Kalash 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says to Nivi that yes only Ambika can destroy you, Nivi is confused, Devika says i am just joking to divert your mind, Nivi says you joke alot these days, Devika says i have to go now, relax dont worry, she hugs her and leaves. Devika is leaving when she strikes with Ravi and falls in his arms, they are close, she is lost in his eyes and recalls how she used to slip and he used to catch her, she recalls her moments with him, she lowers her gaze and moves back from him, she tries to leave but her saree pallu is attached with Ravi’s wrist watch, she turns to see it, Ravi looks down and recalls how it happened earlier with them, Maine khud ko plays, they try to take it off, ravi pulls it out of his watch, Devika starts leaving but Ravi holds her hand, Devika thinks if he will pull me closer again? Ravi says i need to talk to you, i need your help. He drags her and brings her to porch, he leaves her hand and says thank you for coming here with me, i need your help thats why i brought you here, Devika says you dont need to plead, i know what help you need but you dont know i have already promised Nivi that i will help her with money, people like you think about money only, Ravi says you have misunderstanding but i cant change your thinking, i need you help in other case, Devika says if you think that i will talk to bank on Nivi’s behalf then i cant do it, Nivi is my friend but that will put reputation at stake and i cant let it happen, Ravi says i am not asking about all this, its not professional matter but personal, she says what? Ravi says my brother is in jail since yesterday and i couldnt sleep last night, i promised to bring him back but i couldnt bring him back, inspector said that if someone respectable gives his guarantee then they will free him and i know only you, my brother is innocent, he didnt do anything awrong, he holds her hand and says please help me out, please free Monty from jail, i know he is innocent, Devika thinks that Ravi cares about Monty, i was so wrong, he cares for him, Devika says i will go with you to police station, i will give guarantee for Monty, Ravi hugs her and says i cant tell you how much burden you have taken from my shoulders, she hugs him back slightly, he breaks hug and says i am sorry.. Devika says i think you should try to control your emotions, you cant hug me like this, Ravi says sorry, she says lets go, they leave.
Nivi says if Ambika was not in my life then my company, my dreams would have been crashed, she is such sweet girl, she saw i was in problem and didnt think twice to help, i am lucky to get her as friend. Manager calls Nivi and says i tried to tell media to not write against you but they are not listening to me, it seems like someone is giving them money to destroy your company, manager says so find out, use your resources and find out who is this person, if you want promotion then do it, he says give me time, i will find out, she ends call. Nivi says who is backstabbing me? who wants to destroy my company? he wont be able to hide much, once i find out that person, i will bury him alive.
Devika and Ravi comes to police station, Devika says to inspector that i take Monty’s guarantee, inspector says you are very respected woman so i am leaving him on your personal guarantee, Devika signs papers, inspector says to Ravi that she is good to help you out, Ravi thanks her, she says no need to thank me again and again. Monty is brought there, he thinks what ambika is doing here? Ravi says i promised you to free you from jail, thank ambika, she has given guarantee, Nivi and me tried but couldnt free you, she freed you from jail, thank her, Monty says i am not feeling good that she did this for me, Monty says thank you, Devika says maybe you did some good work in your past life that you are getting this help from me, she leaves. Ravi says i will come, he leaves, Monty thinks that i hated her, i tried to bring her down because of Nivi, i said so bitter words to her but she took my side and gave er personal guarantee for me, how can someone be so nice? Devika sits in police station and recalls her memories with Ravi’s family, she says those moments were so good, dont know where they are gone. She starts leaving but Ravi comes there and says i dont have words to thank you but i will say thank you, we didnt have relation earlier but now we have strong connection, you helped you and i cant tell you how much your respect has increased for me, you not only have nice face but beautiful heart, i dont know if you have connection with Devika but God has given you beauty and heart which is no less than my Devika, you saved my brother, thank you so much, Devika is confused seeing him like that, Ravi holds her hand and says i promise you that whenever you need my help, i will be there, devika thinks that i want to hug him but i have to stop myself, Ravi pulls her in hug, she hugs him back and says i couldnt stop myself, Ravi hugs her tightly, they move away, Ravi says sorry i was in lost in emotions, she says excuse me, she leaves.
Devika is in car and thinks that Ravi cares for Monty, he was so worried that Monty will be jailed, it was nice to see this side of his, that he cares about his family, he was thanking me again and again.
Ravi is driving car and thinks that Monty is no one to Ambika but she freed him, she is very nice.
Shweta says to Manju that bankers wont leave Nivi now, Manju says we will come to roads, i killed Devika for all this but its of no use now, Gurvindar was right, we have good clothes but there is nothing light here, she doesnt respect us, she always insult us, Shweta says atleast we had luxury but now its going away too, we will be destroyed, i am used to credit card, Manju says i cant live without bets and cards. Nivi comes there and says what is happening here? Shwta says i will cook for you, Nivi says have you gone mad? you want to kill me with your oily food? she leaves. Shweta thinks that i idea is good, if you can die because of oil then i will give you oily food daily, Manju asks her to cook food for her, Shweta says you cook it, she leaves, Manju says my luck is bad, the one who was nice, i killed her.
Devika comes to her room and is still shaken by whole incident, she recalls Ravi’s sweet words, how he promised her, how he hugged her. Janki comes there, and asks what are you thinking? Devika says i am coming form police station, i freed Monty from jail, i should have asked you, Janki says you did great work, i wanted you to do that, you have played nice game, did you do it on your own? Devika says Ravi requested me and i couldnt say no to him, Janki says when Nivi was not able to free him, you freed him, now their relation will be shaken, Monty will doubt his faith in Nivi too, you have to break them off from Nivi, i am sure Monty must have been drifted away today, slowly people will stop trusting Nivi and it will be easy to break her.
Manager calls Nivi and says i couldnt get to know about person but Monty is freed from jail. Nivi says let me who is behind freeing Monty, Manager says its Ambika Raichand who freed him, Nivi is shocked.

PRECAP- Nivi says in media that some enemy is trying to print fake news against me in media, media person says we have come here to know if your house is getting auctioned? all are shocked to hear it.

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