Bigg Boss 9 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

5 days to go for Finale
Day 99
The housemates wake up to Sunny Leone’s song ‘Laila’. Inmates wake up and dance, Prince lifts Rishab and dances, Rochelle and Keith dances joining bums.

The day starts with Keith remembering Rimi’s prediction about Prince, Mandana and him being the finalists. Mandana says Prince took my name as finalist, Keith says all thought you as finalist, Mandana says all thought that i shouldnt be finalist, all have put me down, nobody said that i am strong, they have underestimated me, they said that i dont deserve to be here, Kishwar said it.

bigg boss calls inmates in confession room one by one.
Prince is in confession room, Bigg boss asks how is feeling being in finale week? he says really proud. Bigg boss says ALL INMATES ARE NOMINATED and this is last chance to entertain audience.
Keith comes in confession room, Bigg boss says you are seen less, have you thought about it? Keith says yes, i am thinking to be looked on screen more.
Bigg boss asks Rishab how is feeling? Rishab says inmates underestimated me but audience and you people didnt, Bigg bos wishes him luck.
Bigg boss says to Rochelle that you will be given secret task, you will be given in-earphone, wear clothes which can hide it, Rochelle nods.
bigg boss asks Mandana how she is feeling? she says this is my house, i am not behaving so emotional anymore. Bigg boss says all are nominated so be careful.

bigg boss calls Rochelle in confession room. He gives her in-earphone. Bigg Boss gives Rochelle a secret task and gives her in-ear headphones to follow the instructions. Further, Rochelle is hijacked by Sunny Leone and given a set of challenges to complete during the day, Sunny will direct her through in-earphones and will give her tasks time to time and will see her on-screen. Sunny gives first task to Rochelle to give kiss to all boys in house.

Rochelle comes in garden. She comes in sky lounge where all inmates are sitting. She asks what you people are doing? she kisses Keith an then gives Prince cheek kiss, then gives kiss to Rishab too, Rochelle says to Mandana that i wanna sit on chair, you sit on sofa, Mandana says i am not comfortable there, Mandana asks Rishab to give his place to her, he says i wont, Mandana says i will leave now, Keith says dont do this. Sunny asks Rochelle to flirt with Rishab. keith goes to bring Mandana back. Rochelle says to Rishab that when i didnt get message from my family and you made me read your mom’s letter, then you put chili powder in eyes, i didnt like it, suppose if i was single and came in house, what you did for me that day, i could have given heart to you, Rishab says i am sorry to put chili in your eyes, Prince says enough Rishab, Rochelle asks if he is jealous? rishab says if you had come alone then i would be Mr. India and you would be Miss India, Keith comes there, Prince says see whats happening here, she is flirting with Rishab, Rochelle says i can do that infront of him, she says Rishab gave his mother’s letter to me and i was so happy and thought that this man has something, Rishab says i would want to meet Rochelle outside house with or without Keith, they laugh, Keith says when Rochelle calls you irritating then it means she likes you, Prince says she calls me that. Sunny asks Rochelle to flirt with Prince now. Rochelle asks Prince if he ever thought about her for relationship? Prince says when you were getting ready that day, i told you that i wish my girlfriend is like you, but i genuinely like you as my friend, Rochelle says what if i caress your face? he says i would caress back, Prince says you are my brother’s girlfriend, Rochelle says he praised me when i wore saree, Prince dances with her, Keith asks Prince if flirted with her? he says yes, Keith says Rochelle is giving full line to Rishab and Prince. Prince says Rochelle is looking cute, Rochelle asks if he likes cute or hot? Prince cute, Rochelle comes close,she says he is getting uncomfortable, Prince says i am not, Keith says you are, you even changed your place, Rochelle says a girl is staying with you for 3months and you didnt think about her that way even once? Prince says no, Rochelle says why you are getting unconformable? Prince says no and goes to sit beside Keith, Rishab asks Rochelle to play with him, she says no, i want to tease Prince. Prince asks Rochelle to sit, she says no, Rochelle says why you are sitting with my boyfriend? Prince says he would save me, Rochelle says why you are wearing high neck? Prince says dont tease me, we are in house for 3months, Rochelle says you didnt think about me? Prince says i did, i thought my girlfriend should be like you, Sunny says to Rochelle that you are great sport, you did well, now make Mandana angry.

Rochelle comes to Mandana and ask what happened to you? why you left sky lounge? Mandana says i am tired of non sense, Rochelle says you spoil fun mood, you know how is Rishab, Mandana says i know how they are and i dont wanna change them, Rochelle says people adjust for you, 5people are with you, Mandana says i am alone, Rochelle says you are alone again why you people victim card everytime? Mandana says i am not saying it, i rather be alone then being with 5 people, Keith comes there, Mandana asks him that i told Rochelle.. Rochelle says i dont like when you call Keith in every conversation, she asks Keith to excuse them, Mandana says if its my personal choice to not hang out with Prince then let it be, Rochelle says then dont call yourself victim, Madnana says i wanted to be alone, this is my personal choice. sunny asks Rochelle to start pillow fight with Keith spontaneously. Keith says to Mandana that if you dont like their company then you can leave, Rochelle says why you are coming in my conversation, she beats him with pillow, Keith asks her to come out, Rochelle says i wanna be here, Keith says we should enjoy out.
Mandana asks Rochelle whats problem with her? Keith says its post menstrual jitters, Mandana laughs, Rochelle, Mandana and Keith starts pillow fight, Rishab and Prince joins in too, Sunny says good job Rochelle.

Sunny says to Rochelle that now you have to randomly bark like a dog inbetween conversations with inmates, when i ask you to bark then you should. Rishab is talking with Rochelle. Rishab asks what you learned from other inmates? Rochelle says from Mandana i have.. Sunny asks her to bark, she barks. All start laughing, Prince says i have learned this from her, she can say anything anytime. Rochelle says Mandana can survive without support system, Sunny asks her to bark, Rochelle barks, woff, woff, Mandana says she has become dog, all laugh, Keith says we should all learn things from Mandana, Rochelle says i have learned from Prince.. Sunny asks her to bark, she barks, all start barking. Rochelle says i have learned from Prince to be strong willed, Sunny says to Rochelle that you challenges are completed, dont tell anyone about me.

Rishab smiles at Rochelle, Rochelle asks why you acting weirdly? Rishba puts hand on her cheeks. He says a poetic line that “i am stuck in enemies in skin of friends”.

Rochelle says to Prince that you were afraid of me in sky lounge? Prince lies down with her,. Rochelle asks Keith if he felt bad? Keith says you think i will feel bad about these things? Prince asks Keith to show his real face now. Rochelle comes to Keith and lies with him, she gives peck on his cheeks, (he seems little upset).

Mastizade starts playing. Sunny Leone comes in house, she hugs everyone, all are excited to see her and dances with her. Rochelle says welcome back to Bigg boss house. Bigg boss welcomes Sunny again in house and wishes her luck for her upcoming movie Mastizade. Sunny reveals Rochelle’s secret task to the housemates, Rishab says when she barked then i realized, Keith says i saw different side of her, Rochelle says sunny gave me task to flirt with Rishab and Prince. Rishab hugs Prince and thanks sunny, Rochelle says to Mandana that i was asked to fight with you, Mandana hugs her and says i wasnt fighting with you, i was like what happened to you? Rochelle says even pillow fight was given by her, Keith says i was surprised to see her this side, Prince says i was like if its her new strategy, Sunny says to Keith that why you were silent, he says i was just seeing her new side, Prince and Rishab says he was silent as two boys were against him and enjoying Rochelle’s new side, he couldnt say anything to us, they tease Keith, Keith says Prince was so nervous, Rochelle says i was like Bigg boss i wanna continue this task, i enjoyed task alot.

Sunny Leone says i have come here to find Mastizada/fun-person(her upcoming movie name) of house. I will take auditions of boys. She says to Keith that you will be given tiger’s costume, your inner tiger should come out, she says this is ladies night.
Keith comes there wearing tiger’s dress and says this is my kingdom, he kidnaps Rochelle, all clap for him.
Sunny asks Rishab what he did in tasks? Rishab says i took kisses of girls, i stripped and also peed, Mandana says he talked about my legs, he calls is thunder legs, Rishab says you said you have thunder legs, Mandana says i didnt, Rishab says anyway this is not about you. Sunny says you have to do fun task by becoming bunny.
Rishab wears bunny’s dress and says when i used to be small bunny, i used to be fun and now i am more fun, he smells Rochelle and says she is good carrot, he calls Mandana rotten carrot, he calls Sunny great carrot, he skips Prince and says Keith is my greatest carrot, he says i have come in life to spread happiness, all clap for him.
She says to Prince that you romance alot so now you will have to romance a container/cooker. Prince brings it, Mandana says this is Nora. Prince looks at container and says you are my life, i wanna spend life with you, i am incomplete without you, Sunny says you said these lines to others too, Prince says never, all hoot at this, sunny says i am joking.

Sunny says new task is ready. boys will have to bend down and pass through a rod while there will coins on their forehead.
Rishab puts coin on his forehead and tries to pass rod, he fails as coins fall down. Keith tries but fails, Prince puts coin on his forehead and tries to pass but fails.
Sunny says according to performances, Mastizada of house is RISHAB, he is winner, he was naughty bunny. keith says there should be task for girls too. sunny says there is scene in my film where i washes car, now there is car in garden area, Rochelle and Mandana have to wash it, they can do it in any manner either s*xy, glamour or funny, any way, i will start task, she pours water on car. Rochelle and Mandana starts washing car in seductive way, boys enjoy task. Rochelle moves her bum, Rochelle goes on top of car and dances, she dances and washes car. then Mandana goes on top of car and slides down, she shakes her booty, Prince laugh, Mera Roam Roam romantic hai song plays. Rishab dances with wiper, Rochelle and Mandana gets wet. After task, boys say girls win over boys, Sunny asks who was more good between Rochelle and Mandana, Prince says Rochelle was more nice, Rishab says my vote goes to Rochelle too, Sunny says Rochelle is winner, Sunny greets them and leaves.
Rochelle asks Rishab what she said was truth? she says diwali thing was true, about that letter but there was no truth in i having fling for you or Prince, Rishab sings Koi pal bhar ke lye pyar karle(someone love me for little time), he hugs Keith, Prince hugs Rochelle.

PRECAP- Bigg boss gives fun task to inmates, they have to wear towels and headphones. Gizele, Yuvika and Nora will enter house tomorrow. Yuvika comes in house, Prince hugs her. Yuvika says i saw alot of things after going out, she says to Prince that you said you will not give attention to Nora as you like someone else. She says to Keith that i missed all the friendship we had. She says to Prince that i never rejected you, love takes time to develop. Yuvika asks Prince the proposal by him was part of game? as i saw flirting with Nora too, Prince is embarrassed, Prince says it was true, Yuvika says if i had got time then i would have responded for sure. Prince hugs Yuvika and asks Gizele, Gizele says this is true love, i can see it in Yuvika’s eyes. Nora comes in house, she says to Prince that dont talk to me, later she says to Prince that whats all this you are juggling between me and Yuvika, this is ridiculous, i am not a child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Good rochelle I think Keith shouldve got that tasks so he would stand out he is like a gentleman but he is not for this violent show

  2. Amazing. Loved Rochelle. When Rochelle is in form Mandana just faded away. Wish the focus was more on rochelle earlier. Prince n Rishab were cute. Seems they always had soft corners for rich baby. Keith you are adorable.

  3. That is really really fast update atiba sharp at 11.30 abhi big boss tv p khatam bhi nhi hua or tumne update dal diye….This show is scripted isko pehle se hi sab pata tha(~_^)(~_^)(~_^)

  4. Hahhhaahhaha. Cant wait for tomorrow. episode was too good. Prince amd yuvika all the way. Prince and yuvika are cute couple. Love them❤. Hate nora that idiot

  5. Bechara prince…phas gaya?

  6. This episode was full entertainment.
    Rishabh bunny act was cute.Vote for Rishabh Vote for Rishabh☜☆☞

  7. Good episode…. Full on entertainment…
    Rochsss well done girl….
    Awesome job….. No one suspcted…. That pillow fyt wass so fun..
    Nd that car wash…. Sooo s*xy u wer.. Mandna din evn stand a chance… Too hot rochss..

    Rishab,, love u.. Cute…. I wish u win..

    Precp looks quite intrsting.. But the more prince is targeted,,, the more his fans unite…. Twitter is full with prince trends now… BB if u want nyone else to win,, stop targeting prince… 😀

  8. Vote for prince

  9. prince prince prince………….. prince is everywhere in the house right now and most popular contestant of the house… that’s why bigg boss bring back nora and yuvika… i like it…

  10. in precap nora and yuvika coming back for tang khinchai prince if kish comes back then it will be superb like a triple trouble for prince.Bb targetting poor prince so many times his confidence in himself seems so low now a days

  11. Mandana action in car task was so bandy even better then rocelle

  12. Mandana even more beautiful then sunny this prove today

    1. Also more beautiful than Bobbi…deol haha

  13. Rochelle very entertaining. Fun filled task’s. Episode without fight and hatred. Loved to watch the episode.

    Rochelle very very nice to watch u

  14. Ppl who likd mandy more in car washing task is a paid fan for sure

  15. is there any quality in mandana….? nothing but individuality…..!!!!!!! is it quality…. ? so that none of family or frirnds didn’t met him…..? this quality belongs in western….not here………

  16. Hate u prince #flirter using all the girls for his own benefit. Can’t tell if it’s true or fake

    1. harshal(PHFFAN)

      Nadia, as a fellow mandy fan, one kind request to you, just support mandana and don’t bash prince or any other inmates. apne favorite ko vote karke jeetwa dete hai,simple. why disrespect others for that. otherwise what will be the difference between us and other inmate’s fans who just bash mandy cause they like other inmates 🙂

  17. harshal(PHFFAN)

    Mandana Rules BB9 🙂
    trended in many countries…
    1) UAE – 154k tweets
    2) UK – 137k tweets
    3) India – 127k tweets
    also trended in dubai for some time, and this excludes USA, from where mandy has lots of support. So, 420k+ tweets, compared to 147k tweets of “Vote for PRINCE” and a week earlier 220k tweets of “Prince rules bb9”,which trends only in India.
    Going to be tough competition between Mandy and Prince. Am rooting for mandy. Big urge to all mandy fans to vote for her as much as possible. We have to make her the winner 😀
    Good luck to prince, rishabh, keith and rochelle fans for the finale too. Vote for your favorites for one last time guys and girls ……

    1. how can I vote from outside of India………?

    2. Amin you can vote by going to the colors bigg boss website and then click the voting tab and then you vote for which ever contestant you support. Vote for Mandana

    3. Welcome back Harshal. Seriously voting for Mandana.

    4. mandana was great

      i love you
      i am sure that you will win this show

      please vote for mandana ………………

      love you #mandy.

    5. harshal(PHFFAN)

      hey tracy, mandy ftw 😀 …99 votes per id, remember 😛
      sagar, keep on voting buddy 😀

    6. Welcome back my frenymy

    7. harshal(PHFFAN)

      hey gaurav, missed you too my rival, btw, not that active still as i see many mindless bashers just bashing(prince fans bashing mandy, mandy fans bashing prince, kero fans bashing others, rishabh fans bashing mandy and prince) and less reasonable comments, hope that the forum will be clean by friday when i will active for 2 days like before, good luck to prince, its going to be close…
      btw, as per voting trend so far, its tough race between top 3(gap is 5k votes only between them), Prince, mandy and rishabh. Rishabh fans will eventually calm down after sudden burst(just like last week) and the real competition will begin between prince and mandy in the last 3 days.

    8. harshal(PHFFAN)

      ohh yes, i forgot to say, i gave 1 vote for prince just now, delivered my end of promise 😉

    9. Well thanks for that.. And also you reminded me so dil pe patthar rakh ke I am going to give 1 Vote to mandana … I forgot as I was too busy voting Prince

  18. Rochelle was bubble today… And Mandana looks like a AUnty…

  19. Fun episode. Liked Rishabh and Rochelle.

    About Precap – I hope it’s just a prank by Nora and Yuvika.

  20. @pankaj I think ur wrong @jackeevanco I fully agree

  21. I don’t understand why people hate Prince for flirting. If a girl does not have any problem then other people should mind their own business. They are not kids so just chill. In last season Gautam flirted with Diandra for footage and still people supported him.

  22. harshal(PHFFAN)

    My dear PHFFAN friends, hope you all are fine. Will chat with you all in detail on the pre-finale day and finale day(friday and saturday). Miss you all so much, hope to see you all soon…. Neeru, Joyee, Freak, Tedd, Pari 🙂 ….. hope to see anu r, tracy, subhashitha, manuel, shazna, jonwick and others then too

    1. Subhashitha K S

      Hi harshal will be here this week.
      All the best for your fav – mandy
      But hope only PRINCE WINS ha ha…
      All prince,kishwer,suyash,nora fans
      VOTE for PRINCE

    2. Yeah shuba prince’s gonna win… And it was bad here without you all

    3. harshal(PHFFAN)

      subhashitha, nice,I will make sure to read your comments. personally, i will still remain less active in the starting days, but on friday and saturday, i will be full active like before. hopefully, forum will be better by then.
      Also, good luck to your fav- Prince too. hoping to see a close fight between the two, with mandy coming out on top at the end 😛

    4. Will definitely be there to support Mandana. She deserves it

    5. Harshal gud to c u back..missed ur comments as nvr skippd ua comments..btw vote fr mndy♥ itz last chace to al mndy fans vote fr mndy as mch as u can.. 🙂

    6. harshal(PHFFAN)

      keep on voting for mandy shazna, involve your friends in voting too if possible 😉

    7. Hey harshu…..will b here for chatting with all the frnds…missing all PHFFAN guyz…hi subhu and tracy

  23. Rochelle Tioo cute❤️❤️Love you

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    precap is looking intresting….bechara prince…i think its a prank by nora n yuvika….guys vote for rishab

  26. Why prince fans call mandy fans paid .they are goon we always great then respectfuly in return they abuse are paid thakrala fan coz im student and mae khabi risvat nahi leti hum dil se supert karte hae or rahent

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  27. Fact-if prince fan abuse mandy fans in return we will give 2 vote/abuse .thats a big deal

    1. Fir toh Mandana fan chappal aur gaali bhi khayenge…. and prince bhi jeetega because we will vote 10 times after hammering each Mandana fan…haha

    2. You are definately a Pr who is atacking public. You are no.1 BC MAN you cant change ,garbage,bc

  28. Watched bigg boss9 and bigg brother uk5 both today conclusion -MANDANA=ANGIE+CRISTINA :-*Love you tro you girls are fab but difference is /-TRP OF BB9-1.1_TRP OFbig brother uk5-9.6-10

  29. Mandana rule bb9 .and best of luck for keith becz he is going out of house in wed-thu trough mid evition .blabla a sad face is going finale why he didnot take rocele .honeymoon is over for them but prince ka huneymoon chalta hi rahata hae wo har ek item jo taste karna chata hae .those girl who are prince fans jara apni bhi fermahish laga do .haa

    1. Tumne apni bhi toh farmaish lagai thi kaisa raha experience??
      Taste karwane gyi thi taste karke aa gayi ha-ha…delicious balls!!!..haha

    2. Liar i was iniatly support coz he was from punjab but usne to hadh hi kar di . And stop defaming me you are cheap cheap cheap man like pinky

  30. Wish this task was given to Mandana instead, who is single in the house. I’m sure Keith was feeling a little jealous, with his girlfriend flirting with the other dudes.

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