Abhigya’s destiny episode 56


Guyz go through Abhigya’s destiny episode 55, i have replied to each comment, so watch out them, and thank you so so so much for commenting and yeah surbhi i m not thanking u or else u probably would kill me for this haha, well okay lets stop the bak bak, and get back to story…..

Episode starts with, Bulbul and pragya preparing breakfast, Bulbul says di see na this roti (Bread) is not round! Pragya says Arey bulbul, give it to me i will make u a round roti, after sometime, pragya says see this is perfectly round! Bulbul says let me try di, pragya says fine! While bulbul was making bread(roti) , pragya said bulbul, bulbul hmm, pragya said why were u not talking to purab from last 2 weeks, bulbul explained everything, pragya says so that’s the matter, bulbul u did wrong, bulbul says finally i made round rotiii, pragya says listen to me bulbul, bulbul says yes di! Pragya says bulbul u know na purab loves u so much, ignoring him for 2 weeks was not the Right thing, it could have weaken ur relationship with purab, bulbul says but di purab! Pragya cuts her and says bulbul i know what he said wasn’t right, it was totally wrong, but at that time he was frustrated, and he said these all things in frustration, this thing also happened to me, when he (abhi) was frustrated he also said me rubbish words, that hurted me but i knew he was frustrated and i didn’t reacted, he felt guilty and said sorry to me, now he trusts me more, he can easily show me his anger, bcoz he knows i understand him,

bulbul says di u are right i should have understood purab, nevertheless i won’t repeat this mistake again, pragya says but again u did a mistake, bulbul asks what? Pragya says ur roti (bread) got burnt ! Bulbul says oh no! Pragya laughs….

Aliya says so all bacha log ready! Roy says we are ready di but we don’t know whether di would accept this thing or not, avni says yes maa, coz pragya di can’t live without us, aliya says hmm i think u all are right but lets talk to her! All kids said okay lets go to her house…. They left for mm..

Everyone is sitting at dining table, pragya says where is aliya while serving food to dadi, abhi says she went to kids, pragya says oh! Aliya came and said i m here, pragya says u came on right time, come ,have breakfast, aliya says di kids are also here, pragya has wide smile, and saw kids coming, she went to all and hugged them, pragya says so all have came, there must be some reason, bcoz now a days these kids don’t talk to their so called pragya di, pragya pretends to be angry, Abhi said again fuggy’s face became like a red balloon, all giggle, pragya says u are so baddddd, abhi says just like you! Pragya says ufff, well kids come, have breakfast, varun said thanks di we already ate! Aliya said me too pragya, pragya says oh! Aliya said pragya i need ur permission! Pragya says permission? Aliya said pragya i want to……. Pragya says u want to…… Aliya said i want to go london with all these kid.. Pragya said oh for vacation na, so silly why are u asking for permission by then? Aliya said pragya not for vacation but for whole life! Abhi stood up and said whole life, are u mad, i m not saying about these kids aliya, how can u leave us again no ,no means no u are not going any where, Aliya says bhai try to understand, u know in some days nikhil would be free from jail and i don’t want him to come back, and i m not leaving u, i will be coming every year to meet u all, plz bhai, plzzz its first time i m asking u for something….

Dadi says Aliya is right abhi, abhi says fine then! Aliya hugged abhi, she went to pragya and said i know u can’t live without them but i … Pragya cuts of her words and says so bad aliya, u thought i will stop u, no aliya, these kids are happy with u, i know i can’t live without them, but here the thing is different, taai kidnapped them, that’s why i was restless, and now they are going with u so they can, as now i won’t feel restless , aliya said thankyou Pragya….. And gave her bone crushing hug…. Mitali sayd wait aliya tomorrow is our marrige anniversary and we (raj and mitali) have thought to organise the party, so u have to attend it, aliya says fine mitali bhabhi, aliya again hugs pragya and says thank you…..

Its evening pragya is in her room: pragya says again he messed up bed sheet, i again and again make it, uffff, abhi was about to hug pragya from behind, pragya said stop it don’t hug me, pragya turns, abhi said how u knew! Pragya says by using 6th sense! Abhi says 6th sense? Pragya says common sense! Abhi said my influence na, pragya says plzz! Abhi sayd pragya are u really happy or! Pragya says so u are asking about Aliya’s matter! Abhi said yes. ,pragya said arey its been 2 months i m married to u and u know me from past 5 years and still u didn’t understood me , i m happy , abhi said that’s why i love u… Pragya says ohhhh achaa! Abhi said very bad u should have said i love u too, since i proposed u, u never said me those 3 magical words… Pragya says mmm when the right time would come i will say it to u so chill, Abhi said and when that right time would come? Pragya says may be sometime ! Abhi makes a said pout face and sat on bed! Pragya sits beside him and says so someone is sad! Abhi nods, pragya says mmmm well so how is ur friend laila, abhi says who laila? Pragya says u don’t remember her, she who used to kiss u in public in university days, abhi laughs and says she wasn’t laila she was mona! Pragya says arey no no every body used to call her laila, bcoz she was all dipped in ur love like laila was in with majnoo, abhi laughs and says u don’t know she got married to her cousin , pragya says hh i have no intrest i wanted to make u laugh, see u are laughing, i have much work i m going, pragya leaves ,abhi says arey this is cheating, come back, pragya laughs and went! Abhi smiles…..

Next day its raj and mitali’s anniversary. : everyone is busy in party, Pragya is wearing a bule saree, abhi is wearing a blue full suit! Kunal is also there as he is son of a Business man, and his father is Raj’s friend…. Bulbul is wearing same dress like pragya, purab is wearing same dress like abhi…. Everyone is busy in chit chat, pragya is with bulbul, purab with abhi, abhi is continuously watching pragya, purab says control abhi she is ur wife, abhi pinches him, pragya says to bulbul this party is so boring… Bulbul says yes di, lets go to jiju and purab, they went to abhi and purab, purab says u both? Pragya says this party is so boring na, abhi says yes! See i m yawing ,aaaaaaa, pragya says stop, purab says i have an idea , purab goes to centre of stage and says attention guyz, hi i m purab, thanks for coming to the party, well this party sounds boring right! So lets have a dance game, yes! Mean while kunal was feeling jealous as pragya had is holding abhi’s hand, purab says this dance game is different u guyz have to exchange the partners in middle of the dance… All clapped…..

Abhi was with pragya, bulbul with purab, aliya with kunal, mitali with raj, akash withh surbhi , and many other dance pairs… The music started and they began to dance, abhi says pragya u are looking gorgeous an, pragya says after all my husband is looking handsome, abhi went near her and kissed her on forehead, they continued their dance, kunal was watching them and was getting angry, now it was time to exchange partners, purab was now dancing with surbhi, abhi with aliya, bulbul with akash, pragya with kunal, pragya was not looking at him, abhi saw it and thought i know pragya u never feel easy with him, kunal similes and says look at me, pragya looks at him and calmly says listen to me kunal, i have never loved u ,i have always loved him (abhi) though we (abhigya) used to fight but now i love him, plz move on i have never loved u, kunal gets angry, and again it was time to exchange partner… The game went on and time passed…. All were having their dinner, pragya ws near kitchen’s door, she felt dizzy ,but holded the door, she says uff what’s happening ,kunal looks at her, pragya faints this time, he was about to go, but abhi comes and holds pragya, kunal got angry and says thanks pragya i have got idea, now it will be THE END OF ABHI AND PRAGYA’S LOVE STORY! THE END… Kunal laughs evily, abhi takes pragya to room and calls doctor…. ……

…. ………………………. Doctor came and checked pragya, doctor says don’t worry ,she’ll be fine within one day, she is week that’s why, well for futher test’s u need to come to hospital tomorrow… Abhi says fine doctor thanks… Doctor leaves, pragya opens her eyes and was about to say something, abhi sayd just stop it and tell me what have u eaten today ,did u ate breakfast ? Pragya nods no, abhi asks lunch? Pragya nods no ,abhi says this is the problem, why don’t u understand pragya ,if something would happen to u ,i would rather like to die, pragya places hand over abhi’s mouth and said sorry, abhi says yeah everytime sorry! Pragya bends down her head, abhi says this time i m forgiving u next time i won’t , pragya hugs him…. And screen freezed over kunal’s evil face and abhi’s tensed face….

Pre recap : Pragua comes out of hospital all shattered, she said no this can’t happen… No this can not happen and cries …

???????????????????????????????? hey guyz so how was eepisode, may be boring ,but well give ur views ,and yes abhigya won’t get seprated for months days minutes or seconds … So don’t worry!

And yes Tisha congo yaar u are gonna hit century, Gud luck… I remember when i wss new to this website, i never missed any of ur update so congo…..
And.. Mithra,, Tia, Pavi, queen, Maya, Aditi, naveena, baby .Sriti, Roshni, Tina, Nitika, Srisha, Annabath chase, Udaya, Varsha, Ria, Aammu, akshaya (ash) , aarthi, Hateera, and karthika ,i never miss reading ur ff’s, i m fan of all these ff’s sorry if i didn’t mentioned anyone’s name… But guyz u are awsome, okay now u know i m a chatter box, just as Reshma ?????? hehe guyz thanksssssss….

Okay surbhi lol i know i didn’t mentioned ur name, as u already know i m jabra fan of ur ff ? so u don’t need any compliment girl, and all other ff’s are great as their story is different bye guyz… I have to stop or else i would go on talking……..

  1. Kash wo pal paida hi na ho ki jis pal me ye story na aaye ??? well teri story nahi thi na to mai humesha gati thi har ghadi lag rahi teri kami unkahi unsuni chahat jagi hai pata lapata hun pyar me tere ff k ??? aj ka episode na bht hi cute tha cutiee pie so much cute ?? tere jaise cute tha bilkul achha sun ye tere liye basically tere ff k liye
    Mai to tere dhang me dhal chuki hun tere rang me rang chuki hun mera mujh me kch nahi sab tera ??? tu ye padh mai cute sa episode padhne ja rahi hoon

    1. Phir say padhne jaa rhy h, i thought aaj ka episode khaas nhi h ??? but see now i have wide smile over my face ??? hehe, nhi thanks nhi kahoongy bas aisay hee comment karty reh…..

  2. Thanks for ur reply and keep rocking with anur amazing writing! I am also glad that u liked my ff! Eagerly waiting for ur nxt update??. Today’s episode was light hearted and loved it alot. Just hoping that kunal won’t bring too much trouble to abhigya.

    1. with ur* mistake in second line…. haha

    2. Thanks Maya… Yeah hope so kunal won’t do much drama ??

  3. Guyz i submitted this episode earlier i don’t know why telly updates posted itt lately and guyz i m sorry i read this episode and it sounds really boring, Sorry for that, even montage is different even i didn’t chaged it so sorry guyz…..

  4. Superb episode dr asusual u rocked it and precap seems to be interesting eagerly waiting for the twist and I am happy that there is no separation of abhigya but what was kunal up to haa I can’t control my eagerness pls dr upload the next part soon waiting for next episode…??

    1. Ahhh this comment makes me simile again and again, see now my cheeks are paining ??? Thankss

  5. Amazing yaar awesome the precap is so different why pragya is shattered? Why she is coming out of hospital? I have lots of question for that I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode
    Lol I seriously don’t understand what idea u got from my name

    1. yea…. hehe, thanks…. sharaya

  6. Super episode amazing well my age is 13

    1. Oh thanks, Sister….. Then probably u should call me di, thankss hani, u know i always wanted a younger sis, and i got uuu ?? see i m that much happy

  7. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome anzeela I loved it I like every scene in this episode nd precap seems to be interesting eagerly waiting for the next episode pls update it regularly it’s my humble request pls

    1. Thanks sana, i m glad u liked each scene, and yes i will post regularly now…..

  8. Hey somiya really missed it a looooooooooot dear its really awesome dear loved it a lot pls update it regularly&by the way i am not requesting u just ordering u like a frnd&i am lil bit shocked reading ur precap pls dr pls don’t let anything wrong to happen in abhigya’s life &by the way thanks a lot dear 4ur compliment i am on cloud9 aft reading ur com i should really thnk u 4 bringing a wide smile over my face which was still refusing to vanish hereaft i won’t thnk abt quiting it as u said na if i’ve said anything wrng pls 4give me 4that dear

    1. Okay so order accepted pavi ?? no u didn’t hurted me, see after ur comment i smiling so much that my cheeks are paining…. I m happy that my comment brought a wide smile over your face…. ???

  9. Good job anzu. ..

    1. Haha Rejela that’s one of my nickname ?? you got it…… Thanks

  10. Wow…really superb yaar…I loved it sooooo much…pls update daily….pls don’t separate abhigya…

    1. Thanks sana…. No i won’t seprate abhigyaa…..

  11. / I write my exam very well thnx.

    mind blowing
    nice good amazing
    smily episode. know word to express
    & if u said once again that your ff is boring then see I will not comment always saying I think this is boring kuch khass nahi hai u only writing this much nice & u only decided ing this is boring its depends on readers ok know dont said its boring its not boring its mind blowing

    & last sorry di if I hurted with my words

    1. Oh hahaha, ????? no ways shriti, who am i to decide ?? you are right, lol, well thanks for commenting, your comment makes me smile but this time it made me laugh, its like my sister is saying to me ??? my sister also says same thing…. ?? Thank you so so much wala

  12. Superb yaar really nice it’s not boring @all don’t thk lk tat I loved it a lottttttttt thn precap s soooooo interesting plzzzzzzzzzzz update next part as soon as possible u can…

    1. Thanks durga…….. I would be waiting for ur comment over my next episode hope so telly updates would post it soon…..

  13. ash(akshaya kannan)

    It’s Awesome yaar
    I thought pragya was pregnant
    But I seems some other thing
    Please continue soon
    Update daily

    1. Yea pragya isn’t pregnant ,but thanks akshaya…….

  14. Hey Somu,Kya hei ye????Tume tho Mujhse 2 dapad padengiii……Agar tum Meri Favourite FF ko Boring kehlaaya tho……..Kisna kaha ye boring di???Likhthi bhi tum hoon….Criticize bhi tum hi Karoongii!!!!!Ye Galat baat hei……Tum sirf likhthi rahooo……….Hum isse Padpadkar maza leti hoon………….Kitna cute episode dha ye…..Tume pataa hei………Meine isse 3 baar pad chuki hei……….I loved it soooooooo much…….Soooooooooo Cute…..Episode……….. I know U never Separate ABHIGYA………. Let’s see what happens next……..Ha…Ha….Tume tho pata hei na mein chatter box hoon bilkul tumari tarah….???
    This for Ur Cute Episode
    Telly updates Plzzzzz post this Comment……. Plzzzzz……….

    1. An Na na na , thapad na marna… Acha theek h aagay say kabhi apne ff ko boring nhi kahoongy ??? sorry! Tumhn tight walii hug denay ka mun kr rha h hehe ??? coz u almost made me laugh harder….. Thanks

  15. i agreed with u resham pradeep
    I aslo say her that only its not boring

    1. Haha shriti, galti meri h aaj k baad m apne ff ko boring nhi kahoongy ???

  16. Awesome epi somiya n yar it’s not at all boring it’s superb…

    1. Thanks Abhigya….. I m glad u liked it…..

  17. super ya…precap is intertesting…

    1. Thanks….. I hope you will also find next episode intresting

  18. mind blowing somiya.the precap is very interesting.and thank’s for not separate abhigya ☺☺☺☺

    1. No syya thank youuuuu so much!

  19. Awesome dear… Nice…Superb…fabulous???
    N sorry for latwe comment

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