Krishna Chali London 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets beaten up

Krishna Chali London 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla saying this is called miracle, I did this in two days, I wanted to make her Krishna Shukla, but she wanted to be Krishna Dubey, now she has been pleading for forgiveness, I told you Shuklain that I will show her where she belongs, she made Gajanan sit in the lockup all night, I sent Dubey to jail and hospital. Krishna cries. Shukla insults her. Bela smiles and thinks if she had become my friend, we would have won. Krishna says you can say anything and punish me, save my dad from going to jail please.

Shukla says fine, just repeat after me, I Krishna Dubey, I agree that my father in law Shukla is Lord of this house. Krishna repeats his words. He says I liked it, I m glad to hear my praise from you, you have tears in eyes, but your ego still exists. He gets minister’s call. He says I m not busy, I was watching a movie, its a nice movie, the title if Sau din bahu ke aur ek din sasur ka/ hundred days of a daughter-in-law against one day of a father-in-law, its a superhit movie, you also watch it, I will be right there. He leaves. Krishna begs to Shuklain for help. Shuklain gets helpless. Krishna says my dad will die, please help me. She asks Gajanan to talk to Shukla once. She asks Lali to help. She cries when no one helps. She goes. Lali gets prasad and asks Krishna to be with her dad, give this flower prasad to him. Krishna hugs her. She goes.

Radhe thinks of Shukla’s words. The man counts and starts the fight. Radhe gets away to get saved from Rocky. Rocky catches him and beats. The man says Radhe couldn’t stay for even 50 secs. Radhe gets hurt. He gets up. He thinks I have a reason to get bashed up, my love, Krishna ji. He goes to beat Rocky. Rocky punches him more and steps on him. Radhe closes eyes. Rocky shouts. Radhe thinks of Krishna. He hears Krishna asking him to get up, he can’t lose. He opens eyes and sees Krishna’s pic. Saajan comes there and gets shocked seeing Radhe’s state. Radhe gets up again. Rocky goes to beat him. Saajan shouts Radhe, come out of the ring. Radhe sees the eight mins completion on timer and says just 10 mins more. Inspector takes Dubey. Bua tries to stop him. Krishna comes there and says he is still sedated, please let him stay in hospital for one night. Inspector says he is not on picnic, let us do our work. Dubey is taken away. Krishna cries. She gets Saajan’s call and gets shocked.

Radhe gets beaten up by Rocky. Saajan shouts to Radhe. He asks the man to stop this fight, Radhe will die. The man says people have staked money on the fight, Radhe has to willingly leave the ring.

Update Credit to: Amena

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