Which new show won your interest?

Three shows started this weekend, bringing a fresh wave of entertainment for the viewers. And TV’s Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot is a comic family drama, about Bakula Bua who returns to her family as ghost, only to add up troubles and unhappiness. None wants Bakula to be back from death, while Bakula’s heart and soul is stuck in her family. Bakula’s over interference upsets everyone. Bakula’s ghost does not let them stay free. The situational comedy maybe appealing for viewers.

Chandrakanta started airing on Colors, replacing Naagin 2. The story differs from Life Ok’s Chandrakanta. The tale is around the lost princess of Vijaygarh, Chandrakanta, who have lost her kingdom to an evil Queen Iravati. Chandrakanta falls in love with her enemy Iravati’s son Virendra. Their magical journey of love begins soon after their meet.

Aarambh brings a story of the huge clash between two civilizations, Dravidians and Aryans. Both are equally powerful and raging for acquiring rights on the fertile state of Sapt Sindhu. Aryavarth’s chief Varundev falls in love with Dravidian Rajya’s queen Devsena. Their love story calls for a start for a big change. The show has much mystery and mixed elements in the plot. Which new show won your interest? Let us know your opinion.

  1. tania-the fairy

    they all are good show.but known story is brought with different name Araambh ,C.k .

  2. Aarambh………

  3. Fenil

    I’m looking forward for the Aarambh and BakulaBua Ka Bhoot.

    This both shows catch my eyes. Especially my waiting for the Aarambh end yesterday.I’m happy with the first episode.After all story is wriiten by Writer of The film Bahubali. Plus point famous Film Actor Rajneesh Duggal.

    Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot also interesting comedy with Famous and Mine Favourite star Apra Mehta and Sarita Joshi.

    1. Ishuyamjha

      i got u u are here when are u going to post next part of ishkara ff

    2. Fenil

      Today Only.

  4. i guess chandrakanta will be good but my wait was to see arambh . whatever may be the story , there is grandeur in the settings nd vfx . really hoping to see more of beautiful story too . i think they did the right thing by casting karthika and rajnish duggal as leads because they r too perfect in their roles

  5. i really like the serial bakula bua ka bhoot. it has very good comedy timings and a touch of spirituality. sarita ji is perfect as bakula like she is in every role of hers. i really missed baa bahu and baby type of shows now a days and bakula bua ka bhoot gave that to me.

  6. Aastha_Reddy


  7. chandrakanta and chandrakanta

  8. Bakula and Arambh, CK is from Ekta Kaput so none of villains is going to die they will be coming back from dead, and story will have no logic, already was bored with Nagin & Chandra Nandini how many times dead were alive.And guys n gals dress will be more revealing.

    1. ??????

  9. chandrakanta

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