agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 19)

Mantu sees amaya and walks infront. He bangs himself on the table. Amaya laughs at him. He gives her an angry look and opens the door while rey who was leaning on the door listening to their talks falls inside.
Rey: ouchh!!!
Amaya laughs seeing him.
Mantu: what were you trying to do?
Rey: me? I was coming inside while you opened the door.
Mantu: really? If you were coming in you would bang on me and not fall on the floor.
Rey: atleast help me getting up. He helps him.
Mantu: where’s the doctor?
Rey: which doctor?

Mantu: aree you had gone to call the doctor na? Where’s he?
Rey: huh… actually i forgot his face.
Mantu: what rubbish? How can you forget his face. You remember his name atleast or that also you forgot?
Rey: no i don’t remember. I came to ask that only.
Mantu: come lets go then. I will come with you. Anyways here no one wants to talk to me.
Rey: ohhhk come then.
They go and amaya smiles at their kiddish behaviour. Madhatters.
Out side the room
Kriya tries to sneek from there. Mantu sees her.
Mantu: hey kriya. Where are you going?
Kriya: no where just to get water.
Mantu: water? Few minutes ago you said that you are going to get tea and now water?
Kriya: act.. actually..
Mantu: yeah kriya why are you stammering?
Kriya: no no i don’t stammer. Actually i had gone to get tea but as soon as i took a sip that taste was horrible so i came back but then
Mantu: then you wanted water to avoid that taste right?
Kriya: yeah right.

Mantu: kriya can you please tell me where’s the canteen?
Kriya: its.. its.. its towards right on the second floor.
Mantu: stop it guys. Kriya the canteen is on the ground floor not on the second floor. And rey you never went to meet the doctor. You both were standing outside the door. What’s going on?
Rey looks at kriya.

Mantu: rey what are you looking at her?
Rey: because she knows the answer! Right na kriya? Say na why are you quite?
Kriya looks at him angrily.
Kriya: mantu….actaually we…..why did you come out?
Rey: yeah yeah why did you come out?
Mantu: huh? I wanted to meet the doctor.
Rey: come na then lets leave why are talking to this mad?
Kriya; how dare you call me mad? If i am mad then yoh are..
Rey; yeah then i am?

Kriya: you are….. a lizard who sticks to the door.
Mantu: guys yaar.. stop it. We are in the hospital stop fighting. Rey come let’s go.
Rey: yeah yeah. Come lets gp.
They both go and rey shows thumbs up to kriya. While kriya smiles.
Kriya goes inside.
Kriya: hey how are you feeling?
Amaya: better but when am i suppose to go home?
Kriya:mantu and rey have gone to find out. Let’s see.
Amaya: hope they come soon.
Kriya: how did you meet mantu but? Where did you go in between the party?
Amaya: i don’t like parties and all those noisy stuff that’s why i came out to sit.
Kriya: and mantu?
Amaya: i don’t know why he came but then i don’t remember anything properly.
Kriya: ohhk. He was very worried for you.
Amaya: seriously? He only knows to fight nothing else.
Kriya: yeah really. When we came here he was completely shattered and was sobbing.
Amaya to herself: yeah yeah he was crying but he is not ready to accept it. I mean what’s there to except that he loves me .
Love?! What am i saying?
Kriya: what are you mumering? Speak out loudly.
Amaya: love!!
Kriya: love?
Amaya; nothing. I was just saying that he is not ready to accept it.
Kriya: accept what?

Amaya: that he cried.
Kriya: huh? Is this the only reason that you both are not talking now?
Amaya: hmmm yeah. I challenged him that i can remain angry and not talk to him
Kriya: how silly that is?
Amaya: this is not silly. What is going on between you and rey is silly
Kriya: what is going on?
Amaya: don’t you have feelings for him?
Kriya: huh? No i don’t. What are you saying? Anything you are talking.
Amaya: ohh really?
Kriya: yeah really. You changed the topic. We were discussing about you and mantu.
Amaya: yeah i will not talk to him until he accepts let’s see. I never lose any challenge and i will make sure he loses.
Kriya: stop being stuborn amaya .
Amaya; i don’t have to be stuborn i am born stuborn.
Kriya: what ever.
Amaya: where’s my phone?
Kriya: i dont know. May be mantu has it.
Amaya: what he has it?
Kriya: i don’t know i am just saying.
Amaya: please check in the car and come. May be its there.
Kriya: yeah I’ll get it. Let these guys come.
Then I’ll go.
Amaya: please go na.
Kriya: how can i leave you?
Amaya: i am fine. Just get it and come. I’ll be fine.
Kriya: ohhh k fine.
Amaya: yeah go.
Kriya leaves.
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