Aarambh 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Hahumaa saying its destruction, death, what am I seeing, go and stop her, explain her her responsibility. Dayalini says she does not like the throne, how will she become queen. Hahumaa says then chain her feet, cut her wings. Dayalini says this will happen. Hahumaa says tie her to the throne, from which she wants to run away. Dayalini asks what. Hahumaa says make her queen. Dayalini gets shocked. Devsena’s dad smiles and says we will obey your command. Hahumaa says Dayalini told this to me on right time, Dayalini can spend her life in peace now, Devsena will be coronated after three days, prepare for Abhishek. Her dad says sure, it will be grand event.

Purohit greets Kayast and says its your efforts that we Aryans are standing near Sindhu land. The man says Kayast’s sword is not there. Purohit says how are last rites possible without the sword. The man asks where is the sword, go and find it. Varundev says I have the sword. The man scolds him. Varundev says Kayast has his last wish to keep the sword. Sivaan says he had made Varundev his heir. The man asks did he get drunk. Purohit says this is not the time to argue, start the last rites. Varundev recalls Kayast’s words. Aryans pay tribute to Kayast. Kayast burns.

The man Abrook says Varundev is not suitable, he did not prove his talents. Aryans agree with him. Abrook says we should just choose Varundev if he proves his talents. Purohit calls Varundev. Varundev comes there. Abrook says the man who has no wound on his body, how can he be an Arya, we did not come to select any handsome Arya, but someone who takes Kayast’s place. Purohit says we have to respect Kayast’s wish, what is your decision. Abrook says to test if he is deserving, if my doubt in right, then some other Arya will be chosen instead Varundev. Purohit says any other Arya can compete with Varundev.

Devsena’s dad sees the throne and recalls Chamundi solving the problems in Rajya. FB shows lady praising Chamundi’s management. Devsena comes and sits with Chamundi. Chamundi asks Arvamudan why is he worried. He says my daughter and I came with a complaint, we have to deal with partiality. Chamundi asks what things are lacking for my husband. He says love and care, my daughter needs her mum’s attention. Chamundi says yes, my duty is not just for family, but also Rajya. He says I understand, but how to explain Devsena, I give her much time, but she needs you.

Chamundi says you are my life, I can’t stop my love for you, don’t forget who we are and what’s the meaning of our love, we are given the right to rule on Dravid Rajya, this throne is before us, one day you will sit on this throne and increase his glory. Little Devsena smiles. FB ends. Arvamudan holds the sword. Devsena comes. He says you will be becoming a queen. Devsena says things will change after I become queen, I will change rules. He says rules are our identity and language, we have to respect the rules. She asks him to just call her daughter. He hugs her. He says one more thing will change, your well wishers will become your enemy. Devsena says but I have no enemy. He says this will be first step towards becoming a queen. She looks at the throne. Daasi says Hahumaa could not see none is better for throne than you, she got blind in love for Dravid Rajya. Dayalini says your plan failed. Daasi says plan failed, but game is left.

Abrook asks Aryas to be ready to face three hurdles, the Arya who proves himself by crossing all hurdles will be called the chief, problems can come from any direction, Arya has to move on, second hurdle will have fire lighted to the oiled area, you have to pass down quickly, else fire will burn your body, third hurdle is to cross the death, the one who wins on this path will be deserving to become the chief. Purohit permits them to go for the best, I will pray to Agnidev and Indradev to help us in choosing the yogya Arya. All Aryans proceed.

Varundev observes the hurdles and moves on. Varundev gets more alert. Purohit and Abrook look on, along others. Sivaan shouts for Varundev. Varundev gets stabbed by the weapons and comes out of the third hurdle area. Everyone chant his name. His dad and Sivaan get glad. Abrook gets shocked. His dad sees the wound on his body. Varundev says I m fine. Abrook says you are deserving to become chief now. Aryans pour water on Varundev and give him bath. Sivaan smiles.

Abrook says his body has no wound, impossible. Varundev says you said the heir has to win over the death and come. Varundev recalls getting saved by the weapons and other’s blood falling on his body. Purohit praises Varundev to become the winner without having a single wound. He asks Varundev to ask anything from Abrook. Varundev says I would have not been glad if test was easy, I m content as I also feel I have kept respect of Kayast’s last wish, thanks for giving me this chance. Varundev says I want to ask something, I want you to elect me, and make me wear this silver chain/thread. Abrook nods.

Dravidians celebrate. Hahumaa comes there and senses something. She does not understand the signs. She says Dravid Rajya is getting queen, bless her. Arvamudan welcomes Hahumaa. Devsena proceeds for her coronation. Dayalini looks on. Devsena meets Hahumaa. Hahumaa says Chamundi gave birth to Devsena, but Devsena has to take an oath. Arvamudan gets the sword and gives it to Devsena. Devsena takes the oath that her life will always be dedicated to welfare of Dravid Rajya. Arvamudan says we will now give charity. Dayalini smiles. A black cow is brought for rituals. Dayalini takes the crown for Devsena.

The man is about to sacrifice the cow. The cow falls down dead. They all get shocked. Daasi smiles. Hahumaa says abshagun, this Rajya Abhishek can’t happen. Devsena returns the sword to Arvamudan. Purohit elects Varundev as chief. Abrook makes Varundev wear the silver chain. Purohit asks Varundev to accept his rights. He gives him Kayast’s sword. Varundev accepts. Purohit blesses him. Everyone leave.

Varundev’s dad comes and bows with respect. Varundev holds him. His dad feels proud. He says I m feeling much proud seeing you here. Varundev says your blessings and hope brought me here, you trusted me much. His dad makes him wear the chief’s clothes. He says your fate had this respect written. He hugs Varundev.

Devsena talks to Daasi and says I know I will become queen, I m not upset, its time for practice. Hahumaa prays and senses the bad omen. She says dangers are signing to Devsena’s death, I have to save her from those dangers, first danger, Dayalini, second danger, an Arya, third danger … Arvamudan, how can Arvamudan be a life threat for her, a father can’t be life threat for a daughter.

Abrook says we have to go for a secret mission. Varundev’s dad gets stabbed. Hahumaa asks Devsena not to touch any weapon till next 30 days. Varundev swears to kill Dravidians. Devsena does her practice.

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  1. So the priestess doesn’t realise the the evil queen was creating the incidents to make it look like bad omens?

  2. This is awesome not like other historical series….. Dravadians are dark and their rituals are also exactly same ….. They have the open mind and showed us our real ancestors not like a fair bunch of makeup dabbas ….. I m liking it …. Dark people are also beautiful …. People are gonna fall in love with our duusky dev sena

  3. Dravadians are dark and they showed it the same ….. People are gonna fall in love with devsena…… This show feels so real …not like other historical series with fair bunch of makeup dabbas

  4. Nicely shot and acted.

  5. I think the priestess knows about the evil intents of Dayalini,that’s why she says the first danger for the princess is Dayalini only,the second is an Aryan and the third her own father.Really an interesting story,but I don’t think the story line is entirely fiction.I do remember reading in my History books that the first settlement of Aryans crossed the Indus in 1500Bc and started spreading to Indo Gangetic plains between 1000 -600Bc.Besides my limited knowledge of this topic as a History student ,I happened to visit 2 of the 4 Aryan villages in Leh Ladakh region ahead of Kargil.Idon’t remember the names of them,but the people are so proud of their genealogy that now they marry within themselves to safeguard their lineage ,,….the reason for a gradual dip in their numbers..I believe all these civilisations contributed to India’s unique culture ,that ‘s why we believe in the principle,’unity in diversity’.
    The practice of animal sacrifice was prevalent both among Aryans and Dravidians which ofcourse is terrible cruelty to animals.Thank God! It is now an offence in India and punishable under law. I hope the serial will continue to be informative as well as entertaining.
    Yes the dusky the actor portraying the character of Devasena is pretty and viewers are going to adore her.

  6. Sorry for any Typo.errors

  7. Santana Russo

    Ti amo moltissimo Karthika Nair aka Devsena u r very beautiful and i am huge fan of ur work, i watched most of ur ?s. My mom loves ur aunt Ambika and ur amma Radha.

  8. Devashena ki acting achchhi hai bt varundev ki nahi…
    agar unke jagah kisi aur ko cast kiya jata to better hota.

    waise episode achchhe hai.nice.

    1. Yes, she is good but Rajneesh is not convincing ,feeling like he is acting an ordinary daily soap.

  9. is it a real story

  10. I have a doubt…is there supposed to be a love story between varundev and devsena.??? Does anyone know?

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