Nazar 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Piya listen to Ansh request?

Nazar 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Piya run inside jungle leaving ansh behind. Ansh finally free himself from naman and run behind piya. He is unable to locate piya so he climb on tree🌳 just like ruby climbed and search them. He jump from tree🌳 to tree🌳 and find piya. He jump infront of her and she get terrified.

At home chaitali say about fight between ruby and mohona to shekhar and avinash. Shekhar say let them fight, atleast vedashri and ansh will find devik. Suddenly mohona arrives by mummering music.🎼🎼 Chaitali hold her ears🙉 saying she can hypnotise us. Mohona no I am not going to do that, but remove cloth from box and all get shocked seeing vedashri as stone.

Piya get scared😱 and think about all happenings till now what ansh did.
Ansh: Please come and save Maa. He shout piya name.

stay away from me
Ansh: please come maa needs you.
Piya stop him and throw khanjar🔪 at him… Kun tujge youn pyar karega jitna main krti hun .. 🎼🎼🎼
Ansh take out khanjar..

At home chaitali, shekhar and avinash cry😢 seeing vedashri. But chaitali say that she can listen to us when she uses her eye👀 movements.
Mohona: Whom will select shekhar? Pattar ke sanam…
Shekhar hold Mohona neck but avinash stop him.
Shekhar: free my vedashri otherwise I may forget that you are woman. Mohona goes smiling.🙂

Ansh: please piya come with me, maa needs you. He walk towards her.
Piya shouts stop there only.. Her devik powers with goddess kali maa throw tree🌳 branches to stop ansh. Branches🌿 cover ansh completely. Piya thinks whats all happening.. Ansh uses his powers and throw branches..even he is surprised. Piya thinks all happenings and faint, ansh runs towards her and hold her.

Shekhar cries😢 badly thinking about vedashri and try to attack mohona, but avinash and chaitali stop him saying lets wait for ansh after all he is gone to find devik after all we are human, we can’t fight with that dayan. Shekhar say he can’t wait. He uses gangajal to Blackmail mohona to free vedashri but mohona uses her hair and hold vedashri from balcony to throw her down.

Ansh pick piya in his hands and going further he ties her dupatta with his chest.

Family ask for forgivness from mohona and ask her to leave vedashri. Shekhar neel down and ask for forgiveness.. Mohona take back vedashri.

Pandit ji ask Nishant to think again. He think Divya words and say its only solution. We need to find that. (i didn’t get what he need to find). And that thing will be needed to find in patal lok and watch inside well.

Precap: Ansh bring Piya by climbing on wall of building. And bring her inside in his arms.. Naman and others watch them…

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  1. Ansh’s eye colour did not change!!! When he touched Piya Aur yaar ansh ko kam se kam ek line bolne ka to adhikaar hai. Thoda lead actors ko bhi bolne do ya phir ghar ki politics hi dikhate rahoge😑

    1. Ikr. Bilkul last kardiya dono ko dikhate dikhate aur fir brk ke baad bhi pandit and piya ke dad dikhaya😑

  2. Today’s episode is nice but I want Ansh and Priya should accept each other and know each other and should get married very soon so that they can protect themselves. And Priya should know her power and duty towards Ansh

  3. i don’t understand why Indian dramas have so many enemies for a couple be it a scientific drama, family drama or any drama. Every lead actor and actress have more enemies than anything else. I understand the show is not based on anything really but still Piya not understanding her own power is really stupid. Piya is so scared of everything even her own shadow. How is it the daiyaan has prepared what to do ahead of time when she does not know where Ansh was. So fake and not doable unless she could see the future which the daiyaan cannot.

  4. That is so true Beki.

  5. Why there was no update yesterday.? Or the author couldn’t write. Will I be able to read it today after sometime.? I really wanted to what happened

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am really very sorry to all readers of nazar, i just forgot to sent draft to team for uplishing the episode as I was unwell, it just slipped from my mind…. I am really very sorry

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