Mariam Khan Reporting Live 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Fawad and Zain bond again

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad hugging Mariam and saying I like surprises. He sees her crying. He asks why are you crying, tell me, I don’t want this suspense. She says I can’t celebrate the marriage as you wanted. He asks the matter. She says dad has come back today and I don’t like this, I don’t want to see mum and dad worried. He asks have you gone crazy, is this what you want to say. She says you will have many aspirations for grand wedding. He says these aspirations don’t matter to me, I m not happy if you are not happy, I was doing this for you, if you want a simple wedding, we will have a simple wedding. He hugs her and says you scared me a lot, my heart is beating so fast, my happiness lies within yours, I really love you. She says I love you too, thanks. Choti looks on and says I have to inform this to Rifat. She goes to Rifat and says Mariam convinced Fawad for simple wedding, what about your dreams now, what will you do. Rifat gets planning.

Fawad goes to Madiha and Majaaz. He says we just need your love and blessings, you can talk to me directly if there is any problem. Madiha says we are just worried for arrangements. He says I know parents want to do marriage in a grand way. Majaaz hugs him. Fawad says I promise I will always support Mariam. Zain comes and says he is right, no one will tell anything to your two daughters. Madiha says I trust you Fawad and hugs him. Majaaz says I m proud of both of them, I trust them, I m happy that our daughters got such husbands, who are so loving. Mariam asks who will hug us. Meher says Mariam is right. They all hug. Madiha asks Fawad to talk to Rifat once. Fawad agrees. Rifat sees him coming and starts the drama. She says Fawad thinks I m responsible for the childhood moments, I will not stop loving him. She cries. Fawad looks on and goes. Choti says I think your tears worked, Fawad would have gone to talk. Fawad goes to Zain. Zain gifts him video games and says you will always be little brother for me, I know we got distant because of the past, I have come back and want to make a new start with everyone.

Fawad cries and hugs him. Fawad says sorry to decide this alone about simple marriage. Zain says you know I m a simple man, I don’t want anything grand. Fawad says I think we should talk to mum once. Choti says he is coming. They come to Rifat. They try to explain her that simple wedding is good, happiness will be there, its assured. She says I m glad that you both have come here, Fawad you have forgiven Zain, forgive me too. Fawad says I will forgive you when you consider your family as your won. They leave. She gets angry and says what magic did they do on my sons, Fawad still hates me. Mariam and Meher’s mehendi ceremony is seen. Cutie pie….plays…. Fawad dances and signs Mariam. Meher shows her mehendi to Zain. He compliments. Biji looks at both the couples and smiles.

She asks Mariam to go and dance with Fawad. She says name is written in between mehendi, anyone can find it. Fawad dances with Mariam and takes her away. She says what will they think about us. He says they will keep thinking, listen to me. She says marriage isn’t today, I will give you a task, find your name in mehendi, I will do whatever you say, if you find the name. He asks really. She says yes. He says your name is written in my heart. He shows his name written and romances her. She runs away. He hugs her. He says we will get married tomorrow. Majaaz says I know you wanted a grand wedding, but I apologize that it couldn’t happen. Rifat says I m aware of all this, its just your excuse, you had said the same during Zain and Mahira’s marriage, don’t be innocent, become smart like your daughters, they know what to do and when, you can take my help, I didn’t imagine my sons’ marriages to happen this way. He gets angry. Madiha stops him. Rifat taunts him. Madiha says this day should be beautiful and happily spent for our daughters’ sake. He agrees.

Fawad’s manager gets the news. He says Bhakti met with an accident, she has died. Fawad checks Bhakti’s diary. He learns about Bhakti and his daughter. He gets shocked.

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  1. Nina

    I liked the scene when Fawad said your name was written in my heart. Param and Mahima are nicely looking. If the producers should change for the better, we will see that couple in the next project.

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