Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Namrata frames Aatish for kidnapping Vini

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The Episode starts with Nandini running somewhere. Rajvi says its about Charmy and her baby’s life. Darsh holds Charmy. Nandini calls Bansuri and tells everything. Darsh says ask the doctor for any other procedure. Rajvi says she isn’t breathing, we have no time. Nandini asks Darsh to stop. She comes back running. Darsh goes to the door. Rajvi says we have no time, nothing is wrong in this. Nandini says yes, I spoke to Bansuri, Naveen is a Vaid, this tablet…. I didn’t tell her about Charmy, I trust his medical practice. She gives the tablet to Darsh by passing it under the door. Rajvi says I spoke to a doctor who is MD, I can’t take a chance with Charmy and her baby. She asks Darsh to do what the doctor told him. Nandini sees the door stuck. She shows the wooden piece stuck. Rajvi says someone remove it.

Nandini tries to get the wooden piece out. Shobit comes and asks who is inside. She says Charmy. Shobit helps them open the door. He sees Charmy. Darsh says Charmy isn’t able to breath, give her mouth to mouth respiration. Rajvi asks Shobit to do it fast. Charmy thinks I didn’t act to get this from Shobit. She opens her eyes and sees Shobit close. Rajvi asks are you fine, can you breath. Darsh asks are you okay. Charmy nods. Darsh holds Nandini’s hand. Namrata calls the lawyer. She says check the mail, you will get fake reports soon. Guard sends Vini to someone. Vini goes to the car and thinks Darsh has sent someone. She gets the chocolates. Aatish takes the car. Parul and Namrata stop Aatish. He says I won’t sign the divorce papers. Parul cries for Vini. She finds Vini unconscious. Namrata asks what did you do with her. Aatish says I m supplying school material, so I came here, I didn’t even see Vini. Namrata blames him. He says I didn’t kidnap Vini. Parul scolds him. Namrata recalls bribing the guard and framing Aatish. Parul takes Vini with her. Namrata says you kidnapped a girl, how will you prove anything. She laughs. She asks him to give her divorce. She says you want to live with such a wife who wants to send you to jail, give me divorce and end the matter. He leaves.

Darsh holds Nandini close. She says you got locked with Charmy. He says it was not by purpose, give me a kiss now. She asks shall I complain to Vini. He says I had to talk about Vini. Parul comes with Vini. She asks everyone to come fast. They all ask what happened. Parul says Aatish had kidnapped her. Namrata says Aatish is such a bad man, you know him now, he can be really dangerous. Rajvi says I will send him to jail. Nandini cries for Vini. Parul says Aatish had seen her school, we will change her school. Chetan says calm down. Nandini says I will take care of her. Parul says she will be my daughter after adoption. Nandini gets shocked. Charmy says Parul wants to adopt her. Darsh says I was going to tell you. Doctor comes and checks Vini. Chetan says Parul has accepted Vini as her daughter, don’t refuse. Rajvi asks why will Nandini refuse, she will have her own family, Vini can’t get better parents than Chetan and Parul.

Nandini says but I didn’t think of making Vini away. Rajvi says you met her recently, she will stay with all of us in our house. Darsh says its sudden for Nandini, we have seen their bond, think what will we tell Vini. Parul gets Vini there. Nandini asks are you fine. Parul says doctor said someone spiked the chocolates. Nandini says I told not to take anything from strangers. Vini says guard said you are in the car, so I thought you got the chocolates. Nandini asks did guard say this. Namrata says I think Aatish bribed the guard. Darsh asks how can school guard do this. Parul asks Vini to come. Vini says I will be with Nandini. Rajvi sends Vini with Parul. Chetan asks Nandini to think well and decide, Parul’s dream will be fulfilled if she says yes. Nandini recalls Vini and cries. Darsh hugs her and says you can refuse, I will talk to Chetan and Parul. She says I will talk to Jhunjhunwala’s lawyer. He asks are you ready to give her to Parul.

Lawyer says Namrata came to me to file fake case on her husband for domestic abuse. Nandini gets shocked and goes to Darsh.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What kind of disgusting MIL and mother is this. First, she lies to her blind son and convinced him to marry his brother’s ex. Then the son is to make a mouth-to-mouth respiration with another woman while wife listens.
    And someone should tell MIL that she herself met Vini very recently, she knows less about Vini than Nandini.
    my last episode was Mil in a coma. Why is Darsh listening again to what his mother is telling him?🤔

    1. Cos she is his mother

  2. Please nandini refuse give this crazy lafy vini let her choose other child but as usual the producer have problems with nandini happiness he will gave her to crazy lady because he obsessed with shitan charmi and rajvi how this lady Degenerate and descend with her morals as her daughter and charmi you don’t write that rajvi told nandini that charmi and baby must importan than nandini hate for charmi when we saw nandini hate this shitan rajvi shitan see nandini hate and what about charmi and namrita 🥵😡🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. This storyline in getting more and more disgusting and pathetic, I was feeling relieved when it was rumored to go offline, but the foolishness continues. That MIL is the worst!!! How come no one has questioned the antics of Charmy, barging into the bedroom of Darsh claiming to bring tea, always finding herself in his bedroom, and now her sidekick Nimrata and her nonsense. Pity these people never pay for their crimes/sins !!!

  4. Esther Musimbe

    And then they wonder why people are not liking this its because its full of rubbish nothing good is coming from i hope nandani will refused to give vini to anyone stupid people

  5. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I think Nandini forgiving Darsh so easily is the reason why he still has his ‘whatever’ attitude towards her 😐……going to give that disgusting Charmi mouth to mouth ewww…….and telling your wife about it 🤒……I so want Shobit to kick her out himself with the child 😡…..for all we know it may not even be his own…..or she may not even be pregnant at all😡rotten disgusting person she has become 🤐😡😠

  6. MIL never learnt her lesson she’s so full of selfishness

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