Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh-Nidhi traps Shruti and Karan

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Shruti was in the hospital while Agarwals were there at the hospital. Sahil grabs and beats Karan. Karan explains Sahil has a misunderstanding. Vaidika questions how Sahil knows Karan is responsible for all this. Puneesh comes inside saying he knows everything, he has brought Nidhi along with him. Everyone was shocked to see Nidhi. Puneesh says Nidhi was staying at Karan’s house, she was out of jail for long. Puneesh says she was living at Karan and Shruti’s house since then. Sahil charges over Karan again. Karan explains but Puneesh grabs his collar this time. He asks Sahil to question his lover as well, she always supported Karan and he even has a proof. He shows the Nidhi’s bail paper; there were two signatures over the paper, Karan and Vaidika. Vaidika denies the proof and asks why would she get Nidhi freed, she attempted to kill her. Puneesh says Vaidika only knew Shruti’s family was breaking, she still didn’t stop Karan. Vaidika insists she was unaware Nidhi is free. Anjana questions Vaidika what problem she had with their daughter. Puneesh blames Vaidika to make Shruti marry Karan though she knew Karan was father to Nidhi’s child. This wasn’t any greatness, it was a planning to divide their family. Vaidika tries to explain she didn’t intentionally do anything. Karan insists that Vaidika didn’t get Nidhi freed. Anjana also blames Vaidika, Puneesh continues that Vaidika has ruined lives of both Sahil and Shruti. Sahil leaves the corridor. Vaidika goes behind him to speak and explain.
In the corridor, Vaidika convinces Sahil that Shruti’s burn can’t be an accident. Her mind isn’t ready to accept that Karan can do this. Sahil clarifies to Vaidika he isn’t that Sahil who always believed in her. She killed that Sahil herself. If he had known that Karan is the father to Nidhi’s child he won’t have let him marry Shruti, but he believed in her. She lost his trust when Vaidika became a mother to Yash’s child. She wants him to move on, then he will have to kill the old Sahil. Vaidika tries to stop Sahil but he doesn’t listen, she cries behind. Bhoomi comes from behind but doesn’t speak. Vaidika requests Bhoomi to give Sahil the support he needs right now. She must remain as Sahil’s friend. Bhoomi asks Vaidika why she is doing this, he is broken when she conceived then why she did so. He loves her like crazy, one doesn’t do this even to enemies. Vaidika says Bhoomi would only understand this when she is of her age. Someone announces that Shruti is conscious, police can take the verdict.
In the ward, the police inspector says Shruti can’t speak right now. Can she point towards the person responsible for her burn injuries? Sahil assures Shruti she stands with him. Shruti points her finger towards Nidhi who stood right beside Karan. Nidhi consciously goes to hide behind Karan. Puneesh shouts at once that she pointed towards Karan. Sahil grabs Karan’s collar. Karan tries to explain he is innocent but Prachi also slaps Karan. Shruti was weak, she moves to explain herself but no one paid any attention. Vaidika stared towards Nidhi. Vaidika interferes and explains Karan can’t do this. Sahil forbids Vaidika to interfere. The police takes Karan. Nidhi panics wondering what would happen to her child if Karan gets a jail. Vaidika comes to Shruti and insists that Shruti is saying something. Sahil forbids Vaidika to move on but the medical staff takes Shruti.
Vaidika stops Nidhi in the corridor and says she knows well she is behind all this. Shruti wasn’t pointing towards Karan. And Nidhi was there at home except Karan. Nidhi poses being fearful of getting caught again. She smiles that police wants proof, and Vaidika has none right now. Even police could see Shruti pointing at Karan. Right now, Vaidika can either save Shruti but she isn’t any Goddess, or save Karan. She asks Vaidika how she would save Karan. The only proof goes against Karan here. Shruti would die and Karan will rot in the jail; Vaidika won’t be able to do any harm to her this time.
Nidhi was dragged from the corridor by Puneesh. He questions why Nidhi is arguing with Vaidika and not thinking what she has to do ahead. Nidhi was sure Karan will keep her forever for the sake of his child. Puneesh says it would have been the case if Shruti had died, but she is alive. When she recovers she will take someone’s name. Nidhi warns Puneesh she got a proof against Puneesh, she won’t get trapped alone. Puneesh slaps Nidhi and leaves the room. Nidhi says Puneesh would now bear the consequences.
In the police station, Agarwal’s hold Karan responsible for such domestic violence. Karan explains to Sahil that he is innocent but Sahil was inflexible. Nidhi comes in and asks the inspector to leave Karan. She knows who attempted to kill Karan. The inspector questions why she didn’t speak in the hospital. Nidhi says she was afraid. Shruti wanted to kill her because she found out her truth. Shruti still has an affair with Puneesh and holds illegitimate relations with each other. The inspector asks for any proof. Vaidika walks inside and asks for a proof. Vaidika says Nidhi is right, Shruti attempted to kill Nidhi but was burnt herself.

PRECAP: Bari Amma curses Vaidika. Vaidika gives the inspector some letters which Shruti had written to Puneesh after her marriage. Upon return home, Anjana now curses Vaidika. Vaidika replies they will all find the truth on the right time. Sahil decides to find out what’s going on in Vaidika’s mind.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This is my take n what’s happening thus far….. Vedika, move out of the way or make yourself scarce…..WRITERS…..PLEASE…the same way you found a man or husband for Vedika, the same way you can find a wife or woman for Sahil. I’ve had it with this abuse towards the best hero on tv right now….Kabir comes 2nd….it’s time Sahil find happiness. I don’t care if you unite them in the end, even if they are walking with canes or being pushed in wheelchairs when they get old, all I care about is Sahil’s happiness and well being, I don’t want to see him end up in the madhouse…the things Vedika torturing him with although we know that Sahil is the father of her child…marrying Yash in the first place, is enough to send him off the cliff!!! Right now, he needs love and Bhoomi is perfect for him so make some magic happen, in this way, Vedika would realize what Sahil means to her, clearly she cannot differentiate between being loved genuinely by a deserving man and giving a man a child out of pity because he’s dying, who does that WRITERS..????? That’s no reason to give a child life…. Furthermore…how come Vedika didn’t have that mother daughter heart to heart talk before going to do such a procedure? Ummm……she’s been doing that since the beginning???? Writers….logical thinkers watch serials too in case you wondered if we do, that why we analyze and nitpick…because when Sahil gets hurt, we do too. I know that my comment is falling on deaf ears but I’m just stating my concerns…thank you…

  2. I’m yet to comment on today’s episode…Lakshmi, last night was Mehendi night and tomorrow is the wedding ceremony. I’ll be busy till Sunday, I just had to come up here, so I’ll chat with you on Sunday…talk later with you my dear friends Pooja, Dolly, Muniya, Nina….toodles

    1. Muniya

      Enjoy dear??

  3. Muniya

    Sahil gave fitting reply to Vedika…she deserves only such behaviour from Sahil now.
    Puneesh and Nidhi’s stupid drama is once again on the way…crap!!!

  4. Hi ? frds sab villans sath ho gye hai . Yash v jhoot bol rha hai ose koi cancer nhi hai yash ne vadhika ko emosnail blackmail kita hai ess lye k vadhika ose chor sahil k pass na chale jaye kyu wo baap nhi bn sakta . Vadika ne yash ko bola c wo ose kabi maff nhi kre ge .Next khaternak villan hoge Bhoomi sahil ke pyar mein nidhi se v jayada kyuki nidhi sirf sahil ki money ? property k lye c lakin bhoomi sahil k pyar mein pagal hogi& so sadhika kabi nhi milege producer fans ko bavkoof bna rhe hai Fans ban v rhe hai . Story change ho gye hai……..

  5. Enjoy yourself my dear friend….and forget about Vedika and her irrational and illogical reasonings till Sunday…I am sure with our love and blessings ,Sahil will get out of this torture and find happiness ,most importantly peace of mind…I sincerely hope the writers will stop portraying Vedika as the most special and pious lady on this globe due to which Sahil is ever ready to take any amount of pain and humiliation…..Naz,you know how emotional I am…right now I am so much disgusted with this lady ,that I was even hesitant to watch yesterday’s episode ….it is really getting on my nerves to see Sahil at the receiving end of Vedika’s so called benevolence….just now I have read this update and i am happy that Sahil is showing some signs of detachment….atleast in words….in the hospital ,he says something to this effect to Vedika…Let us hope that Vedika comes out of her shackles and reciprocates Sahil’s love….if not so,the writers should do us a favour and allow Sahil to move on……chat with you on Sunday and have a great time….

  6. Agree with you Manmohan that the story has definitely changed for worse ….and you may be right in predicting that Yash is simply pretending to have cancer to stop Vedika from going back to Sahil.. ….but all those medical reports that Vedika herself checked ….may be the doctor is bribed ???? Bhoomi is certainly showing interest in Sahil and there is every possibility of her falling in love with Sahil….but this sweet girl becoming as nasty as the existing villains in Sadika’s love saga is doubtful but everything is possible in our serials ….if the producers want to prolong the serial for another year or so,they have to bring in as many obstacles as possible…in the bargain ,they are destroying Vedika’s character beyond recognition…

  7. I don’t know what to say nowadays..I myself am so heartbroken ??
    Happy weekend guys & enjoy yourself Naz..?

  8. Did not like yesterday episode. Unnecessary twist. Nihdi and Punesh should have long left the show. Shahil did well with Vedika. She should not endure some on the pain she had inflicted on Sahil.

  9. Have a great weekend friends and Naz enjoy the wedding.

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