Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 17) BY ZAIMAL


“get up..get up”sunny and pari shook swara with both hands.

“let me sleep…”swara cried and pulls cover on her face.

“today is dewali…how can you sleep”sunny said and again shook her.

“its dewali!!!!…”pari said excitedly but swara didn’t even move a little.sunny and pari looked at each other and winked.

“happy dewali!!!”both shouted at top of their lungs and kept on shouting until swara didn’t sit on bed with open eyes.

“you two woke me up at 6 in morning”swara said through gritted teeth.

“happy dewali…”they again shouted and run outside.swara also runs after them.

“you two come here…”swara runs after them and catches pari.

“sorry..sorry”pari laughed and holds her ears and makes cute puppy face.

“you are becoming naughty day by day..”swara pulls her cheeks.

‘affect of your bad company..”sunny said in jealouse tone.

“whose company made you naughty”swara said pulling him in hug.

‘i am like this from birth…”sunny said proudly, on which trio laughed.

“when did you two woke up?..”swara asked after breaking hug.

“half an hour before…”

“really…what you two did for half an hour”swar said yawning,she wanted to sleep again.

“we were talking with partner.”pari said sweetly and pointed at sanskar.swara looked at him he was standing at the door of hall with crossed arms.

“oh!…i didn’t see him”swara muttered to herself.

“good morning sir”swara said with tight smile.sanskar nodded.

“he is looking can this be possible,we slept at 3,i am still so sleepy”swara thought and again yawned

“he was not letting us wake you up”sunny said in normal tone.swara looks at sunny then at sanskar.sanskar looked at sunny with sudden shock.swara walks toward sanskar and stands in front of him.

“why were you not letting them wake me up.”swara said while starring at his face deeply.

“if you will not sleep well then you will not able to focus on work today”sanskar said after releasing a suffering sigh.

“what is holiday.”swara said with narrowed eyes.

“you forgot…today you will come office in place of kavita.”sanskar said with teasing smile.

“i will not…”swara fumed and walks toward her room.sanskar holds her arm and pulls her back as there was small distance between them.

“i thought you care about your friend but never mind,wake your friend up before sleeping and tell her to get ready we will leave together”sanskar said in soft tone and left her arm and walks toward children.

“he is so….’swara had no word for him.she goes toward kavita room and was going to shake her but stopped seeing her sleeping peacfully.

“didn’t sleep well from one week…how can i be so selfish?”swara said to herself sadly.she released a deep sigh and goes to her room to get ready.



Swara was sitting in sanskar’s cabin and was correcting papers in files,with red face.when her phone started ringing.she picks up phone and smiles seeing”mom calling’.she quickly attends the call.

“happy dewali!…”shomi whised her.

‘happy dewali mama!…”swara said with bright smile.

“we have so important meeting in 15 minutes and she is using mobile…impossible!”sanskar thought and shook his head.

“i hope i didn’t disturb my princess sleep..”shomi said with motherly affection.swara’s smile vanished hearing sleep.

“mama i was not sleeping,i am in office.”swara said with pouted face.

“but its dewali…”shomi said in confused tone.

“i know its dewali but some people don’t know it..”swara said through gritted teeth and looked at sanskar.he pressed his lips to hide his smile,hearing her complain.

“i know your father also went office…can’t help it.”shomi said and takes deep breath.

“okay mama i will talk later…bye,love you”swara said with smile and hanged up.she muttered something under her breath and again start arranging files.


“they are waiting sir..”swara informed sanskar about clients.

“lets go…”sanskar sad,getting up from chair and walks toward door.he stopped in front of her and looks at her sad face.he takes deep breath and makes her looks at him by raising her face.

‘they are foreign clients,they don’t know about our festivels therefore meeting got fixed today….you can go home after this meeting and celeberate dewali.”sanskar said in soft tone.swara’s breath got stuck in her lungs.

“i…i didn’t ask anything.’swara said in nervous tone and removes his hand from under her chin.

“can we move now..”sanskar said,opens door and leaves.

“what is he?…sometime so good,sometime so irritating”swara thought,not able to understand his behavior.


“we are late because of you..’kavita glares at swara.

‘what did she do?..’sunny glares at kavita.

“what is your problem,i am talking to swara”kavita said while looking at sunny with narrowed eyes.

“you are scolding her from so long…she is not saying anything therefore you will dance on her head”sunny said through gritted teeth.kavita looked at sunny with wide eyes.pari also nodded vigorously.

“sunny don’t misbehave with her she is elder.”swara said in scolding tone.


“ssh!…mistake is mine therefore she is scolding….now apologise”swara said with smile and caress his head.

“apologize..”sunny asked with shock.swara nodded with pressed lips.

“sorry!…partner is waiting”sunny muttered in inaudible voice and runs toward sanskar.pari also looked in his direction but didn’t see sanskar but sill runs after him.

“swara i wanted to talk about…”kavita said in serious tone but swara cut.

“i was late because of you….you know when i asked sir to give you leave then he ordered me to come office.what is my mistake?”

“but sanskar sir had already gave me holiday why did you ask for it?…its dewali,holiday was obvious”kavita said and gave heart attack to swara.

“then why he asked me to come office?..”swara asked in confusing tone.

“you know what…he just wanted to trouble me.where is he?”swara said after a second and start looking for sanskar.

“leave it na swara…i want to talk about sunny and pari”kavita said and comes in front of swara.

“what about them?..”

“don’t you think they are getting dependent on you too much…”

“what do you mean?…”

“didn’t you see kids possessiveness about you…..”

“you were scolding me…he scolded you,he is so cute,that’s it”swara shrugged her shoulder.

“swara its not that much simple….when i came to live with you that time i thought they are you kids.they spend their whole day with you,sometime they even sleep with you,its not right.they are developing large expectations from you.”

“i don’t understand a bit what are you trying to say?….its just i love kids and i love to spend time with them and their parents are too much…you know today i asked from their mother,can i take sunny and pari with me.she gave permission without asking a single question from me….”

kavita open her mouth to say something but stopped seeing ram,coming there.

“happy dewali uncle..’swara said and takes blessing.kavita also wished him and takes blessing from him.

“seeing that girl….i will send sanskar and her on date today”ram said showing them a girl.

“awesome..’both girls said in union.swara looks at kavita with raised eyebrows.

“what?..”kavita said angrily.swara giggled and shook her head.ram takes them to meet the girl

“uncle introduce her to sir..”swara and kavita said while winking at each other.

“off course…sanskar,come here”ram called sanskar who was with kids.sanskar looks at him then at swara who was talking with girl.she was wearing long dark chocolate colored frock which was almost touching her feet and hair were open with side folding puff.sanskar quickly divert his eyes and looked at kids.

“go to kitchen and order chef whatever you two want..okay”sanskar said with smile.both nodded vigorously and runs with full speed.sanskar takes deep breath and goes toward ram.

“sanskar she is daughter of mr.bhaskar,urvashi”ram introduced them.sanskar greeted her with smile.

“sir why don’t you take ma’am for dance”swara said sweetly.sanskar looked at her angrily with close fist.

“have you lost  your complete mind.”sanskar whispered angrily in swara’s ear.

“tit for tat…even after you gave holiday to kavita,you called me office.”swara muttered back.

“uncle sir only listens to you..tell him”swara said with teasing smile on face.

“she is right…go for a dance.’ram said with bright smile.sanskar looked at his father.ram sign him through eyes.

“please..’sanskar offers his hand to urvashi.she smiles,holds his hand and both goes toward dance floor.kavita and swara give hi-five to each other,hiding it from ram.

“i will just..’swara said and goes toward counter,picks up a wine glass from counter and looks at sanskar’s dance with girl.she giggled seeing his irritated face and takes sip from glass.meanwhile sanskar looked at her angrily.swara winks at him and laughed,seeing him stepping on girl’s foot.girl hissed in pain.

“i’am really sorry….excuse me”sanskar said and leaves hurriedly.

“i am loving it…”swara danced in her mind.swara’s smile vanished when someone came in front of her.


“hello!…”swara said with fake smile.he was dev khurana,whom she had met in kolkata.

“come lets dance…”

“thanks but i don’t want to dance…”

“come on…”he said and forcefully holds her hand and tried to take her toward dance floor but shekjar comes in front of them.

“dad..”swara whispered in inaudible voice.

“can i dance with this beautiful lady..”shekhar said,freeing swara’s hand.shekhar gives him warning from eyes and takes swara witn him.

“dad you are here i can’t believe…i missed you so much.”swara said happily.

“i thought to wish you happy dewali..’shekhar said with smile.

“mom didn’t come..’swara asked sadly.

“she wanted to come but then we thought if she will meet you then it will be really hard for her to handle herself…you know she loves you so much.”

“this is all because of you..’swara also gets sad.

“i am doing this for your betterment…”shekha said with smile.

“what betterment?…you know my boss is so kahrus,he tortures me so much”swara said making bad bad faces.

“i know sanskar maheswari…and i am happy you chosed to job in his company and i am sure when you join your own comaony afer one year then you will be polished a lot.”

“no dad you don’t know him,he is pyschopath.he is suffering from split personality disorder,dimentia,high B.P and what not….and you think i will work in his company for so long”swara said with mini heart atteck.shekhar chuckled at her cute blabbering.

“oh!..leave that psychopath.i want you to meet someone…”swara said excitedly and satrt looking around.

‘i hope its not a boy”shekhar said in serious tone.swara looked at him and laughed while shking her head vigorously and takes him toward sunny and pari.

“meet my new best friends…and he is my father.”swara said introducing them.

“hello..’sunny said with tight smile.

“hey!..”pari said sweetly.

“hello!..”shekhar said with small smile.

“you know dad…this boy is so naughty God and…”swara keeps blabbering about sunny and pari and she got busy with kids so much that she didn’t even notice when shekhar left.


“shekhar did you meet swara…how is she?”shomi asked impatiently.

“she is fine..’shekhar said in lost tone.

“what happened?..why are you so lost? is something wrong with swara?”shomi asked worriedly but shekhar was lost somewhere.

“shekhar plz tell me…”shomi said and one tear slipped from her eyes.shekhar looked at her and pulls her in side hug.

“today i saw my old swara..”


“you know what…the day i will leave job.i will break my favorite sandal on his head.i promise’swara said while looking at vodka glass in her hand and drinks it in one gulp.

“i want to talk with you..’sanskar said in serious tone after standing beside her.swara looked at him with confused face then moves close to his face and blinks her eyes several times.sanskar holds her quickly,preventing her to fall on him.

“oh! sir..i was just talking about you..’swara laughed.

“you are drunk…”sanskar muttered angrily.swara nodded vigorously and laughed.sanskar cursed his fath badly.

“come on…”sanskar said,holds her arm and takes her outside.

“sir where are we going?..”swara asked in confused drunk tone.sanskar takes her outside and toward parking area.

“i am dropping you home..”sanskar said and opens door for her.

“but i can’t go without sunny and pari…i took them here to meet you.did you meet them.”

“yes i met them and i will take care of them…you sit inside”

“promise..”swara asked to confirm about children.sanskar show her eyes.

“don’t scare..i am sitting”swara said innocently and sits inside.sanskar smiles,closes door and sits beside wheel himself.

“sir can i ask something?”swara asked sweetly.

“no..’sanskar said in firm voice.

“why are you so rude?..’swara makes face.

“i said you can’t ask anything..didn’t you hear?”sanskar said and through daggers at her.swara stuck her tongue at him and lookes away angrily.sanskar stops car with jerk.

‘get out..’he said angrily.

“fine thank you..i don’t even want to go with someone so rude”swara said angrily and oprns door but sanskar holds her hand.

“close the door..’sanskar said through gritted teeth.he was looking forward.

“no i will go myself..”swara said firmly.

“don’t test my are drunk ad its too late”sanskar looked at her with red eyes.swara gulped and silently closed the door.sanskar starts the car.swara looks at her which was still in his then looked at his face.


“swara i said sleep..”sanskar said,keeps hand on her forehead and makes it rest on pillow.

“but i..”swara again raised her head.

“not a word…sleep”sanskar again makes her head rest on pillow.

“okay i will sleep…bye,good night”swara said sweetly and pulls cover till chest and close eyes.

“thank God..’sanskar realsed a suffering sigh and goes toward door.he looks at her before closing door and leaves.swara opens her one eye after sometime and gets up from bed.

“thank God he left…so bossy”swara said to herself while opening the door and she freezed at her place,seeing sanskar standing in front of her with crossed arms.swara shows him her full teeth.

“inside..”sanskar points his finger toward room.


“no..’sabnskar holds her arm and takes her inside.

“i am hungry..i will not get sleep without eating anything.”swara said cryingly.sanskar frees her hand.

“i am going go home,i will sleep after eating.”swara said sweetly.sanskar looks at her from top to bottom,she was not able to stand at one place.sanskar goes out,swara also goes after him but instead of leaving he went to kitchen.

“sir what are you doing here…aaaa!”swara asked in confused tone,strikes with chair and falls down on ground.

“mama!..’swara starts crying like child.

“you need a baby’s walker”sanskar said while chuckling,help her in standing then raise her from ground by holding from waist and make her sit on kitchen slab.

“don’t move from here…”sanskar said in warning.swara opens her mouth to say something.

“don’t you dare to open your mouth otherwise i will kill you tomorrow…”sanskar said in threatening voice.swara looked at him with wide scared eyes and keeps finger on lips.sanskar pressed his lips to hide his smile, moves toward fridge and takes out red beans and some green vegetables

“sir what are you cooking?..’swara said with finger on lips.

“finger on lips means you can’t speak…”sanskar said,shaking is head at her talkative nature.

“i know that but i can’t keep silent for more than 5 minutes”swara said while laughing.

“yeah right..”

“sir about what you wanted to talk with me at that time”swara said and tried to step down.

“stop!!..” sanskar’s voice make her freeze in her position,she was half on slab,half in air as her one foot was resting on ground.

“why are you stepping down…didn’t i tell you,don’t move”sanskar said and makes her sit on slab again.

“water..”swara said with cute pout.sanskar gives her glass of water.swara drinks full glass and gives him back with smile.sanskar takes glass and makes her keep finger in lips and warns.swara nodded.


“Cannellini bean soup..thank you so much sir,it’s my favorite how do you?”swara shouted excitedly.

“I didn’t knew it and don’t shout..”sanskar said,shaking his finger in ear.swara starts taking spoon full of soup.sanskar smiles.

“You want?…”swara said meekly and forward him almost empty bowl.

“No thank you….you left so much for me”sanskar said in mocking tone.

“Sorry..”swara said with real guilt,tried I step down from slab but because of unsteadiness she slipped and was going to fall down when sanskar holds her with both hands,bowl falls down from her hand.

“Careful..”sanskar said in deep tone.he makes her stand in feet but was still holding her from waist tightly.

“Sir soup…”swara said sadly.

“It was for you..”sanskar said,rubbing away soup from corner of luos with his thumb.swaea holds his hand,while starring in his eyes.both shaes a long romantic eye lock.she stands on her toes and kissed him with close eyes.sanskar pulls her close,leaving no distance between them and kissed her back.they part away when it get hard for them to breath.their faces where still close as their breath were getting mixed.swara’s hand skipped from back of his head,she faints and falls down on his chest.sanskar stands there for more than five minutes to print in his mind what just happened.he looks at her beautiful place then picks her up in arms like bridal style,takes her in room,makes her lay down in bed,pulls cover on her and leaves.


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