift. Ur quit and obedient.. but ur so bronzy, u ll b shinny toy.

What he was telling, god save me please, I … I cant talk. Where is my voice???.

Randeep whisper my ear: enjoy shinny boy. Lets see hw far u ll hold ur cries.

Damn….. I was holding nothing my voice is not there, I wanna help, but screams don’t come out. My tears flow, and he started biting, but I couldn’t scream or move, like thick tar layer was pour in my throut and my voice cant break it. My body dnt response…. did I became paralytic.

The first shout came when it became so painful, finally my voice came slowly

Randeep: stop ur hell now boy.

I stopped, but my tears never stopped flowing while I begged for stop, no use.

After all over and he was gone, finally I cried out load, my voice was there, i shouted and shouted, I could my move my body in pain, I cry hell till I fall sleep.

Hw many time I got raped, I lost count, but I was n hell fear, I never fight or scream not even moan, whatever they say I follow, my raper called me shinny boy, hell those days.

After that I was put n room and meet Sanskar, I was hell fear, I hug him and scream, he is my bhai, he ll save me. But then woman came in……

After woman threw of me I got locked in same room with Sanskar, they said try to convince him to b obedient. He was knocked out and beaten, he woke up on the voice of my cries, he was concerned if that woman had hurt me, but I managed to say that my voice is there, still there. I told him my fear of my voice to b gone, I told I’m that when they do it to me I don’t say a word or a moan or anything, just let them do it, and when over I cry to make sure my voice still there.

Sansakr: y u not fight laksh: hw u let them do that easily.

Laksh: I…i…I’m scared Sanskar bhai pls bahi I wanna out to street… Sanskar bhaaaiii. (I was sopping and bhai gently hold me)


Years passed that way, we were now 18 years old, ragini was 17 i couldnt ever forget ragini or stop my worry to her.. but reaching her was impossible, I asked one wealthy man that I need maid just for my service, kind off favor and I gave him ragini name, next day I saw ragini for first time since 6 years. Yes 6 years in that hell, we knew how to fight and hit, we knew he to use knives but never had the guts to use that for our free. we never out from that home except in cars to go to client home then back with high gun men. they stopped to put Sanskar for clients coz he caused them many trouble, instead they gave him to sadistic clients or keep him for themselves, all these years and never stopped fighting, badmouthing and being beaten. First time I saw ragini she didn’t know me but once she did she hugged me tight, and finally knew y she hasn’t been treated like us. All gone same tune till that day that changed our life.

Laksh POV over

Ragini POV

I m cooking, aaaahmmmm it ll take more 20 mints, I sent Avenash to sleep. I’m so sorry swara, I didn’t notice what u suffer, I hugged u while ur back full of fresh wounds, only us can imagine ur pain. What I tested was bad, but its nothing compared to laksh or Sanskar. LAKSH, my first love and my last, they separated us and….

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