Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika gets Puneesh arrested

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aarya apologizes Sahil saying she only thought Sahil would understand. Sahil says he realizes Aarya has fallen in love and understands Mohid is a nice guy. Aarya was worried about Vaidika who would want her to focus on her studies. She promises she will always focus on her studies. Sahil advices Aarya her mother has also taught her limits and she must not cross it. Mohid overhears this and calls Nidhi that her plan was successful.
In Lucknow, Vaidika and Yash arrive at the outlet. The salesman there recognize the cuff link and says it was specially designed for a client. Interestingly he is here today. Vaidika and Yash move towards the side the sales man pointed at. Vaidika walks towards a tall man standing with the stand and asks if he recognize this? The man says he has similar cuff links with his own name, Varun Joshi. Vaidika apologizes the man, she sense the man is here. Puneesh had hidden himself in a corner and thinks he spotted her in the mirror. Yash convince Vaidika to go back. Puneesh was determined he would destroy her.
Back at home, Aarya gets a call from Mohid. He invites her to a dance practice tonight, Aarya promises to come. Mohid discuss with a friend that Aarya is dumb and doesn’t realize what will happen to her. Nidhi has turned him to a villain.
Vaidika arrive at Agarwal Mansion shouting Puneesh’s name. She comes inside and slaps Puneesh. Prachi comes to defend Puneesh but Vaidika tells her to first realize she is defending someone who attempted a rape at girl. Sahil was furious and beats Puneesh hard. Prachi asks if Vaidika is blaming her pious husband. Vaidika says she has a proof of it, and shows the cuff link. Prachi recognizes the cuff link. Vaidika says it fell of his shirt while he wrestled. She couldn’t have reached him only through this, but somewhere there is a God as well. A tailor in Lucknow helped her. Vaidika spotted a CCTV camera and requested the salesman of the shop to see the footage. Puneesh asks if she would blame him for a rape based on a proof of a mere salesman. Anjana asks why Puneesh would do this. Vaidika says she… then looks towards pleading Shruti… she says Puneesh will himself tell everyone and police about it. The police come into Agarwal House. Prachi tells the inspector not to arrest Puneesh. She blames Vaidika’s character, Sahil charge at Prachi but Vaidika holds him back. Sahil warns Prachi to behave well, no one will be worse than him next time. Vaidika sends him away. Prachi turns to the inspector blaming Vaidika to have done magic over her brother. The inspector says the case isn’t related in anyway, they arrest Puneesh. Puneesh assures Prachi he will handle everything and goes with the police. Bari Amma trembled on the wheel chair trying to speak and move.
At night as Vaidika returned home, she was stalked by Puneesh in the street. He tries to harass her, holding her by the wall. Puneesh minds Vaidika it’s the power of his money. He says he has warned Vaidika a number of times but she doesn’t understand. This time he must disgrace her family as a revenge. Vaidika warns him to stay away from her family.
Aarya comes calling Mohid while it was dark all around. Mohid and his group shouts a surprise for Aarya. She says Mohid promised her a dance rehearsal, Mohid says she wouldn’t have come for a party. He assures he is here, and she can trust him. He introduces everyone to Aarya as his sweet heart. Nidhi and Puneesh smile from a corner. Puneesh calls Mohid a good actor, Nidhi says Aarya is a dumb. They wear masks to go and have fun with them all.
Aarya comes to a corner and asks Sahil to stay here for a while. She promises she would never cross her limits. Sahil warns her to stay careful, and gives her one hour. He will go to Vaidika, take permission for her and then pick her up. Nidhi speaks to Puneesh that their game is on, Sahil knows the truth while Vaidika doesn’t. She and Puneesh mix a drink for Aarya.

PRECAP: Vaidika questions Sahil how dare he do this to her daughter, she pushes Sahil out of her house saying Vaidika Mathur has died for Sahil and their story has finished.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. When vedhika accused puneesh in his house, Sahil never even asked for a proof or question anything, he directly reacted n hit that donkey. But that same trust vedhika doesn’t have on Sahil.. 🙁
    Is it not possible that aarya gets saved at the right moment?
    I just love the intensity of Sahil..??
    What’s gonna happen next???

  2. In the same way Vedika solved puneesh involvement in her abduction, I hope that the same way Nidhi’s plans gets exposed….in the next episode, can’t bear to see Nidhi’s plan fail again but more so I don’t want to see Aarya fall in the trap….also, the lying lizard Puneesh should be thrown out of Agarwal’s home but not before shruti and himself be exposed for their extramarital affair and I’d like to rub that in Prachi’s face. Sahil has so much to undergo at this point in his life!!! And Bari Aama… She has front seat view, front row, of all that is happening ,what an enviable position!!

    1. Naz only last nyt I told my mom that puneesh looks like a lizard, and today u have commented it??
      I guess one day bariamma will herself bring together Sadhika by exposing all the enemies plans..??

  3. Nice episode… yes Dolly Sahil did not think twice. His trust in Vedika is amazing. The Arya saga will cause a big rift between Sahil and Vedika. Looking at the Precap Nidhi plan has worked. Hope Mohit come clean and then we can see a match between Nidhi and Vedika .

    Btw… did any of you ladies notice some reaction from BA. I think she will recover soon.

    1. I’m still to see episode Pooja. With the anger Bari Aama has for Nidhi right now, that alone is motivation for her to fight this paralysis and the day we see her hold Nidhi by her hair and throw her tail out the house, that’s going to be extremely interesting and satisfying and then we’ll be happy. Pooja, I’m thinking, that Vedika is going to be mighty pissed off at Sahil for encouraging Aarya in this Mohid thing without further consideration and consultation with her and I don’t give her wrong but this will create havoc between Sahil and Vedika’s relationship and I can’t bear to see them separated. One correction to my comment above, I really meant to say that I could hardly wait to see Nidhi’s plan fail…but it came out incorrectly but you know my heart’s in the right place…right?? Now, we all saw yesterday how Sahil is pained to not be around Vedika and even if he was not drugged by Nidhi, I’m sure he’d have been just the same way as we saw him. How’s he going to behave when Vedika draws the line between them then?? A wicked thought just crossed my mind…wouldn’t it be dreamy to see Sahil and Vedika get CLOSE to each other after a heated exchange of words, like really close…doesn’t have to end in any culmination, but the romance will be quite welcome, what do you think?? I’m starved!!! With his deep penetrating stare and voice… Uff!! ?????…meanwhile, this thing with Aarya is looking unpleasant but I think she’ll be rescued on time.

      1. Ohh that’s juz d typical mill’s and boon stuff Naz..??

      2. Hi Naz.. yes I would like to see Vedika and Sahil getting close. I have this scene in my head of of Sahil walking away and Vedika running after him throwing herself in his arms and declare her love.. then both in tears hugging each other tight…….. ????? pure Bollywood style ??

    2. Ya pooja, BA was moving the wheelchair on her own..
      I read somewhere that Mohit will tell Sahil that it’s Nidhi and his plan to trap Aarya.. Donno how our cutie pie will solve the misunderstanding to vedhika.!

  4. Muniya

    Overall it was a nice episode…Sahil beating Puneesh is the best part…no doubt.
    And also Vedika proves him guilty…but that Prachi….she really needs a hard slap…such a blind…can’t see the truth yet…only when she’ll know about Puneesh and Shruti…she’ll come to sense.
    Here Vedika is trying to save Shruti from getting humiliated…and on the otehr hand…her own daughter is facing that bcz of them.
    But precap is very sad…Sahil is being blamed again.
    But I really hope…Now Bari amma comes to know about Puneesh.

  5. Where is 18th April 2018 written update?

  6. No update? Now I have to go through the weekend with one episode short… Sona dear, if I never said thank you for the invaluable service you give to us, then I’m taking this time now to say thank you for your detailed update every day of the week, it’s descriptive and exactly what we see on our screens. Thanks again….

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