Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddu proposes Aarya for marriage

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika replies to Nani that she will leave her love lose, if he returns to her he belonged to her; if doesn’t then he was never hers. She tells Bari Amma that may be there relation doesn’t remain as strong as it was earlier but they will be together anyway. She wipes her tears and says he has loved her so much in a few years that she can spend the rest of her life with it. Bari Amma prays for their couple and love. Life plays strange games, but still she believes Sahil and Vaidika will unite one day again.
The girl in Sahil’s arms straighten up and runs the opposite direction. Sahil finds the earring of the girl.
In the news, Deepak watch a news about an MNA Tej Pratab who harassed his wife and his daughter after disclosing the truth flew to Kanpur. Bari Amma hears the news, the cup slips off her hand. Nani teases Bari Amma if she is again hiding some sin?
In the kitchen, Sahil tells Vaidika about the New Year party. He was excited, then shares with Vaidika that it’s his first new year without his mother. He wish Bari Amma and Prachi grant him the permission. Vaidika assures they all want him to stay happy but Sahil grants the credits to Vaidika who brought all this positivity. He offers Vaidika to be his team, so that they can plan the New Year.
Deepak opens his eyes to find Mandagini bent over him on his bed. Deepak cautiously sits up and protects himself. Nani was passing by and comes inside, Deepak hides behind Nani and explains that this girl attempted to force herself over him. Mandagini poses being innocent. Nani warns Deepak that if he again breaks a girl’s heart, she won’t spare him easily. Mandagini clutches his collar and says they will look good together, she will soon enter into Deepak’s heart like his bed.
It was night. Bari Amma allows Vaidika to celebrate the New Year just like they did. Sahil requests them for his photos of the time he can’t recall, he wants to re live all those moments. Sahil takes Ved into his arms, and asks Vaidika to bring photos of Aarya, Vaidika and their relatives Guddu and Mandagini as well. Vaidika smiles in approval.
Guddu proposes Aarya for marriage in the corridor. He says he can’t bend on his knees but wants to tell Aarya he liked her the day he met her at her place. He knows less about love, but he wish for a girl like Aarya in his life. He wants to have a fifty-fifty relation with his wife, whenever he thinks about marriage he only see her face. Aarya was speechless. Guddu asks for Aarya’s opinion about this relation. Aarya clarifies that in her experience, marriage is only a trap. What’s the guarantee that there won’t be problems in their relation; she is afraid. Guddu says it would be unfair to claim something without giving him a chance. Aarya says she wants to know the person well, before she marries him. There is something she wants to do before marriage.
Sahil and Vaidika were busy in party decorations. He bends closer to Vaidika while her hair flew to his face. Sahil picks a rubber band, gathers Vaidika’s hair to tie them. Vaidika’s spine straightens consciously. Afterwards Sahil tells Vaidika that her hair would no more disturb her.
Aarya and Guddu come downstairs and says she wants to speak to her. She calls everyone to gather in the hall as she has to make an announcement. Vaidika was concerned what the matter is. Aarya says she and Guddu like each other. Sahil stands up, startled. Aarya says Guddu has proposed her for marriage. Nani furiously scolds Aarya. Aarya clarifies they aren’t marrying now. For marriage, it’s important to know each other. Vaidika demands a clarification. Aarya says they have decided to live together under one roof for a few days, before deciding to marry. Before Vaidika could charge, Sahil appreciates Aarya and Guddu’s decision and says it sounds really cool. A number of couples share a live in relationship these days; he grants them the permission at once. Vaidika argues how he can permit them? Sahil says it’s his opinion, and he sides Aarya and Guddu in their wish.

PRECAP: Sahil and Vaidika come closer in the New Year party.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Usha’s children are actively entering in Agarwal’s family. It seems Guddu fell in love with Aarya, but Deepak got into a mess. Next mystery appeared in Bari Amma’s life which touch for all.

  2. Its was fun to see nanny bariama and vedika almost had an heart attack when aryah annouced her relatilnship witj guddu. Sahil is in ariyah and guddus generatipn so he understands and supports them. Vefika almost passed out withj rage she was so tryimg to hide her anger from sahil.
    It was really nice poor guddu so cute with ariyah.
    Why are the oldies worried about sahil going after a younger girl? I believe sahil will fall in
    Love with vedika all ovet again because he was already in love with vefika ever since he set his eyes on her that’s the reason he made sure he became vedika ternant just to win her love and also stay close to her, that is if the writers remember sahils reason move into vedikas house. So it will be fun to watch sahil chase vedika again the omly diffrsnce is that vedika wont need chasing this time for she has already accepted sahil has her beloved husband ved dad and dad to one on the way let’s hope he regains his memory before the baby is born. I never thought i would watch this episode today but i did
    and i enjoyed it.

    Hi Naz is bhoohoo in prison as well?
    I.hope so. She is full of Vernon.

    1. Even I’m wondering where bhoomi is… I enjoyed the episode too, I like seeing the camaraderie between BA and Nani, it comes across funny that the uptight BA is now so less stiff and is in full agreement with Nani to be a force to reckon with. Aarya looks cute with her beau but I don’t want to see Aarya settled down as yet… She needs to really know Guddu first, I know that Aarya always wanted someone like Sahil for her life partner sooooo I hope no one has prompted Guddu to emulate Sahil’s traits in order to get into the Agarwal family…you just never know ehh!! We have snakes like Bhoomi, Usha, Nidhi and Puneesh still lurking around, you know how some people can never change, even if life gives them a second chance!!

  3. Hi friends. I think the young girl whom sahil saves is that Tej Prataps daughter n Tej pratap i think is badi amma’s first husband. So may be tej pratap married another woman n thru her he must hv got this daughter who in no way is related to sahil. May be tej pratap must be harrasing badi ma so she must hv left him n married or was staying as a live in with yash’s father. So if our fickle minded hero is shown with this young girl she is no way realated to sahil. What u think Naz am i correct. Secondly that horse faced whore bhoomi is coming back i dont know where ll the writers fit her now in this current track

    1. Raji… I just hate knowing that a new girl is about to trespass on Sadika’s relationship. If Jacky’s foster siblings can become almost related to the Agarwal’s then this new girl if she’s bloodline related to Yash’s father, then Sahil would be somehow related to this girl as well unless she’s an adopted daughter of BA’s husband, then she could possibly have a thing with Sahil, right? I’m hoping that everytime Sahil remotely comes close to any female, that he unconsciously hit an invisible but strong wall that reminds him immediately of being with Vedika in personal spaces. This should wake up some memories for him. You know Raji, I don’t have too much to complain about in terms of detailing in this serial but one thing that I think was overlooked was when Sahil revealed that he wasn’t Jacky, remember he was incognito for quite a while right??? He should have felt an immense joy that BA who had hated Vedika so intensely, was finally accepting of her in the family and that they were finally so close to each other like how he always wanted them to be. I didn’t see anything like that, it was like just so bland.. Sahil didn’t show any surprise at that turn of event…just so odd, you know!! Did I miss something of that sort? Sigh… You say Bhoomi’s coming back? In what role? All I can see is villain written on her forehead. She was a good girl in the beginning until she started stealing glances at her sister’s beloved betrothed….i don’t see her being able to redeem herself at all, she’s caused too much damage, she’s the fricking reason Sahil is in this damn condition so even if she comes begging and gets forgiveness, I still don’t like her, period!! Anyways.. How did you pass the old year? I had a quiet holiday throughout, did some work manually around my house, planted a few flowers in pots, my daughter did some baking and I caught up on some reading, been trying to complete a Stephen King novel called Needful Things for the longest while, so I finally did,! I spend too much time on cyberspace, I need to cut that down…in between, I did a lot of errands… Raji dear, let’s see what happens next …i imagine Vedika would have support from Sahil with this new baby’s arrival but it’s going to be bitter sweet scenes from now on.. I hope baby helps bring back the joys of fatherhood in his heart… I think it’s time Vedika’s baby bump shows itself.. What say you?

      1. Liked your comment..

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