Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika writes the house as Nishi’s dowry

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Vaidika was preparing for pooja. Mrs. Sharma asks Sunil’s wife if she has lost her mind that this widow is preparing the pooja thaal. Vaidika hears them and calls her to prepare the Roka thaal, she doesn’t remember what’s kept in it. Raya Sharma asks Sunil to wait for a while, they are waiting for special guest.
Sahil was taking photos. Vaidika brings basket of rose petals and hits Sahil, the petals fell over her. Mrs. Sharma insults Vaidika for ruining their function, she is a bad omen for this function and instructs to get the new flowers for pooja. Aarya comes to defend but Vaidika turns to drag her inside. Sahil stops everyone and says this lady Vaidika Mathur is the ill-fated widow aunt of the bride; and if she is ill fated he is sorry to announce this function is being held at the same house. She has prepared all the food and made all the arrangements, isn’t it ill-fated to get all the work done by her? He hasn’t seen anyone as selfless and giving lady than she is. She doesn’t even realize what she likes to eat, she only enjoys what others love. Vaidika warns that he is speaking to the elders of family. Sahil comes to speak to Sunil that Vaidika has worked really hard to make this marriage successful and arrange all the money for it. He says Vaidika Mathur is a precious woman whom… whom he respects a lot. Sahil thinks about something and rushes out of the house. Sunil attends to the guests again.
Sahil comes to Karan and hugs him as he is sure he is in love with Vaidika. Karan says she is double his age. If he intends to marry that woman? Sahil must think about what people would think about him. Sahil asks why are there double standards, if a man marries a younger girl he is a hero. He kiss Karan’s cheek and leaves. Karan thinks the marriage of a 24 year old man and 42 year old lady is impossible.
Vaidika apologizes the guests and asks to begin the Roka. Bari Amma reach the function. Raya Sharma and wife welcomes her. Sunil sends Vaidika to serve something for Bari Amma. After Bari Amma has blessed his children she nods at Raya Sharma, then asks what Sunil has gifted to Mohan. Mrs. Sharma says it’s only a weak chain. Mr. Sharma says they promised to gift him a car as dowry. Sunil joins his hands as he has bought a small car. Bari Amma says now Mr. Sharma will be insulted in the whole family. Bari Amma says she doesn’t want to interfere, but Sunil must have something else to write for Nishi like jewelry or house? Sunil says this house belongs to him, and looks towards Vaidika for approval. Nani wasn’t ready for it. Vaidika thinks how happy Nishi is for her marriage and tells Sunil she is ready to give the house for Nishi.
Inside, Nani and Aarya were both angry at Vaidika. Vaidika says she couldn’t have let Nishi’s marriage break only because of the house. Nani and Aarya leaves the room angry as Vaidika has made them homeless.
The Roka celebrations continue. Bari Amma watches Sahil enter with a huge drum in his neck. He sings ‘Mohabbatein’, and was shocked to see Bari Amma sit on a side. He walks towards Bari Amma, she asks if he won’t ask why she came here. Sahil says she must have come to take him but he won’t go home. Bari Amma agrees only on a promise that he will attend the shop at 9 in morning each day.
At night, Sahil comes to Nani who sat outside in the yard. She tells Sahil that Vaidika has given Nishi this house as dowry.

PRECAP: Sunil and wife come to blame Vaidika get Nishi’s parents in law arrested for demand of dowry. She got this done through her tenant Sahil. Sahil was furious and grabs Sunil’s collar. Vaidika slaps Sunil and questions who is he to change her decision?

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Angelk1

    Sahil is so precious. His always their to defend his woman, but that Amma ??? don’t she have a job or something. She obviously doesn’t care about sahil like she said she does.

  2. What the heck is wrong with these Indian societies? Seriously?? The roof over your head could be used as dowry??? Gone should be the days when people have to give their most precious and valuable asset called daughters, to a man and on top of that the family wants payment for her hand in marriage?? That’s like going to the supermarket to buy products and the supermarket has to pay you for taking their goods off the shelf!!! Hell…. A husband should have to give good gifts to his wife for her hand in marriage instead..not the other way around. Also, the bride’s family in this serial is soooooooo shameless, their daughter is getting engaged and they have the audacity to complain to Vedika about taste of the food and whatever else…i don’t know why Vedika is so malleable, always pleasing Tom Dick and Harry!! Jeez…. Thank goodness for dream hunk Sahil, I know he’ll fight for Vedika’s rights….more men ought to be like him, everything rolled into one neat package. I love Sahil’s dialogues, he hits hard when it’s called for…. BA….well, she’s annoying and a therapy by itself , self righteous bully, thinks she can bend Sahil to her will, she has something else coming. I do enjoy Nani, she’s hilarious, especially her facial expressions…. I don’t know how to assess the son in law from out of state, I hope he’s a good man, we already have a villain in Deepak, we don’t want another villain at the moment. We need to see some romance heating up the screen…hopefully soon!!

  3. I agree with you Angelk1

  4. Muniya

    How can anyone be so cruel?…And that Bari Amma…she is heartless.
    Vaidika is really precious…she can do anything for her loved ones.
    After all nice epi…with Sahil’s entry with that song…and also his logical dialogues over Vaidika being widow to a precious women.
    I really like Vaidika’s mother…her acting is very nice.

    1. anay bangalore

      but there is a difference between doing everything for loved one and supporting wrong and pushing loved ones to hell. what is the guarantee after taking dowry they will keep the girl happy? tomorrow they will ask for more if not given they will make life hell. all these serials should stop showing something wrong like this in the name of love

  5. sahil just rocked the show…

  6. thanks for the update Sona

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