Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 13

Tashu sees a Facebook video where Abhi is proposing Pragya on airport.
Max : what is it?
Tashu ; Look Bro, (shows him the video)
Max throws the phone in anger thinking his plan failed again.
Aditya : how did this happen?
Max : This girl is very tough, death is also not supporting her
Aditya : I told you before that her strong pillar is that Abhi, till he is alive nobody will be able to harm her
Tashu : He is right, once Bulbul and Abhi are gone. she will be like corpse anyway
Aditya : Leave everything to me Max, this time there will not be any mistake (smirks)

Sameer sees the cctv footage of day when Abhi’s dadi died. Alia has been told by him earlier and gets furious on Tashu.
Alia ; I will not leave her today (loads the gun)
Sameer : Wait, don’t panic, they played a big game with us and it is time we have to pay back
Alia : i will tell Bhai everything and he will punish those cruel people they will remember
Sameer : don’t tell them anything right now, he has got happiness after long time, we will tell them tomorrow
Alia : you are right
Abhi and Pragya goes out alone on a beach house at night. Purab and Bulbul also goes to spend their time.
Pragya : by the way I am quite surprised that you made the hero entry like this, I did not know a rockstar has this quality
Abhi : Very funny but that is only for one special person (pulls closer)
Pragya gets shy for the first time and is about to leave but is stopped by him.
Abhi : Someone is getting shy today for first time, remember what I told you when you are not in that hitler form you look like a simple girl
Pragya : really? you know me better now
Abhi ; of course I am the only one who can handle your stubbornness
Pragya : if that is the case then you will have to do this forever
Abhi : I would love to this job (husking)
Purab and Bulbul are happy the with union of Abhi and Pragya.
Bulbul : I am so happy today finally our life will be settled
Purab : You are right but I was thinking why can’t we all go from here and live our life peacefully
Bulbul : No Purab, till we are together (caresses) we will face everything, our hearts always beat together
Purab : look what is that couple doing

They see a couple getting married while Purab asks her about the seven wows.
Bulbul :You know one thing we can do is we will decide our vows what say and we will take that when we will take those vows
Purab : good idea, so lets start
Bulbul tells Purab to be stand forward ahead while taking vows.
Bulbul : we will respect each other like always and each other’s families
Purab : done
Bulbul :we will not break each other’s trust and have full faith
Purab : Promise, I will never break your trust
Bulbul : we will always stand together no matter what and not let anybody break our bond
Purab ; Okay
Bulbul : Now I will go ahead of you
Purab : for what
Bulbul : if death comes I will face it before you
Purab : Wait (holds her hand) not even death can separate us we will hold it together
Both of them hugs intensely. Both couple has passionate moments together unaware of the storm they will face soon.
Zindagi Do Pal ki
Zindagi Do Pal ki

Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Zindagi do pal ki

Dil mein Tumhari chupa di hai mene to apni yeh jaan
Abb Tumhi Isko Sambhalo Humein Apna hosh Kahan

Bekhudi do pal ki
Zindagi do pal ki
Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala

Ek chota sa vaada is umar se zyada sachcha hain sanam
Har modh par saath Is liye rahete hain ab dono

Dosti do pal ki
Zindagi do pal ki
Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala

Zindagi Do Pal ki
Zindagi Do Pal ki

Towards the end both couple consummate their relationship. Abhi and Pragya spend their night on the beach house while Purab and Bulbul also culminates their long lasting relation on the farm house of Purab. Next day Pragya wakes up before Abhi and opens the window seeing the rising sunshine.
Abhi : what a beautiful morning right (hugs from back)
Pragya : this place is amazing, so much quiet and no workload like city
Abhi : then we will settle here after marriage if you want (kisses her shoulder) what say
Pragya : You are being very romantic these days, now lets go back to our real life
Later Alia tells everything to Abhi which causes him rage but is calmed down by Pragya.
Pragya : this is no time to get angry, we will use their own trick to trap them
Alia : Pragya is right, bhai, we will not give them to law this time but will make their life hell just like they did with us
Abhi, Purab, Pragya annd Bulbul goes to Max’s house and hit the security the guard.
Max : what nonsense is this? reason to sneak into my house like this
Abhi : Have you not learnt manners how to behave with your boss (sits on the sofa crossing his feet on table)
Max : Seems like one of your fan hit hard on your head and you don’t know what you are doing
Abhi : Very bad, but you might have lost your memory
Tashu : We don’t have useless time to argue with you all
Pragya : Oh yeah, we forgot that you have to plan your next step but next time make sure that person is completely finished and you don’t leave any clue just like this (shows her the video of killing Dadi)

Tashu and Max are completely shock and stand numb seeing the video does not know what to do in the situation.
Bulbul : Sis, just look at their face, look like that a wild dog bite them (laughs looking at Tashu)
Abhi (stands up) : You both think only you can play games but you are not aware of us yet, when we play our move, the opponent will not get time to think
Max (grabs his collar angrily) : You have no idea who you are messing up with
Abhi ; But you never forget that I am Abhi Mehra, just imagine if show this video to media then in one moment you and your family will be in prison forever and never come out
Pragya slaps Tashu hardly on Abhi’s behalf for harming Dadi.
Abhi : If you were not a girl then you would have not imagined what I would have done with you
Tashu tries to run but Pragya holds her hand and twisting it tightly.
Pragya : Now listen to us carefully, if you both don’t want to go jail then do as we tell you
Max agrees to their condition when they threaten too expose their illegal activities in front of people
Tashu : Bro, what are you saying
Max : why don’t you understand,, we cannot take risk on dad’s politics
Tashu is about to hit Pragya but Bulbul instead pushes her on floor,
Bulbul : your place is in our feet not above us, got it
Pragya : we need a new servant for our house, you would be perfect for it, what say?
Tashu : Have you lost your mind? I am a supermodel
Bulbul : you were, not anymore, you are going with us and if you try doing anything wrong you will get caught don’t ask me why

Purab and Abhi ties up Max and holds him hostage in the basement of Abhi’s farm house. They does not tell Tashu about the whereabouts of Max and takes her away to Abhi’s house.
Abhi : welcome to your new house Max
Max ; I am warning , you won’t be able to keep me here for long time
Purab : Oh yeah we forgot they have another accomplice but that won’t be any benefit to you
Abhi : Adi will not be able to help you because he is in remand home right home by police
Purab sends texts Bulbul the video to show Tashu the condition of Max who is tied and warns her to do according to them for the safety of her brother.
Pragya : what are you looking? start cleaning this room and remember your one mistake will bring your brother closer to trouble
Tashu starts sweeping the floor but her body starts to hurt as she does not have habit of doing work.
Bulbul : Hello ms model, clean this properly i don’t like a little bit carelessness
Tashu curses her fate for being in trouble and digging her own grave.
Abhi : Purab, lets leave
Purab : Abhi, we have to make security tight because their dad will not keep quite and Tashu will not be able to open her mouth
Pragya gets furious at Tashu for not washing dishes properly. Tashu argues with Pragya but instead get more shouting from her.
Pragya : how many times I have to remind you that you are servant of this house not boss, now clean this dishes quickly we don’t have whole day to waste on you (leaves)
Bulbul and Pragya laughs seeing Tashu’s condition and in pain while doing work.
Bulbul : now she will get to know what pain is
Pragya : this is just the beginning now wait and watch I will make her life hell in this house and she will curse the day she was born

Later Purab finds that one of his factory has been robbed with all the money and important papers.
Abhi : what are you saying Purab?
Pragya : how is that possible
Purab : Its true, somebody broke the locker and robbed the money and mortgage papers
Bulbul : But this two are with us, Adi is in police’s remand
Alia : he is in remand not inside the jail, I am sure he would have done this
Sameer intervenes telling that Adi is not behind the robbery but somebody else.
Abhi : how can you be so sure
Sameer : Because I have hired detective behind Adi and he tells me every move he does, he has not hand in this conspiracy, don’t worry we will figure it out soon
Later at night Pragya is sitting outside in balcony looking at the moon when Abhi comes sits next to her.
Abhi : what are you looking?
Pragya : I don’t know for which mistake we are suffering, everyday we have something new problem
Abhi ; don’t worry there will be a day when we will have everything sorted out and live happily
Pragya remembers the priest’s words from another day and gets scared. Abhi realizes her nervousness when she tightly holds his collar
Abhi : what happened
Pragya : Do you remember that priest from other day, I am scared Abhi if something happen to anybody
Abhi : you are imagining things, nothing will happen to me, even if I die my spirit will protect you (says teasingly)
Pragya hits him on his chest and warns not to talk about death next time.
Abhi : okay sorry
Pragya : if anything happens to then I will also end my life (cries)
Purab is disturbed by the incidence when Bulbul consoles him
Bulbul : Purab, don’t worry everything will be fine, time is testing us and just watch we will remove bad from our life forever
Purab : I am not worried about the loss
Bulbul : then whats wrong
Purab : I am scared of something happening to you, I know Max and Tashu very well, their dad will not keep quite for long
Bulbul : As long as we are together nothing can harm us (hold each other’s hand)

Next day Purab tells Commissioner to start the investigation of the robbery happened in his office.
Abhi : I have my life’s biggest concert Pragya today, if it gets successful then I promise we will set our life in London
Pragya : I trust you, after your concert we will shift from this place forever
Bulbul informs about her upcoming inauguration of her factory.
Alia : Wow thats awesome, finally your dream will come true
While they are having conversation Tashu steals her phone and informs everything to her dad who assures her he will free Max from their clutches.
Everybody in the evening gets ready for Abhi’s concert. Max bribes the mechanic to fail Abhi’s car break at the event.
Abhi : where are you Pragya? I am waiting for you
Pragya : I am on my way, just give me 15 minutes
Abhi : Hurry up, I am already done with my first part of concert

In a while Pragya reaches the venue to attend Abhi’s concert and sees the crowd cheering for Abhi. He dedicates the song to Pragya.
Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu
Dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon
Jaoon main ab jab jiss jagah
Paoon main tujhko uss jagah
Saath hoke na ho tu hai
Rubaroo rubaroo

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Aa tujhe inn baahon mein bhar ke
Aur bhi kar loon main kareeb
Tu juda ho toh lage hai
Aata jaata har pal ajeeb
Iss jahaan mein hai aur na hoga
Mujhsa koi bhi khush naseeb
Tune mujhko dil diya hai
Main hoon tere sabse kareeb
Main ti toh tere dil mein hoon
Main hi toh saanson mein basoon
Tere dil ki dhadkanon mein
Main hi hoon main hi hoon
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

Kab bhala ab ye waqt guzre
Kuch pata chalta hi nahi
Jabse mujhko tu mila hai
Hosh kuch bhi apna nahi
Uff ye teri palken ghani si
Chaanv inki hai dilnasheen
Ab kise dar dhoop ka hai
Kyunki hain ye mujhpe bicchi
Tere bina na saans loon
Tere bina na main jiyun
Tere bina na ek pal bhi
Reh sakoon reh sakoon
Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu
Dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

Pragya is overwhelmed hearing the intensity and passion in his voice. She runs to the stage with teary face declaring her love too. Bulbul gets a call from her employer about the problem occurred in the factory. Panicked by the news she leaves but finds her car is broken. Alia gives her the keys of her car and tells to take Purab with her. But Bulbul insists on going alone not disturbing Purab from the concert and leaves.
Abhi : where is Bulbul?
Alia : Bhai, somebody called her that there is problem in the factory and left
Purab : why did you let her go alone ? why didn’t you tell me
Alia ; I told her and I was coming to you but she left before I came back
Everybody rushes to find Bulbul except Pragya . Purab calls her and scolds her for going alone.
Bulbul : Purab I am fine
Purab :just tell me where you are
Bulbul : I am near Mall road, don’t worry I will be fine
The security holds Max for bribing the mechanic but he manages to escape and accidentally takes Abhi’s car not knowing the car he drove The police and Abhi, Purab, Sameer follows him behind. Max is trying to apply the break but realizes the blunder. He clashes on truck which causes big blast on the road. Police declares him dead on the spot. Tashu gets in big shock hearing the news from Pragya.
Pragya : now you realize the pain of losing one (grabs her hair) this is just the beginning, I will not do anything to you but you will suffer the pain we had to, you will see your family breaking like this, next is your dad’s turn
Alia : Pragya, look at her, do you think she is mourning about her brother’s dad, you must have heard that saying the one who dig holes for others are the first one to get in that hole
Pragya : don’t worry we will give you chance to see your brother’s final ritual, good night, lets go Alia (leaves and closes the door)
Purab keeps calling Bulbul but is not able to reach her phone. She comes at home same time
Pragya : Bulbul, what the hell is this carelessness, who told you to go alone
Bulbul: I am sorry sis but it was emergency, somebody to sneak inside the factory but the security stopped him on time
Abhi : who was it
Bulbul : he was a small thief I think but police took him away, its settled down

PS : Couple more part left like 3-4 then I will wrap up guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Those who read it in IF it might be surprising to you but ending will be different from what I wrote in there.

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