Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie and Bari Amma team with Vaidika

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bari Amma shouts at Puneesh for destroying her daughter’s life. Puneesh confronts Bari Amma and says he needs no child from this Vaidika borne, he only wants her in bed. He pushes Prachi aside who fell over the couch, he says he no more needs Prachi and drags Aarya upstairs.
In the room, Aarya cried while Puneesh comes to her knowing her strategy.
Jackie spoke non-stop, Vaidika tells him to stop talking as he is Sahil in this house. It’s really tough being Sahil as he is different. She smiles while speaking all the good about Sahil. She notices Jackie was lost while he stared at her. Vaidika says he must leave this irresponsibility and cheapness. Jackie turns himself into Sahil at once, promising Vaidika to help accomplish her mission.
Aarya gains courage and burns Puneesh with candles in the room. She tells him not to consider her weak and leaves the room. Outside in the corridor, Aarya thinks she was in a hurry to marry Puneesh but it was her mistake. She comes to Vaidika and Jackie, and hugs him as Sahil. Aarya says Sahil Papa taught her a tactic and she gave good lesson to that Puneesh. Aarya assures Sahil that Vaidika doesn’t only show her trust and love over him, else she loves him dearly.
In the room, Bari Amma gets a call. She then decides to be the old Bimla Agarwal and bring everything on track. They have little time. Vaidika tells Jackie that they have little time and need to beat Puneesh. Her son’s life is endangered. Jackie says Puneesh didn’t harm Ved till now. Vaidika stops him. Jackie asks Vaidika to help him be the real Sahil. It’s for their mutual benefit. Jackie says he is an expert in robbery, thefts and even stealing the love of girls. He says they must trap Puneesh by making his wishes huge and attractive. Only then they will be able to trap him and defeat him. Bari Amma comes from behind and accepts being wrong towards her. She assures Vaidika her assistance, and hold Vaidika’s hands in hers. She vows to make an exemplary relation of mother/daughter in law. Jackie holds Vaidika’s other hand and places it over Bari Amma’s saying with Bari Amma’s cooperation Puneesh can’t be saved. He asks what Bari Amma planned?
The next morning, Jackie winks at Vaidika while he comes to Prachi’s room with breakfast for her. He says he knows Prachi is tensed, he would have killed Puneesh Tiwari but he is after all Prachi’s husband. He wish Prachi begins to think like Gauri, Gauri thought for herself and left. He recalls Puneesh’s affairs, then marrying Aarya and wonders if he marries again? He fears that Puneesh would soon grab Prachi’s share of property. He had fed Prachi a few bites, then mix liquor in Prachi’s drink forcing her to gulp it. He continuously winked at Vaidika who stood at the door. He shows Prachi some papers and asks if these are the same papers that Puneesh named after her with Sahil’s fake signatures? What if these are caught, Prachi will get blamed for everything. Prachi thinks about Puneesh’s false behavior with her. She decides that she won’t anymore bear Puneesh’s attitude. She will be brave like Gauri, and name the property after Sahil again. Jackie gives her a pen. Vaidika and Jackie’s eyes sparkled as Prachi signs the papers. Jackie hugs Prachi and thinks this is his first gift for Vaidika. Vaidika was thankful to God for this successful step. Vaidika was determined to finish Puneesh’s game now.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Puneesh how his wife named the property after Sahil. Puneesh tells the family that this man isn’t Sahil. He challenges Jackie to fill sindoor in Vaidika’s hairline to prove his identity. Vaidika holds Jackie’s hand in midair instead.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Muniya

    Good epi…
    Precap is interesting… Now just hope Puneesh drama is over?

  2. Good Episode.. Sahil character is slowly merging out. Love the way Vedika was talking about Sahil. Just imagine how different things could have been if she accepted his love a few months ago. I am very septical about BA. I feel that she is using Vedika. Anyway time will tell.

  3. Nina

    During all this episode I thought who is who. The changes Jacky into Sahil there and back happened. It’s possible would be turn out that Sahil searches for solutions his problems under a mask Jacky.

  4. Amazing. After knowing that Puneesh has kidnapped Bhomi and Ved he has the courage to come home. I wander if the police don’t work or are useless.

  5. KJ slips effortlessly from Jacky to Sahil in the same breath… Good acting.. I want to believe that BA is turning over a new leaf but I have to watch her out of the corner of my eyes.. She could be using Vedika…. It’s good that Jacky agreed to help Vedika but when Prachi signed over the document, that means he could run with it…however, his mind is telling him something else and it’s left to be seen what Usha does after this… You know what would be wonderful friends, when Jacky goes to sleep, that he starts getting dreams about a life other than what he’s living now, that he sees shadows in his brain activity, that he wakes up crying out for Vedika… Three things are going to be our lifesaver ladies…
    1. Jacky calling Aarya chota packet.
    2. Jacky telling Vedika that she like oxygen to him.
    3. That ” I love you ” by Vedika should come like a thief in the night to Jacky….
    If these things doesn’t happen, we may have to rethink our plots…

  6. I saw YouTube video where Vedika and Jacky had an up close and personal eye lock, really close up, bed played cupid in the scene and Jacky gave Vedika a kiss which left her shocked and the one where she stumbled and Jacky catches her and pins her to the wall ????????….oh my!!! I miss those romantic scenes…

  7. Yes Naz fm yesterday onwards i hv seen these 2 scenes repeatedly on u tube. Oh he does it so romantically n vedikas acting of shy n shocked is also so good. Their chemistry is OUT OF THE WORLD. As u said even i am missing those scenes. Writers pls listen to our plea n bring back sahil. I always like when sahil or jacky keeps his finger on vedikas lips or pins her to the wall. No one can do such scenes better than him. What say friends. In yesterdays episode when vedika was praising sahil did u notice how romantically jacky was staring at her. Now i am 100% sure that jacky is only our sahil.

    1. So true Raji… Nobody can ever do those scenes like Sahil and make me blush.. I remember those days and my goodness, those scenes were like oxygen to us too…Sahil pinning Vedika to the wall always made my heart skip a beat…

  8. Good thinking Naz.. ?. I like to add their wedding at the temple and the radio interview which lead to the crash…

    1. You know Pooja, the day before yesterday’s episode when Jacky told Vedika that he will be a perfect Sahil and no one would doubt or think otherwise or something to that effect…..it hit me that if this is really Jacky and masters the Sahil act, then it’s possible that our Sahil can come back there say that he’s Sahil but she may not want to believe him…because she has hired Jacky and asked for his help thinking that Sahil is indeed dead…so naturally she’s not going to believe when the real Sahil is in front of her… What do you think? That’s why I outlined the three points up there plus the ones you mentioned because there are always some things between couples that are only privy to them, no one else is… It’s only if Sahil says those magic lines, would Vedika believe him…

  9. Hii frds hum ne phale hi bol dya tha jacke hi sahil hai lakin sahi ki memory lose ho gye hai ek usha ek aggarwal family se aur hai jo sahil vadika k sath game khel rha hai ek guudu pandey usha guddu j pandey ku family hai . Aane wale episode mein teez ka festival aye ga aur hamara sahil jani k jacke vadika k leye fast rkhe ga .. pyar k dusmano ne sahil ko jacke bna deya hai lakin sahil k dil mein jo vadika k leye behesaab mahobaat hai ose nhi khatm kr paye ???

  10. Just for the record friends, I don’t endorse any type of ill treatment towards women ok, but seeing Puneesh’s treatment of Prachi, I get a huge amount of satisfaction, that’s for her support in all the wrong things he does and still she prefers to turn a blind eye…remember what he did with Shruti? And Prachi berated Shruti instead of teaching her husband a lesson.. Mnow he’s done it again with a woman old enough to be his granddaughter… What a sicko pervert… So, Prachi getting the stick now is a good thing for her, I would think that she’s learnt a lesson and would fight back and give him a fitting spanking..

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