Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil concerned for Vaidika after Yash’s death

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It was morning. Vaidika made her bed in Agarwal house of Yash’s death. Aarya brings food for Vaidika as she hasn’t yet eaten. She says its past one month that Yash died. Nani comes into the room, snatches the tray from Aarya’s hand. She was upset that the world would curse them if they go out even today, her daughter always eats up her husbands. Aarya argues that Yash had an accident. Nani was furious and was about to slap Aarya but Sahil comes to stop her. He asks if she as a mother would behave this way with her daughter. He would protect her, Aarya and Suomya. Nani says wherever they will go, people will connect Vaidika’s name with him. How will he save her? After Nani has left Vaidika tells Sahil to leave, he doesn’t always have to fight her wars. Sahil wasn’t ready to leave until she eats, he clarifies he doesn’t want her and her unborn child to remain silent. He sits to feed her with his own hands.
In the room, Bari Amma tells Anjana to be grateful to her, she didn’t let Vaidika marry Sahil else Sahil must have been in place of Yash today. Gauri asks if she has seen Sahil’s condition. He doesn’t care for anyone else but Vaidika even after forty days. Bari Amma says she can’t let Bhoomi lose Sahil. Anjana asks if they are mistaken once again by bringing someone else in Sahil’s life. Bari Amma calls Anjana a bad mother already; its because of her ill brought up that they had to send Shruti to America. Now she must stay away from Sahil and Bhoomi. Puneesh had come at the door. Bari Amma sends Anjana and Gauri outside. Puneesh smiles at Bari Amma and asks if he brought a solution, or came otherwise? Puneesh says he has arranged a Pooja for Yash. Bari Amma argues she wanted to celebrate Yash’s death; and here he wants a pooja for him. Puneesh calms her down and shows her what would happen in the pooja. Bari Amma was convinced watching a video in Puneesh’s cell phone. Puneesh thinks the Pandit will be fake but Vaidika’s disgrace in the pooja will be real.
During the pooja, Pandit asks for Ganges water. Puneesh and Bari Amma stood upstairs and discuss Vaidika will be in huge pressure today and will surely lose her child. Vaidika brings the water. The Pandit curses Vaidika for touching the water being a widow, this will be a bad omen and a curse for the whole family. The Pandit says the pooja would get useless if they use the water touched by Vaidika. She isn’t even permitted to live this simple life, her hair must be cut. The ladies there agree to Pandit and everyone come to grab Vaidika. Vaidika resists crying and pleading the Pandit who instead present a razor. Bari Amma and Puneesh enjoy watching this from upstairs. Bari Amma thinks she wanted to see Vaidika suffer just like this, the society will now take its revenge. Someone comes to stop Pandit’s arm and pushes him down to fell on the floor. It was Sahil. Bhoomi hugs Vaidika while Sahil warns Pandit he would cut his hands if he dare touches Vaidika. He questions the Pandit which century he resides in, is it written anywhere in any book that snatches a widow’s right to live. The Pandit curses Vaidika’s birth chart. Sahil counts that Pandit married thrice, one died, the other underwent an accident and the third one is in hospital. What he knows right now is that Vaidika is the nicest person he has ever known. Only she and people like her can bring a change in the society. The Pandit curses that he will suffer badly. Sahil forbids him interfere in his matter with God. Puneesh comes downstairs and stands beside Sahil. After the Pandit has left, Sahil looks towards Vaidika who was frightened and runs upstairs.
In the room, Sahil was haunted by his wish for Yash to die. He had shown this desire more than twice in front of Vaidika. He was frustration and wonders why this happens to Vaidika always. Bhoomi comes in and asks Sahil to stay strengthened, he can’t fell weak. Anyone can speak high but it takes a lot of courage to raise the voice at right time. Sahil considers himself a reason for Yash’s death, he had wanted Yash to die but he really didn’t mean it. Yash only had an accident but why is the society blaming Vaidika. He wonders how he would face Vaidika, she will have to bear even more pain because of him. Bhoomi convince Sahil that God has created their relation, and she knows well that they both belong to each other and are incomplete without one another. He must never leave Vaidika’s side, she needs him. Aarya and Suomya run into the room as Vaidika wasn’t at home and even left her cell phone here.

PRECAP: Vaidika cried in front of the temple in her old house. She says she had broken the heart of Sahil just for the society. He even loves her today. Sahil hears this from outside and comes in. Vaidika feels pain in her stomach, Sahil comes to support her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nina

    On 31st week the show got low TRP and left from two dozens of the best. It’s high time for the better script and the better events for Sahil&Vedika.

  2. What type of mother is Vedika’s mother….leave alone a mother’s love ,she doesn’t even have basic sympathy for her daughter’s loss…and she has one hell of a foul mouth…never heard any kind words from her either for her daughter or Arya…
    The scene where Sahil tenderly feeds a reluctant Vedika and the adoring look in his eyes brought tears to my eyes….it is indeed true that once you love a person ,it is for life…and whatever he / she does,it doesn’t matter…She gave him so much pain by committing the blunder of marrying Yash and later becoming pregnant,…..enough for any man to hate her..Sahil was definitely hurt and angry,and rightly so .. ,that’s why wanted to teach her a lesson….But seeing Vedika’s shock and pain at Yash’s sudden death ,he forgets his own misery and comes to her rescue when the pandit and the group of women arranged by Puneesh proceed to tonsure Vedika…In this episode Sahil reminded me of Raja in ETRETR…Naz,do you remember how Rani intentionally hurts him by getting engaged to Iqbal…Raja comes back to teach her a lesson and arranges for Iqbal to catch them together in Rani’s bedroom …but as he hears a furious iqbal hurting her, he runs back to Rani’s rescue …Bindu tries to stop him by reminding him of Rani’s deceit but there was no stopping him……Anyways we don’t come across this type of true love very often….just loved this episode…

  3. That’s our Sahil.. that’s how he is,. So lovable..??
    That opening scene where Sahil shows his concern over vedhika, scolds Nani and then feeds her..???? one can’t help fall in love with Sahil.. he’s so very genuine..??
    But technically vedhika is not a widow right? It was Sahil who had put that sindoor first, she did penance like his wife, did pujas fa him.. so it’s Sahil that’s her hubby..
    According to the precap, I think Sahil will take her to d hospital and he’ll come to know that it’s his baby… Imagine guys, if it’s so, how will it be..?? No one can stop Sahil… Not even vedhika ????

    1. Dolly, I wish that the nurse who made the error, reveals what happened. Just thinking out loud here but if Sahil were to know he’s this child’s father, omg…I’d be jealous of the love he’ll shower upon her, just joking, I’d be so happy because we’d get to see more Sadika moments , you remember the ones we got some time back…ohhhhh…..romantic interludes to die for!!!?????…

  4. I cried too Lakshmi, when Sahil was feeding Vedika some food. Ohh gosh, if this isn’t love, I don’t know how else he could have expressed it to her with so much pain in his own mind. What a man our Sahil is!!! He forgets his own pain and tries his best to cajole her into eating and Vedika looked at him with love too but this hard headed woman just won’t admit that she loves him, she had to spin it towards Bhoomi as if she was just satisfying a request from her……and ohh ….Raja Rani memories just keeps reminding me of how special their love was…to all the viewers and now Sahil is reminding me of how deeply a man can love a woman, despite the hurdles he faces and the fences Vedika erected to push his love away and deny Sahil his happiness. As for Nani, what a mother!! She was funny in the beginning but now she is just plain irritating and an embarrassment, very greedy for materialistic things and don’t value her granddaughter nor Vedika, she doesn’t value the love this man has for her daughter and she speaks so rudly like a sailor… Lakshmi, im feeling bad that yash died this way, I feel just like Sahil…I wanted him gone but this way was too harsh…writers stuck it to us….I almost forgot, I got your email. I have much to tell you too and the dream you got, I really have to share something with you, on Friday night I’ll write to you and I have a couple photos to send as well…. for now, let’s hope that Vedika softens her heart a bit for Sahil and you know what, if the year leap is about three years , I’d have loved to see little Puchki being the daughter of Vedika and Sahil, she could pass as their child, what do you think? In this way I’d still get to see this adorable little girl, I can’t get enough of her she’s too good. I caught up with the episodes, all of them so we are on the same page…

  5. Shahil feeding Vedika and the look on his was was so touching. Does this kind of love exist in real life? Nani is so heartless. How is it possible for a mother to be so horrible when her child need her most.
    One would thought that BA would have learned a lesson by now. It’s thanks to Vedika that she is still living in Argarwal house. How far would she and that lizard go?

  6. Muniya

    I don’t knw what will the makers show in upcoming episodes…if we’ll like it or not…but today when Sahil feed Vedika…I can bet…it was the moment we all were waiting for….so lovely and adorable…the look in Sahil’s eyes…bae?????
    Now i hate Vedika’s mother more that i’hv ever hate Nidhi, Puneesh or Bari amma….heartless…no sympathy for her own daughter??
    And all the superstitions they mentioned…those r still continuing in many places of our country…people r blindfolded in the name of religion.
    I think Anjana is hving some soft corner for Vedika.

  7. By the way Sahil’s character is shaped up in this serial, I think v are all hopelessly in love with Sahil ???

    1. Muniya

      That’s for sure…Love Sahil??…
      Wish tehre was someone like him in real??

  8. Muniya

    That’s for sure…Love Sahil??…
    Wish there was someone like hi in real??

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