Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika leaves Agarwal House

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Vaidika comes downstairs with her suitcase and looks towards Sahil, crying. Her pally flung over Sahil’s face as she passes by him. Nani stops her and had come out with her luggage. She says she wished for luxury but she no longer wish to stay with these disgraceful people. Aarya comes out and says she wants to go with Vaidika too. She thanks Sahil for always taking care of her, but she got answers about her mother. She believes her. Sahil cries and hugs Aarya but allows her to go, her mamma needs her more right now. Vaidika wipes Aarya’s tears and the three leave Agarwal house. Sahil gets some flashes from the past and badly cries in the hall.
Bhoomi comes to speak to Sahil then. She gives the pen drive that she had stolen from Vaidika’s room. This has the real clip in which Bari

Amma made all her confessions, and it has another truth that Vaidika didn’t share with him. Ved is Sahil’s son, his and Vaidika’s child. Sahil was taken aback at the break of this news. He regrets not listening to Vaidika, he traumatically leaves the house calling Vaidika. Bhoomi cries behind requesting Sahil not to snatch Ved from her. Bhoomi comes out of day dreaming and thinks if she tells the truth, Sahil will snatch Ved from her. She can’t tell everything to Sahil as she can’t lose Ved. Sahil asks Bhoomi what she wanted to say. Bhoomi tells Sahil that Vaidika has left their lives, they must now focus on Ved’s life being his parents. Sahil walks upstairs.
The next morning, Bari Amma comes to the temple corner and sits beside Bhoomi. She was happy that Bhoomi didn’t tell Sahil about anything. Bhoomi asks Bari Amma what she wants now. Bari Amma reminds her insult yesterday and claims to be her mother in law. Bhoomi replies that her mother in law is dead, and Bari Amma killed her. Bari Amma says Anjana died of the shock that Vaidika gave her. She tells Bhoomi to that its her and Sahil’s wedding anniversary. They must celebrate it and give her marriage another chance, she should try and tighten her grip over Sahil and their relation. Sahil walks downstairs. Bari Amma loudly requests Bhoomi to celebrate their anniversary and repeat the vows of their wedding. Sahil says they didn’t celebrate any anniversary, let it continue. Bhoomi requests Sahil to give her some chance to celebrate with her family, even Ved would be happy to see them together and enjoying. Sahil agrees and walks away. Bhoomi thinks she won’t leave a single reason for Sahil to leave their marriage incomplete tonight.
There, Vaidika was in her old house. She prays to God that she has no complains and sure she will be given another right direction. Sahil comes inside then. He tells Vaidika that today he has come for himself, he and Bhoomi have decided to repeat the vows of their wedding. He would like if they all come. He slips while trying to walk away, Vaidika holds him straight and was concerned if he is fine. Sahil promises he won’t again drink much.
Everyone was ready for celebrations in Agarwal house. Bari Amma tells Prachi that she wished to remind Sahil that Bhoomi and Ved are his life now. Sahil explains to Bhoomi that he invited Vaidika. Vaidika arrives in the function with Aarya and Bari Amma. Ved and Sadika runs to welcome Vaidika. Bari Amma was about to insult them but Sahil interrupts and instead welcomes them home. The ritual of Mehndi starts. Ved runs to the stage and applies the henna on Sahil’s palm. Ved then requests Vaidika to join them on stage for henna as well. He jumps down the stage and forcefully pulls Vaidika. He was about to slip off the stage. Sahil jumps to save Ved, touches and holds Vaidika’s hand tightly. The henna on his hand gets onto Vaidika’s palm as well.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Bhoomi dance together. Vaidika comes to Bhoomi’s room as an elder sister, help her get ready in her wedding attire. The wedding vows were going on when at once Ved fell down. Everyone run towards Ved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    So bhoomi does know d entire truth, not only dat ved is vedika and sahil son but also dat bari amma killed sahils mother yet she rather b selfish and hide dis truth from sahil all in an effort to keep a child dat is not hers a child dat was stolen from his mother. No day can bhoomi ever walk in vedikas shoes for all d mistakes she had done not once had vedika done anyting out of selfishness unless dat selfishness was to make sure sahil and his family was safe and happy. She may have been wrong in tinking dat wat she was doin was for d better gd but not once did she ever.willing try to hurt anyone. Wonder wateill b bhoomis explaination wen d truth is out and sahil finds out sheof.knew d whole truth. Now both she and vedika is in d same boat… not telling sahil d truth bout.ved…wonder who willb in d most wrong a woman trying to protect her sisters marriage or a woman trying to keep someone elses child. Now dat same ved will keep her from having her dreams from being fulfilled albeit indirectly. Karma is a b*t*h

    1. Nina

      Leisa S Morris, I completely agree with you. Bhoomi had been known about hiding important things. I thought Bhoomi had been showed her resolve and said true, but she was selfish as usual.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Ok so I read all d comments on d 5th and i have to say dis. Y r u all saying vedika turned her back on arya and never looked back wen we saw arya rejecting her call and knowing it wasnt d first time she had done dat. How many times in dat five.yrs did vedika try to reach out we dont know cause dey never showed dey just leapt to 5 yrs. No she was not just enjoying.life without a single thought to sahil she had his child,or so she thought, so theres no way she could not think of sahil. As seen on their shared bday of her wishing him and wishing he could b with her and seeing dat 4 bdays had gone already its safe to say dat she felt and did d same on each bday. Maybe she thought it wouldnt have taken all dis time to find d truth as we saw her pestering mayas husband to help find d truth bout wat happened dat faithfull day to sahils mother but kept meeting stumbling blocks.Nxt ting leaving arya was bad but she made a split second choice to protect her infant child and even arya now has come.to understand and appreciate dat. Nxt ting u all keep harping on her marriage to yash didnt sahil do d same ting wen he married bhoomi. I know off course u would say he married bhoomi cause he was angry and vedika lied and yadi yadi yada but is dat a reason to take such a step knowing udont and willnever love dat person and if ur saying dat it is then how can u condemn vedika for marrying yash wen she did it to save sahil and his family from being hurt and tortured by yash? She wasnt angry at sahil infact she initially turned down yash until he showed he was totally capable of hurting dem if she didnt comply yet she agreed on d condition dat he will give dem back their 49% share and place in d house. Sahil pretends dat he is happily married to bhoomi,yes he does, yet u all chastise vedika for pretending to b happy with yash. She made her bed and was lying in it so to speak. aDeyaAs for d baby ting maybe yash helped her fullfilled a dream of having another child and which was y even wen she heard ge couldnt have a child she cast d idea of donor insemination. Maybe dat child was more for her dan yash. Imagine a 42 yrs old woman wanyting another child but with a deadhusband and hostile society couldnt until yash ask fir one.Dey both did d same ting ,for different reasons but same out come. One did it out of love and d other out of anger, yet only vedika is looked down upon cause she had to battle with her inner demons concerning her feelings for sahil. At d end of d day we all do wat we think is right even if sometimes it isnt. We’re all humans and we all make and will continue to make mistakes as long as we live

    1. Leisa s morris

      I just want to make a point clear cause I know d statement is coming how sahil is drinking and falling down drunk at vedikas feet so therefore she should know hes in pain. First of all wen hes completely sober he doesnt portray dat of a man who isnt happy with his marriage and he makes sure and let vedika knows dis. Secondly it is not inconceivable dat a person who has moved on and is happy in his new life doesnt have moments,like when dey drink,of feelin pain of losing someone dey truly loved and wanted to b with. How is someone to treat such a situation should dey harp on d 10%of d time d person is drunk or go with d 90%wen dey r sober. I know for a fact dat sometimes wen I drink…lol…I kinda like alcohol… dat I tend to reminisce and miss my first real love although I am totally happy and at peace with my life partner. So it isnt hrd to c why an intelligent person like vedika will believe dat he is totally happy but also believe dat d pain she unwilling caused is still affecting him thus making him show it while he is drunk

  3. Thks leisa for supporting vedika. Sahil had completely fallen down in my eyes. Look at that cheeky fellow. He not only marries the liar and lustful woman bhoomi but he also goes n invites vedika for the marriage. Shame on that fickle minded fellow. But vedika was cool n didnt show any reaction. That is the difference between him n her. Though she was completely broken fm inside. Had not ved fainted dontbu think this self confessed lover would hv married that chespo bhoomi n consummated the marriage. Pls pardon me but i think once ved is fine she should not even look back once at that ungrateful sahil. Coutsey vedika that dirty aggarwal fsmily is still living in that agarwsl mansion. I only hope bhoomi suffers like hell in the near future n sahil should be left all alone till the end of his life.

    1. Ok so I’m thinking in your way .. if lusty yash
      was not impotent vedika wud have consummated with him and gave him a heir? If hash hadnt died vedika forever wud have been his wife and hapilli ever after for yashika?
      Any answers for this…actually I dint wanna comment these kinda things bat consummation and all.. but your comments and thots and imaginary thots like are only against sahil..the same thing if vedika does..that’s something great..lol..if u can think that if bed hadn’t fainted ..sahil wild have married and consummated with bhu..then same applies there also na…if hash hadnt have impotency vedika wud have concieved his child naturally…

    2. Stop watching the show if you dont want Sadika together….lol.. with everyone being around sahil is already alone..it won’t make a difference even if he’s left alone… vedika has given him a lot of pain that he has learned to overcome every pain he is getting or will get in future… actually better than being around people like these are to be alone..heel get some peace there… ba selfish lady bhumi too selfish vedika mahaan and tyagi the worst I wud say of all..who hurt him in the name of his hapiness …And destroyed his life..

  4. Leisa n naz pls cfm if there was written uptate n viewers comments for 8th october. I couldnt find it.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Didnt c any update for d 8th not sure wat happened.

  5. Leisa… You couldn’t have been more accurate in your assessment. I’ve been saying that Bhoomi is an utterly selfish woman unlike Vedika, who has made many mistakes but it’s always been in the interests for other people, never for herself. You can tell inexperience by someone’s assessment in social topics so I don’t bother to argue a point anymore. This important piece of information that Bhoomi is selfishly hiding from Sahil, is supposed to come back to bite Bhoomi’s ass…so to speak.. What is going to be her excuse in keeping this secret from Sahil, he’s going to think that even the woman he is married to, for 5 long years, didn’t love him enough to tell him that Ved is his son when she learnt of it… Isn’t it more reasonable to tell Sahil the truth and allow him to decide who he really wants in his life? Is Bhoomi this insecure? If writers are logical in this case, they should nail Bhoomi to the cross…ohh, not forgetting that she also knows BA’s dirty deeds…..this ought to be Bhoomi’s downfall…

  6. I must say that yesterday’s and today’s episodes were fantastic. All actors did a super duper job, especially our hero Sahil, followed by Vedika and Bhoomi. In Sahil’s scenes, he made me cry, I don’t like seeing him in pain. My goodness, his body language as a depressed Romeo is 100% accurate, he does look sad sad sad…his tears fall effortlessly, his cries break my heart and I wish I could give him a hug and tell him that there’s a rainbow after every rainfall, every storm… Writers…. Please please please, make things right for Sahil, he’s grieving too much, soften Vedika’s heart so that she can love him the same way Sahil loves her… PLEASE!!!!

  7. Naz thks 4 yr lovely n matured comments. But truly speaking i cant see vedika on so much pain. How cruel the aggarwals are. Snatching her love child my only rqst to the wroiers of this serial is that they bring an most tragedic end to BA n the liar, wicked n cruel bhoomi.

  8. Nice episode., I am so relieved that the so called wedding is stopped midway. Sahil acting is brilliant but the way he spoke to Vetika specially after she stop him from falling is hurtful. I was gutted when he throw Vedidujs out of the house. I would not like to be in Bhoomi’s shoes when he found out that she hidden the truth. I have a feeling Sahil will come across this USB and get to know the truth. How can Bhoomi live with herself??? Disgusting!!!. For sure this week we are in for some high voltage drama.

  9. Pooja i agree with you. Of late he is speaking very rudely n arrogantly to vedika. I dont think this is true love. Does vedika ever speak to him this way. She is a classy person n not like the cheap aggarwals. Like that witch BA telling the younger witch that sahil ko rijhao. She also tells bhoomi that men will bent very fast if u play the games right. So we cant help it. It is in aggarwals blood to speak so loosely to ladies. And the bechari bhoomi tells i ll see that this marriage becomes real 2night You all know what i mean tch tch t h bhoomi n sahil. But as we know there is a big ALMIGHTY UP who ll punish such dirty n cruel people.

    1. According to you talking rudely or arrogant is the measurement of love then what bat the harsh words vedika has said to sahil?..I think u have not seen aryas mms case track…in the whole track vedika is seen bashing sahil and slapping him..And that too in front of her boss then..yash agarwal.. now does that means she dint love sahil or what?… lol… there were a lot of instances where vedika has hurt him with words called him a stalker called his love as lust… now what abt those..And the infinite no. Of slaps… so from which angle is vedikas love true?acc to your theory…lol..think bat the initial epis before you comment… vedika was no less in hurting sahil with words cmon…And ant u saying sahil might get interested in bhumi …they have been together for 5 long years… these many years nothing happened wright… And now also anything won’t happen and sahil has made it clear to bhumi..bhumi is just trying her luck..which we know wont happen..And talking bat agarwals khoon..c’mon its just bas misunderstanding that all men are like that..cos her husband was like that… she said the same to nidhi..And nidhi tried her macimum…And vedika also tried maximum to bring sahil and nidhi closer did sahil fall in tow their games no na.. let bhu try if she wants.. we know she will fail cos sahiAnd isnt lusty like other agarwals..including vedikas patidev yash..who wanted her body..lol…I mean look at vedikas theory..she once tagged sahils pure love as lust…And look when actually her patidevs love was really of lust she tagged him as a gud person…lol…vedikas theory..lol.. u think same like ba …that men will bent down..when woman wants..but sensible people knows that there are.men like sahil who aren’t cheap like that… its really sad to know that u think sahil will fall for bhumi… I doubt if you have watched previous epis or not..I have started commenting ever since leap..never saw u when vedika was doing all foolishness and hurting sahil..And your calling vedikas mistake as silly..I cantw stop laughing..u know her silly mistaje has destroyed how many lives..?..whatever mistaje vedika does is silly..whatever mistake sahil does is a sin.. this is your theory…lol.. yes people get punishment for their bad deeds and that’s what vedika is getting now.. she blurted sahil for society..And the same society tagged her manhoos …she took away sadika thinking sahils child…she was keeping away a daughter from her father..And here the same was actually happening to her.. her son was kept away from her.. I mean seriously people have problem in sahil hiding Veda matter from vedikas what bat she doing the same..?

  10. Donno y the writers have damaged Sahil’s character to this extent.. He was the most sane person with all his insanity in the beginning of the serial.. Donno y they made him just like the other Agarwals..
    There were many instances earlier too where sadhika were meant for each other..like sahil filling her hairline with his blood or vedhika performing puja as his wife etc..now again this mehandi scene.. Y dont people get it, that they are meant to be together against all odds..
    Society just doesnt people to live in their terms..especially women..that too with such disasters in marriage, a woman is juz looked down.. its a fact..vedhika is also a victim of circumstances here.
    Sahil should stand by her and be the knight in shining armour than act as one among the society..
    Only he can make vedhika’s life simple..

    1. Sahil always stood by her..but what he got was only hurt and nothing else.. cmon like vedika even sahil also has gone thru a lot..And the most being vedikas mistake in the name of her sacrifice dar for Samaj and mahanta..how can u expect sahil to stand by vedika and support her..who supposedly destroyed his life…we know most of was cos situation played bad games with her..but does sahil knows this? No wright.. when u love or care for someone their happiness matters to u..but tell me what has vedika ever done for his hapiness.. it was ok for her not to acceot his love and marty him..but atleast she cud have stayed there unmarried.. And was marriage with hash so necessary..c’mon nobody was going to die… And if she became sahil support there and help jim set up some new small business with family..wudnt have that worked.?cmon yash just took control of their house..And business not the whole kanpur..And that too by crook they cud have in turn gone for case too… ba is legally the house of yashs father then why wud the properties be snatched from.her at least her shares.. but no madam had to show mahanta by doing the marriage..And I wud say she also did that to run away from sahil… she knew he wud keep running behind her and spoil his life..so in a way it was also escaping or getting rid of sahils love.. I still can’t acceot the reason for which she married yash.. And it wasn’t a sacrifice also… sacrifice is when ur destroying your life..but as she said to arya she knew hash was a gud guy and wud keep them happy.. And is that a sacrifice now ?when u know ur life isn’t gonna get destroyed?..ofc its also bat happiness in life.. but vedika never wanted hapiness wright?… And still marriage was fine but I hated the way she was trying to make it work..argh.. even after hash molested her tried to kill sahil still she tagged him as a gud person for god knows what reason… still she wanted the marriage to work and was trying macimum…same way like someone said if ved hadnt fallen down sami wud have got married..the same applies here if yash hadnt died …it wud have been a happily ever after for vedika and yash..And vedika wud have remained his pativrata patni for whole life

  11. Leisa s morris

    Didnt c any update for d 8th not sure wat happened.

  12. No Dolly i dont think so he will now support vedika because of her some silly mistakes but which she most did it for our maharathi sahil. And now that cruel lady bhoomi who is more young is throwing herself on sahil. So naturally he ll go to her since she is lambi race ki ghodi. The writers hv made his character a shameless character. Sorry girls but i dont think vedika should accept this painful character in her life any more. Since the time he stormed into her peaceful life he, the aggarwals n the lustful lady bhoomi hv made her l8fe miserable. I am feeling very depressed n low watching this serial now. The lovely love story which started in the beginning has gone KAPUT now.

    1. Lol ..sahil who is clear to bhumi that he can’t be hers..but he wont cheat her is cheap for you?..what are u guys expecting him to do.. shud he go behind vedika wagging his tail ..propose get rejected propose get rejected..tell me one thing if sahil now goes to vedika and tell her to accept him will the great vedika ji acceot it?…it’s a big no.. u guys want sahil who is married to bhumi..but go behind vedika and poke nose into her matters..And here comes to bhumi And act her hubby… if he does this will he be not tagged as cheap..And fyi we all know bed is his blood and whatever the matter is ved was grown up by him…he has given him all the love these 5 years so there’s no wrong in him wanting to keep bed to himself..And vedika knows na sahil is veds papa..still she was bat to take away ved from him after custody..then what’s difference btw sahil and vedika… if vedikas does it..its sacrifice and good thing..if some other people does it…it’s a sin…. your logic…hahaha

    2. Oh..cmon if u don’t want sahil and vedika together..why are u even here..this show is their story..And all the fans are wanting their union..And u want their seperation?…
      Nobody is forcing u to watch it..isn’t it..its ur pure wish and here the show is ant sahil and vedika… And as a fan of this show we all are supposed to long for their union…And here u are wanting them to stay seperate ?..saddist like cvs or what?

  13. Leisa s morris

    As naz pointed out we cant really blame sahil,while I sympathise and understand vedika reasons for doing wat she has done she still unintentionally hurt sahil alot. Wen we r young we r more rash and only act on our feelings and getting hurt like dat by ur first true love can b totally devasting to someone. Sahil is acting out of a place of hurt and rejection and therefore making decisions rashly. It wasnt his idea to fo vow renewal it was dat witch BA and seconded by bhoomi and sahil just gone with d flow. Im sure somewhere in his mind hes hoping vedika seein him remarry bhoomi will hurt her which is y he invited her to d wedding. Sahil is fighting his inner demons to restrain himself and not feel anything for vedika just like vedika had done with her feelings for him. Now d shoe is on d other foot, funny how life is eh, vedika denied her feelins for sahil cause she thought it was wrong now we have sahil denying his feelings for vedika cause he believes she has done him wrong and he cant betray bhoomi who has stood besides him through d yrs. Its like wat goes around comes around so cut him some slack he’s been through alot just like vedika.

  14. Friends if u want to hv a hearty laugh after watching this depressing serial pls see vedikas and bhoomis dance in maharathi sahil n wicked bhoomis engagement party. Just see bhoomis dance movement esp. Her hand movements and expressions, which is a laughter riot. I am sure u ll laugh at least for sometime. Bechari bhoomi n sahil jodi

  15. In the jail vedika was just asked to not say sahil the truth… why did she have to say harsh words like your mom died cos of your junoon… a guy who has just lost his mom…who died while talking to his love..Who had come with alliance for her son…And that too infront of his eyes.. whos all depressed..And comes to ask her the truth and had faith she wudnt lie to him.. atleast considering the situation he was in…but this lady inturn bkames hi for his moms death..that she died cos of his junoon(now what was the need for mahaan lady to say that?) And on top of that challenged him..that u can never forget me ull say this..then youll come bhind me after this(now what was the need for that)…. atleast if she cared for him..that lady cud have toned down her words… its ok to not say the truth..But what ant the harsh words she said whivh boiled his blood?..And especially when the guy is standing there lifeless after his moms death and bas allegations on vedika..And guys fyi… he’s not blaming vedikas to kill his mom..ofc he knows she dint do that..hes blaming her for being the reason to his moms death… that she dint acceot proposal and talked rudely..And thats why she cudbt bear it and fell down.. he also said in that epi..u cud have talked to her in a good way na in which she cud understand… actually again vedika is only responsible for what happened that day.. she dint have to challenge sahil or make fun of him that he will come behind her anyways..And thats where he lost the control and filled bhus maang.. And whats wrong in sahil marrying bhumi now?..cmon guys their already husband and wife… now what wrong in that?… if vedika can get pregnant for yash who is her husband why cabt sahil marry bhumi who is already his wife?.. whats wrong in that?..looks like their marriage dint even happen… im happy sahil isnt being unfaithful to bhu.. for the relation even.he is equally responsible… tho he dint force her..he was the one who asked her if she can’t stay in as his wife to look after ved… so after that just cos vedikas return and he avoiding bhu. Wud have been such a bad part from his side.. like vedika kept maan of Saath pgere and shaadi in yashs case..even after him being a molestor…whats wrong in sahil doing that..who acc to him hasbt done anything wrong till.now?..
    And abt vedikas marrying yash and people glorifying the act …I still dont understand when people say she did that to save sahils family?..was anyone gonna die or something if she hadnt married yash or what..lol.. as if they all were gonna die andor there were no other alternatives..lol..cmon it wasn’t a helpless situation there were other ways out..but madam chose this..cos she had to show her mahaanta..there.. and abt vedika and sahil pretending to be hapilly married.. there’s a difference.. sahil atleast doesn’t poke nose into vedika and her matters.. but there being yashs wife..she was poking her nose into agarwals…for what reason god knows..lol..here atleas, sahil is faithful to his marriage…And he made it clear to bhu also that the can never be hers in whole way… only outside pati patni…but there madam was trying to keep both yash and sahil..lol.. flaunting as yashs patni and poking her nose into sahil and his family matters.. look the difference here.. when vedika us trying to get close to sahil cos of black magic..he isnt allowing it to happen.. And I loved it.. atleast not like vedika who boasted abt keepin, maam of ms and saath phere and then goes behind sahil and his family.. even now can she just stop poking her nose into sahils family matters?…I mean seriously her son is dying there…And she is no where related to that family and whole family hates her… but madam again pokes her nose into his family..can she just stop interfering in his fam atkeast now when her son is not well and when the whole fam hates her.. And look at her.. shes supporting gauri who wants to break her marriage cos of her husbands mistake…. now where is that importance of saath ohere and shaadi..even after that molestor yash firced her for everytjing she dint breaks marriage just cos of that shadi.. now looks showing double standard here… I agree deepak was bad..forcing gauri always…but gauri is no less..even before Sadikaw truth was out she had consummated with her ex and was cheating on her hubby..I dont know if vedika knows abt that..but if shew supporting her even after knowing abt that..then how much more double standards can she show..one set rule for herself and other set for others..wah.. if gauri dint want deepak she had to just walk away from.marriage and say that she wants manish..but no like vedika madam also wanted to keep or please both of them husband and lover …yes vedika was somewhat same only..wanted to please both yash and have sahil also running behind her like a dog.. And that’s why was restless when he was gonna get engaged to bhumi.. And please dont tell abt she getting pregnant for yash I mean how can u guys go inside and extract the reason this way ..seriously she wanted to be mom in her 40s and that’s why she agreed to yash… but I remember in one epi she denying sahils proposal cos of the fact tgat she wont be able to give him this happiness of having a child…marriage with yash and he ask I g for bacha..without a second thot she dint have any worry for her getting pregnant in this age..or what.. vedikas is one of the worst character I’ve ever seen in itv.. vamps do the same things which she died..but she names it as magenta and sacrifice… how I wished sahil had cancer..so that he cud have rest in oeace and get away from these childhood around him.. whatever it is no one really cares for that guys.. ba has her own selfish needs vedika has her kids and that time pati yash bhumi wabts ved… And no cares for sahil… vedika never cared bat what he widow go thru cos if her blo*dy decision..she herself as accepted it..threat she did foolish things all for sahils hapiness but what he got was only dukh.. And I dont understand why vedikas fans cant acceot these mistakes of hers when she herself hash accepted it..lol.. And bat sahils bad words to vedika..idk I don’t see him calling her names..jhooti and all is fine..after all she is a jhooti.when has she ever told him a truth..lol.. don’t forget vedika also has called him names..she did call him a stalker.. not bat names..but a lot of times she has hurt his feelings once by calling his love as lust..then his love as bachpana..pagalpan…also has hurt home enough in aryas mms case..she even told him tgat if he hadnt come in her life all this wudnt have happened..And thatsame too in front of hash..now same dialogue if sahil says its harsh..but vedika can say anything..I really don’t understand whats problem in sahil marrying bhumi when vedika cud go for hm with yash and get pregnant for him…in sahil case especially he also has the guilt that he destroyed bhus life,..he doesn’t k ow what she did..for him she is that woman who selflessly lived 5 yrs for ved without complaining to sahil for widest wright.. so when shes making his life easy..And not let him down..why wudnt he do what he can do for her hapiness..especially in this situation where shes insecure to loose her child..sahil is doing the wright.. but vedikas wwant wright there as she gave a chance to a molestor..who forced her for everything.. still was ready to keep him happy and went to honeymoon with him..date also.. then why not sahil..fulfill bhus wish.. And to the people who doesn’t want sadika together..then why the hell are u even here…one wants vedika to go with Veda and sahil be left alone..cmon that’s not the story..if u want that then why watch this show?..seriously..And ant vedika suffering it’s maybe the punishment for her deeds which she did to sahil for society and her patidev… bhu was true in the name of sahils khushi what all she did to him..even enemies wont do that.. And how can we forget the unnecessary no. Of slaps… a lot of places where it wsnt even necessary this lady slapped him..people have problem in sahils harsh words..they dint have problem in this so called Mahan lady slapping him for no reason..lol..it was like some pleasure for vedika that every time she slaps him even if theres no reason… I’m hapoy that sahik is gone show blindly loved and believed her..she herself killed him..And I’m liking this sahil very much who hurts vedika the way she hurted him..hurted..And ant vedika leaving arya..ok someone told bat she trying to ckear thibgs to arya by phone ..then what ant she doing the same now?..was taking away ved with her and running away..did she think of arya?lol… she came into AH for saving arya but was bat to again leave her an go in btw those cruel people.. with her son..did she think what Ba will do to arya if bed was taken away by her…no..so this is her mamta..slow claps for this ladys mahanta and mamta.. she’s the sole reason for the problems in sadikas life.. And like someone mentioned u get punishment for whather u do..or your loved ones..I think that’s the reason why hash waa taken away.. And vedika was widow for second time … she wwanted to please society that she dont love younger guy and it’s his craziness what can she do for that..manner..And the same society tagged her as manhoos..now that’s called a punishment.. And now also if veds not well I believe sadika marriage gonna happen.. the lady who dint want to fall in societys eyes..is now going to mandap for 4th time and gonna have third husband..lol..the lady who was scared of log kya kahenge.. is now forced to do marry for the fourth time and third husband..n that too the same person whom she rejected saying ages matter… hmmm lets see if she will keep maanyou of shaadi this time or like always shows double standard ..when she married yash she decided to give jim baby and second chance cos of this saath phere and ms haq.. same way she asked sahil also to stay in marriage with nidhi cos he had taken saath phere..evbtho he was fooled still she ecoected him to make relation work..so I hope same way here also if at all sadika marriage happening I hope vedikas doesn’t show doubke stabdard and show mahanta saying sahil is her siters husband and I can’t take her place and now doing it for my kid.. then im gonna stop this show cos ill have no hope from this character and her mahanta..

    1. yes gauri affair i saw the segment …first thing who is vedika to butt into their family matter …2nd thing she is supporting gauri mistake …marriage is a not a joke thats vedika statement herself ….isnt it,…marriage is a sacred thing and its should not be taken as joke …gauri is married if she doesnt wants to be with deepak she should end her relationship first and then go with her ex-husband …gauri when she has the courage to get herself involved with her ex husband ..she could have expressed her desire to be with him to sahil …..vedika was saying ki its only allowed for men’s to cheat and giving example of punesh then whats the difference between punesh and gauri …even let it aside …silsila ….what the difference does kunal and gauri have …they r doing the same thing …
      for vedika all the society rules matter whenever it comes to her ….sach mein double standards …

  16. Vedikas decision to marry Yash was an error in itself… Did she have to sell herself in lieu of 49 percent of AG shares?…. Was any of the Agarwal member or Arya or Nani was on gun point that she married Yash?…. Didn’t she assure Arya that any decision of her life will be purely in Arya’s interest and that she won’t make any decision without asking Arya?…. Did Vedika the great mother consider Arya before marrying Yash?…. Ok.. let me after she married Yash to protect sahils share of wealth and that Yash had successfully blackmailed her…. But then Yash did not force her for a child… He just expressed his desire … It was totally Vedikas call to go for pregnancy… Again… Did this great mother Vedika consider Arya before bringing in another child…. Cmon…. Arya is a teenager and Vedikas decisions had impact on Arya’s life as well…. But why was Arya or her thoughts were completely absent from Vedikas mind?…. The great 42 year old wanted pregnancy to hurt Sahil… The coma as a result of her marriage wasn’t enough a torture for Sahil and si she wanted to induce more torture on him with her pregnancy…. Right???….. Didn’t anyone feel angered when she announced her pregnancy as if it’s a trophy she won knowing how much it hurts him? … Well , let’s agree a 42 year old desperately wanted a second baby, but the reason she rejected Sahil was she was unsure of giving him a baby right…. When Yash asked for a baby Vedika ji went to any extent to make him a father….. True love right?…. Her behisab Mohabbat was for Yash. . Not to forget how many times she slapped Sahil to please Yash… Also if Yash wouldn’t have been a cancer patient Vedika ji would have conceived naturally.. … If Yash would have been alive Vedika ji would have bore 3 to 4 more bachas with Yash to show Sahil …. Right? … And if she really wanted Sahil to move on in his life she wouldn’t have lingered in his house after marriage showing off her hubby and relationship with her hubby… Any sane person would not do that … That was cruelty… She not only disrespected sahils love but also tortured him with marriage and pregnancy….

  17. Muniya

    I wish what Bhoomi was thinking that really happens…
    I’m really waiting to see Sahil’s reaction when he knows Ved is Vedika and his son…

  18. lets talk about the baby…if vedika wanted to get pregnant then why she never accepted sahil …when she deceived him, she said u have to experience many things family etc and i wont be able to do that ….so its not she wanted to get pregnant, that’s why when majula said she is pregnant she wasnt happy …she did to fulfill his last wish, and wanted to get rid of sahil madness for her, so i would say she got pregnant keeping her so called perception that she can never be wrong . …but did u know what was yash’s last wish ..???? to have a baby with vedika ..and he should be remembered by his kid ….vedika raised sadika telling her about sahil not yash ….then why she got pregnant in the first place ….sorry but for me nothing make sense this is stupid and illogical thing ..and i cant support that …
    now coming to marriage, as for marriage with yash you r wrong ..its not she did only to protect sahil and his family ..she didnt trusted sahil that he will do something plus she was thinking about her daughter’s future and her mother’s comfort to have a lavish life which yash promised and that he will be a good husband ….when u r battle your inner fear u would rather make a choice to overcome that fear not to add fuel on that ….vedika married out of fear and sahil married out of anger …i think both the marriages was a stupid idea, becoz vedika herself said in some ep that money is not important than relations …and one more thing also that if we dont face our problems they will continue to come after u until u face them ….to be very frank ..vedika had a better chance than at the time of gautam …since gautam was having arya as a hostage ….you guys are just justifying her actions thats it …
    now coming to jail …as i have said earlier too ,…sahil was there woh can harm her when he was standing right in front of her ….she just had to say it and sahil would have bailed her right away …since he has the power to take back the complaint …..
    so even if she ran away what about during those 5yrs did she tried to contact him or tried to resolve anything…??? as you said that she asked maya’s husband to fond out about that …so if he is not able to do that even in 10/20years she will never return or will try to resolve ??…if she can live well enough with the blame of being a murderer for 5 yrs she can do that for next 10/20yrs …as for arya if vedika was trying to call her from the past 5yrs why she blocked her in the 5th year why not earlier…..???
    in real life a widow woman life is more harsh than this …and vedika life was still better as sahil was always by her side ….neither she is mahan nor she has done any sacrifice ……its all her stupid decisions..
    people do make mistake but repeating the same mistake again and again is called planned action or stupidity …..getting marrying to yash and then enjoying her patni life and getting pregnant for her husband then also having lingering feeling for sahil …thats just disgusting …
    if you have hurted someone multiple times and you still do it as there is no end to that’s called cruelty….

  19. one more thing ..if doing all superstitious stuff makes a cancer patient well … why didnt vedika did that for yash instead of getting pregnant she could have done jaap and parikrama which she is doing for ved , or may be she was waiting for yash to die fast …..if doing thing like that would save someone …then i believe no cancer patient will die …..infact for every disease we can do some parikrama ya jaap and the patient will get cured automatically …….lolzzzzz

  20. How sad there r many enemies for vedika not only in the serial but also on this forum.

  21. u r right Raju… 🙁

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