Soulmates…… IKRS (Episode 7)

Soulmates …. IKRS Episode 7
Hello guys….sorry for taking so long to post…
Hope you have not forgotten the story….
Happy reading guys… guess you are bored with super long marriage track of Meera…but guys…. Yeh toh jaroori tha…and this seems long because I took long time to post the episodes… warna yeh saare functions within a week end hogaye……
Now let’s move on to the episode…..

The episode starts with Viplav looking at Dhaani and then Dhaani asks him to sit down as she won’t bite him. Viplav smirks. They both look at each other. Dhaani then gets busy with her book and Viplav gets busy in reading mails. They are sitting at each corner of the bench busy in their own world. Dhaani gets sleepy while reading the book and falls asleep holding her book and leaning her head on the bench. After some time Viplav raises his head and is about to stand up when he sees our sleeping beauty Dhaani fast asleep with book in her hand. He stands up and goes near to her. He whispers Miss Dhaani wake up… Miss Dhaani… But Dhaani was fast asleep. Viplav murmurs ye koi jagah he soneka…arrey. What do I do now?? Viplav calls Dhaani once again… Miss Dhaani…. Dhaani murmurs in sleep. Viplav looks hopelessly.

Just then Daadi comes out in the balcony to see them in the garden. She wonders what kids are doing?? She watches Viplav trying to wake Dhaani up. Dhaani bichaari soh rahi hai…. Viplav wonders why had he come here…. He looks around… only the lights for decoration are lit up. He sees no one. Then he thinks he should call Dhaani’s friends but he does not know their numbers… Then he thinks he should carry her and take her to the room. Then thinks why should I?? woh aayi khud hi toh jaayegi bhi khud hi… He turns to go… Dhaani wakes up and yawns. She looks here and there. She sees Viplav there and gets tensed. Viplav turns back and says thank god you woke up otherwise… Dhaani raises her brows and says OTHERWISE WHAT MR. Viplav?? Viplav says nothing Miss Dhaani… Good night. Dhaani replies Good Night.

Viplav turns to go. But he turns back and says from next time be careful enough to figure out where you are sleeping. Dhaani looks on and gets embarrassed. Viplav goes smiling. Daadi who is looking on from far says Inka kuch nahi ho sakta…nothing can happen of them…and goes to sleep.

Dhaani goes from there to her room where Meera and Tanya are still awake. Dhaani comes and the girls look at her ki jaise usko khajaayenge.. Dhaani asks why are you awake?? Tanya asks same question?? Dhaani shows the book in her hand. Meera asks if she is okay?? Dhaani says yup.. perfectly okay. Dhaani keeps her book aside. Meera Tanya look on seeing Dhaani smiling. Dhaani says good night… They reply good night and the girls sleep.

Here, Viplav comes to his room. He lies down to sleep. He closes his eyes and sleeping beauty Dhaani’s face flashes in his mind. Dheere dheere instrumental plays….. He then opens his eyes and thinks what has happened to him…. Why is he thinking about Miss Dhaani?? He then keeps turning and changing sides… and finally sleeps…
Next day around noon,girls are seen talking to each other and their bond continues. Meera’s mom comes there and says this one day…and the next day you will get married Meera… Their emotional bonding continues. Preparations are being checked.
Finally its Meera’s wedding day …..

The girls get ready… shifting the focus towards Dhaani

Dhaani gets ready in this dress and is looking super beautiful. (YOU CAN IMAGINE PRETTY EISHA SINGH …JO HUMARI DHAANI HAI… IN THIS DRESS) Meera’s mum comes there and their emotional talks continue. Dhaani has wet eyes…filled with tears …tears about to roll down… she reminisces her mom pampering young Dhaani. Meera’s mom then hugs Dhaani and says a mother will always be like this when she will see her daughter in bridal attire.Soon her other daughter will marry as well and go. Dhaani hugs her and Tanya jokes saying Make up kharab ho jayega…chalo chalo…. Ladies wipe the tears and smile.
Likewise, Viplav is getting ready in the sherwani….

He gets a call and says he will be back after one more day… He does some office talks and hangs up the call. Daadi comes and smiles seeing her handsome grandson. Viplav smiles and says Daadi!! Daadi says kitna handsome lagraha hai mera potah… Viplav smiles (that killer smile   ). Both come down together. Daadi joins her friend and Viplav settles down there busy in his phone doing stuffs.

Then comes the guests… The groom’s family…and various other guests… Viplav is seeing all this with his phone on his hand and is busy in his office wala world… Meera is then brought down by Dhaani,Tanya… Viplav who is busy in his phone raises his head and sees Dhaani… He then looks at his sherwani…and looks back at Dhaani…says Miss Dhaani… He gives OMG wala look. Dhaani also sees him while coming down and looks at her dress. She smiles. Viplav smiles back. Ishq ishq ….mere ishq ka rang plays… Dhaani makes Meera settle along Meera’s groom and walks back to Viplav. She says Nice one Mr. Viplav…yeh major coincidence hogaya…RIGHT?? Viplav keeps looking at her and says beautiful… Dhaani looks on. Viplav realizes this and says Hmmm…beautiful color…. Dhaani smiles and says indeed… They look at each other. Dheere dheere instrumental plays……

Daadi sees them and praises them. She whispers to Viplav saying Jodi acchi hai… Viplav looks at her and says its just a dress Daadi… mere coincidence. Dhaani seconds him. Daadi smiles and goes asking them to enjoy as she will be with her friend. Dhaani then makes an excuses and turns to go. Viplav stops her saying Miss Dhaani… Dhaani stops. Dhaani turns to Viplav and says you can call me Dhaani Mr. Viplav… Viplav looks at her and says okay.. Dhaani.. Dhaani smiles and says Mr. were going to say something. Viplav says only Viplav …Dhaani… Dhaani looks at him and says Vi… Vip… Viplav says love… Dhaani eyes questioningly?? Viplav says I mean Viplav…yes Viplav.. Dhaani smiles….she forwards her hands and says friends?? Viplav looks on… forwards his hand…and smiles… He says friends…. Both of them look at each other and smile…… Dheere dheere begana dheere dheere apna sa dheere dheere lage re saibo… plays…..
Precap: Dhaani comes out of car. Viplav keeps looking at her. Dhaani stops to look back. Viplav then turns his head….

So guys …basically this was an episode… WITH A TRANSITION FROM MR. AND MISS TO JUST VIPLAV AND DHAANI…. NOTHING MUCH… but hope you guys liked it….
Do drop your views for sure…..
Would love to see you guys giving a little bit of your valuable time to read this ……
Love you all and keep smiling …. 


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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Sujieeeee this was so short yaar, I need more.. I need more *crying like a baby*
    Chalo enough of my nautanki and coming to episode it was bindaaaaaaaas! And who said that we are bored of this wedding track it’s nothing like that yaar, actually I’m enjoying it a lot as because of this wedding ViDha met each other coincidentally and are gradually feeling for each other so for me this wedding is lucky for them and for us. Thanks to Meera *winks*
    A part from it, starting scene was super cute, when viplav was confused that what should he do with sleeping beauty was too good and his dialogues his killing smile hayeeee!
    Last part where viplav (unknowingly) said beautiful was Awwwwww! For me they both were dressed in white color *heart eyes* Sahi hai naa!
    Precap OMG can’t utter a word now, he was looking at her but shifted his glance when dhaani turned back super excited for the next one now!!
    Loved it yaar.

    P.S: If dhaani’s parents are alive ? Actually this question was revolving around my mind since long so thought to ask!
    Anyways post MRDL soon and a little longer. Okay!
    Take care.
    Lots of love<3

    1. Sujie

      Hey Maha…sorry for posting a bit short one than the usual I used to post….
      The reason is…my college have already resumed and by god gadhe ki tarah marr marr ke assignments khatamm karna padhta hai….sorry
      and yes….. Sorry for the major blunder ….I had posted the links mentioning the dress…but koi nahi…. the coincidental blue dress can be found here….

      check the two links dear…you will find the dress…
      Thank you for your sweet comment… 🙂
      coming to your query…no…. Dhaani’s parents are not alive and this can be evident in the part when I have brought a scene where Meera’s mother showers her motherly love towards Dhaani…you can imagine the mothers of Meera and Dhaani are friends….
      hopw that helps meri jaan… 🙂 keep supporting like this… AND YES I AM SAD AS NO OTHER MEMBER IS VISITING…. only you and Lalitha have commented till now and I am badly waiting for others to express their views….
      love you dear… take care

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh it’s ok then, post it as and when you are free. I’ve checked that dress yaar, nice choice hayee I personally love him in blue black and red and this one is breathtaking.. plus that chowli is also superb. Maan gae bhae tumhen, and about comments I’m also disappointed like you but don’t worry I’m here naa will bring everyone. Now smile!

    3. Sujie

      Glad tumhe dress pasand aaya ….. 🙂 🙂
      Hayee…. Mishal jo bhi pehne handsome hi lagega na…woh toh apni body dikhaye toh bhi handsome hi lagega na…. chalo mein naughty nahi banti….I am happy that you liked the blue dresses… plus the episode.. will try to post the next one soon…. and yes MRDL is still pending…not getting enough time…upar se I got ill yesterday…little better now… subah toh college bhi nahi gayi…. 🙁
      par ab thoda thik hai.. 🙂
      regarding comments….undoubtedly missing those old days yarr….sochti hoon toh I feel sad ke how all of us used to be active in TU page…. and now only few of them come…
      aur han…waise toh I am always looking forward to watch new stories episodes of fanfic on IKRS…. had one thing in mind…Goldie ma’am has not posted since long yarr… and Shruthy too…. missing her AIFF… Baarish and the other one badly…
      in short missing everyone 🙂

  2. nice episode sujjie….
    i am enjoying ur ff a lot…
    plz update ur next epi asap…
    bye keep smiling 🙂 🙂

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Lalitha for you sweet comment…. glad that you are enjoying it…such comments boost me up and writers like me for sure….
      I want to apologize for the inconvenience ….I will try to post the next one soon…..
      Lots of love…. you too keep smiling … 🙂

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