Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan refuses to Rajmata

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan asking Rajmata to come in. Rajmata says Vishesh can’t see anyone else than you, I m his mum and won’t let him make a big mistake, leave from his wife, think this is my command. Kanchan says no, I m not a mistake, if you said you don’t like me, I would have accepted, you are refusing now as an incident happened with me, culprit is someone else, you are punishing me, I can’t accept this, else all such girls will lose the battles before fighting, sorry. Manika gifts a saree to Dadi and says you will also keep fast for puja tomorrow, I got a plain saree for you. Dadi keeps it aside.

Manika gets Kanchan’s call. Kanchan says Rajmata came here and left her phone, send someone to get it. Manika sees Vishesh and repeats her words. Rajmata comes there. He sees her and goes. Dadi asks didn’t Kanchan listen to you. Manika says don’t keep fast tomorrow, else Vishesh may ask for Kanchan, what will you do. Dadi says yes, leave it this time. Rajmata says I always keep this fast for my children. Dadi says he may ask for Kanchan, then what will you do for his life. Manika says Kanchan would have told this to Vishesh, so he left with an upset face, we may lose. Rajmata thinks of Kanchan and Vishesh’s words. Kanchan thinks of Rajmata’s words. Kirti comes and reminds their mum’s words. They laugh and miss their mum. Rajmata says I will keep the fast. Dadi and Manika try to stop her. Vishesh comes happily and greets them. He says I m happy as I got this chance to celebrate this festival after a long time, I will spend the day with mum. Dadi asks them to make idol. Vishesh says we will make it together. Rajmata smiles. Manika thinks what is Rajmata doing, Vishesh is playing a game.

Kirti asks Kanchan to get her tiffin, dad didn’t have food, I m going out now. She leaves. Nandan comes and says I have kept fast for my daughters, you both can ask for any gift. She calls him cute. Shubham asks Vishesh to ask Rajmata for his love, Rajmata can’t refuse to him today, its a good chance, don’t think anything, you have to get his love, else he will regret all life, don’t do this mistake. Kanchan says you want me to share things with you. Nandan says yes. She says I get sad when I see fear in your eyes, its my biggest fear, promise me whatever happened with me, you won’t blame yourself, you will forget it and support me, we won’t leave in fear, we will make a new start, I want this gift, promise me. Nandan says promise and hugs her. Kirti comes and smiles. She says I will also give you a gift, I will join your defense class and face my fear, I will become strong like you. Nandan says I will also join and laughs.

Vishesh makes sweets with Rajmata and eats some. He apologizes. She says its not your mistake, you did it unknowingly. He says then how was it Kanchan’s mistake, strange. She thinks I can’t give you gift which you want to ask. Vishesh’s uncle asks for haveli from Dadi. She signs the papers and gives it to him. Manika asks Shubham what does he want. Shubham says I also want haveli. Manika gives him the papers. Shubham thanks him. Rajmata does rituals and thinks its my duty to fulfill his wish, I will be in dilemma if he asks for Kanchan.

Rajmata says I will get Kanchan home. Vishesh says mum agreed for our marriage. Someone calls Kanchan to blackmail her. Kirti answers call. She tries to protect Kanchan. Kirti tells this to Vishesh. Jaggi asks Vishesh to tell Kirti to drag the conversation, only then we can find the location. Vishesh tracks the man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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