abhigya’s destiny episode 11

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Episode starts with pragya teaching to students, all students look outside, pragya asks them to pay attention as abhi won’t come, and laughs, all students get upset, peon comes and tells pragya that principal is calling u, pragya says fine and leaves for principal’s office, she asks principal can i come in mam, principal says yes, principal gives her a letter, pragya is shocked to read it, pragya says why? Why am i fired from this job mam, principal says bcoz of u abhi might be thinking bad about this college, he came to say sorry to u, , which is very bad for college’s reputation, pragya says but! Principal says you can leave, abhi the rockstar said sorry to u do feel ashamed? Abhi comes and says why would pragya be ashamed? I did a wrong thing, so i should feel ashamed not pragyaand if u r talking about rreputation then i must tell u that bcoz of pragya i think that ur College must be good! Pragya is such a nice person amd how can u fire her from this job? Principal says sorry to pragya, as i was joking u have got promotion, pragya is extremly happy and says what u were joking! Oh my God i m so much happy, principal says so here is your promotion letter, abhi is happy and congrats pragya, pragya says thankyou and leaves the office, pragya says thankyou abhi for supporting me today, yeah i know principal was joking but the way u supported me thankyou, abhi aays never mind, pragya asks abhi why u came here?abhi says actually pragya, that day u came to my concert i was really happy, so can u come today also, pragya says what i don’t think it would be possible, abhi says plz pragya plz, pragya says okay! Abhi thanks her and leaves college..

A business tycoon comes to purabs office, kunal is his name, purab doesn’t like kunal as kunal always dis respects purab but kunal is bulbul’s bestfriend, kunal comes and purab welcomes him, kunal is surprised to see bulbul, bulbul too is surprised, kunal in excitmemt hugs bulbul, purab gets jealous , kunal says bulbul i missed u so much, bulbil says mee too, purab asks them if they know eachother, kunal says yes as we are best friends , kunal and purab goes to cabin, bulbul does her work, time passes purab is searching for a file, he then calls bulbul, and asks her for the file, bulbul says it is with you sir, purab says no it is not with me and screams on her bulbul where is that file i need it, bulbul says sir i gave it to u, purab says no u gave it to ur bestfriend, bulbul says what! Purab says yes u gave it to kunal, kunal always wanted me to lose and today u helped him, bulbul says no sir!

And gets teary eyed, purab says u are fired, bulbul says sir wait calm down and check it in ur personal files, purab says get lost! Kunal was watching it, he got sad as bcoz of him bulbul was being scolded, he comes to purab and says purab actually bulbul didn’t gave me file but i myself took it from ur personal files, purab and bulbul gets shocked, purab scolds kunal, kunal gives him the file back and leaves the office, purab says sorry bulbul, bulbul says no sir i m sorry for joining ur company, i m leaving! Purab says but u r not fired, bulbul says so what sir i would resign myself, purab holds her hand and says i m sorry bulbul i m really sorry, bulbul says fine! Its okay, purab says bulbul will u come to abhi’s concert today, bulbul said no, purab forces her and bulbul agrees

Bulbul is back from work, she thinks to herself how to ask permission from mom! Same thing pragya thinks, pragya asks bulbul what is she thinking, bulbul says actually i want to go to abhi’s concert today, how to ask it from mom, pragya says i also want to go, bulbul says what! Are u pragya di the same, u never liked abhi’s music and now, okay i understood so u r in love with abhi, pragya punches her saying bulbul, its nothing like that, abhi asked me to come and i agreed, bulbul says okay! Surla asks them what are you both murmuring, bulbul says oh lovely mother, surla asks come to point what u need now, pragya says we both want to go to abhi’s concert, surla says no, bulbul says plz, pragya says its first time i m asking something plz can i go, i mean we both, surla says okay go, bulbul and pragya hugs surla.

Abhi was waiting for pragya, and purab for bulbul, abhi asks purab if he is waiting for someone, purab says no! And says yes, abhi says for whom are u waiting, purab says the model, Who was today going to sing and dance with u has not come, abhi says what, its too late concert is going to be started, all fans shout abhi abhi abhi, abhi says purab plz speed up and call model i m going on stage, purab says okay, bulbul and pragya are in concert’s crowd, bulbul says pragya di i wanna go to washroom, pragya says okay let’s go, pragya is out of the washroom, purab comes and says to pragya so here are u everybody is waiting for u, pragya says why? Purab says oh my God! U r model, pragya sas u r mistaken, purab says no i m not, purab takes pragya to makeup room, pragya is looking beautiful in her new look different from indian attire, pragya says mister ur mistaken, purab says i m not. Bulbul comes out of washroom and says where is pragya di? I think she might be in crowd, pragya syays listen mister but purab pushes her on stage, a man gives her mike, abhi truns his face and is stunned to see pragya’s new look, pragya thinks what to do ? I can’t go back else the crowd would become angry ,i must stay with abhi, abhi comes to pragya and says what are u doing here, pragya says a man but crowd shouts and says abhi to sing, abhi holds pragya’s hand and starts to sing soch na sake song, and romantically dances with pragya,

pragya also sings with him inbetween, bulbul is surprised to see pragya, purab is with bulbul, bulbul says what is di doing there, purab says what she is ur di? Bulbul says yes and purab explained everything, bulbul says what u have done! Purab says but she is singing well, bulbul says yes! Soon song ends all cheers for abhi and pragya, at backstage, abhi asks pragya how u came at stage, in this look, pragya explains him everything, abhi says that man would purab i m 100% sure, purab comes and says sorry pragya, bulbul also comes there and praises pragya, abhi asks pragya if bulbul is ur sister, , pragya said yes soon media comes and asks pragya if u r new model, new singer, pragya says no, purab says he was mistaken and thought pragya as midel, media says pragya u sang very well , willu continue ur singing, pragya says no, abhi says no more question as we all are tired, media leaves, abhi says pragya really u sang very well, pragya says thankyou, rabul leavs, abhigya stayed there after sometime abhigya’s conversation ended, pragya was leaving and she turned back, she saw fan was about to fall on abhi, she ran towards abhi, abhi thinks to him self ,is pragya coming to hug me, pragya pushes abhi back and fan falls on pragya’s foot, abhi gets shocked and picks fan from Pragya’s foot, pragya’s foot was bleeding, abhi called doctor, doctor said pragya’s foot would be fine and covers pragya’s foot, abhi says to pragya u kust be feeling pain,

pragya says i think my foot is injured , abhi says u think, ur foot is really injured, pragya asks then why are u feeling pain, Allah wariyan plays, abhi answers just bcoz u r my good friend soon bulbul comes and asks pragya are u fine, pragya says yes and we should leave for home, pragya tries to stand but she falls and abhi holds her tgere was eyelock for 2 min , kaisa yeh ishq plays, soon bulbul coughed and abhigya came back to their sense, abhi lifts pragya up, pragya says its fine i can go myself, abhi says no, i would drop u at ur house, pragya says but but then bulbul says its perfectly fine, abhigay and rabul walks towards car and Allah wariyan plays,…

Pragya reaches home surla gets tensed and asks how she got injured bulbul explained everything, surla says pragya wait i will amke juice for u, pragya denies Nd says no mom its late so u must sleep, bulbul takes pragya to her room, pragya was looking at her foot soon she saw something written on her plaster, it was ritten Get well soon Chashmish. Pragya smiled looking at it and soon she got message she checked her phone, the message was from abhi, don’t smile much or else ur teeth would fall down, pragya laughed after reading it, and replied i m young, rockstar and i m fine, so sleep well, abhi smiled reading the sms and Allah wariyan plays..

Pre recap.. Kunal says I love u to aliya, abhigya silently watches it

Guyz guyz guyz, i know u all are bored from abhigya’s sepration, i would seprate them but for short period of time so stay tuned for next episode as there are many twists.

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