Ishq Subhan Allah 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zeenat puts her son’s life in danger

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Ishq Subhan Allah 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zeenat asks Amaan to sleep, we have to wake up for sehri. Amaan asks what is it? Zeenat says we have to wake up to eat to fast for whole day, Amaan says I will fast too. Zeenat says yes you have kept fast by not eating many times.

Zara wakes up and wishes sehri to Ayesha, she says I like dishes of sehri. Ayesha says Kabir was saying same thing, you can eat as much as you want. Zara says I am lucky to have you, she asks if Kabir was always stubborn like this? Ayesha says he is not that stubborn, his father always wanted to make him priest, he has grown up so much now, Zara asks he used to stop things as kids too? Ayesha says he used to keep an eye on girls who didnt wear dupatta, he kept fast at age of 7. Zara recalls how she tried to tell about Miraj, she asks Ayesha if she trusts her? Ayesha says I trust you completely, I sent you there.

All sit down for sehri. Zeenat makes Amaan sit with Shahbaz. Kabir asks if he will keep fast too? Zeenat says he wanted to have sehri with us. Zara says he is having sehri, not fasting, Amaan says once I fasted till 4PM. Zeenat says you started that at 1PM. Kabir asks Amaan to eat biscuit, they are enough for you. They all have sehri. Zeenat asks Amaan to brush his teeth. All leave. She says to Amaan that dont tell anyone that you are fasting today before aftar and dont eat anything.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara smiles at him, he wishes her first fast. She says same for you.

Ayesha is preparing for iftar, she says iftar party should be bigger this time. Shahbaz says we always have big parties. Shahbaz says Kabir was not part of our parties but he will be with us now. Kabir says yes I will be with you in every iftar. Shahbaz says this time, sharia board party will be arranged by Kabir and Zara as they are member of it. Kabir is not happy to hear it. Servant brings mangoes from Fatima aunt, Ayesha says tells her thanks. Amaan asks Zeenat to make mango shake for him. Kabir laughs that he just had biscuits for sehri. Zeenat hints at him no. Ayesha asks Zara to make mango shake for him, he is not fasting. Zeenat gets tensed. Zara takes mangoes to make shake but Zeenat says leave it Zara, dont tire yourself in fast, I will make it, she leaves with Amaan.

Scene 2
Amaan says to Zeenat that I am hungry, Zeenat says you are fasting, you cant eat as its a sin, dont eat anything, I will make shake for you in iftar, he nods and leaves. Zeenat keeps mangoes in cabinet.

Amaan is playing around, he feels thirsty. Ayesha asks are you tired? I will make juice for you, he says no mom asked to not eat, he leaves.

Amaan comes to Zeenat and says I am very hungry, give me chocolate. Zeenat says its just about few hours and then you can eat anything, everyone will give you gifts. He nods and leaves.

Amaan throws ball at Zara and starts playing with her. Amaan is coming down from stairs towards Zara but he feels dizzy due to not eating and faints. Zara is shocked and rushes to him. All come to him. Zara asks what happened? Ruksaar, Zeenat and Ayesha rush to him. Ruksaar goes to bring water. Zeenat is tensed. Ruksaar brings water, Zara sprinkles it on his face, he wakes up. Zara tries to make him drink water, Zeenat says he is fine, he is tired, he should rest. Zara says we should take him to doctor, Zeenat says I know what he wants, I am his mother, she takes him from there.

Zeenat makes her Amaan lie in bed and asks Ruksaar to bring water. She does it. Zeenat makes Amaan lie down. Amaan says I am thirty. Zeenat says you want to be like Kabir? just wait for sometime, you are fasting and soon you will open it and get reward from God. Ruksaar says he is fasting? Zeenat says yes you wanted me to make him like Kabir so I am doing it. Ruksaar recalls how she told her that people of this house prefers Kabir over her husband and son. Ruksaar is tensed. Zeenat says I will make my him like Kabir, if Zara and Kabir have a son then he will work for Amaan for business. Ruksaar says think about it, she says I am sure. Ruksaar says to Amaan that soon we will break your fast. Zara comes there. Zeenat and Ruksaar gets tensed. Amaan says I am thirsty. Zara sees his pale lips. She takes water and tries to give to him but Zeenat throws it away and says you cant destroy his fast. Zara says have you gone mad? he is a kid. Zara takes Amaan from her and says I am taking him to hospital. She pushes Zeenat away and takes Amaan from there. Zara comes to Ayesha and says she was forcing a kid to fast. Ayesha says Zeenat what is this? he is small, see his health. Zeenat says he was forcing to keep a fast, he ate sehri with us, nothing will happen, he is fine. Zara sees Amaan dizzy and says no men is home, we have to take him to doctor, she leaves with Ayesha and Amaan.

PRECAP- Doctor checks Amaan and says he is in a very critical condition so decide fast. Zeenat says to Kabir that he heard about you keeping fast since a small age and he wanted to follow you, do something but save my baby with his fast. Zara is about to give water to Amaan, Kabir stops her and says lets wait for sometime, his sacrifice will go waste. Zara says I wont listen to you today, there is no bigger deed then saving a life in Islam, Kabir looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nina

    I think it’s essential that Zara gives him a warning again. The problem is Kabeer’s vulnerable idea who has been known to turn a blind eye to Ruksaar misconduct for fear of affecting family basis. I know Ruksaar really hopes this plan will work out because Kabeer had such a tough time finding money to project. I feel like Zara is walking a tightrope. She won’t be able to manage him and her husband will see her as weak. He may lose motivation to improve relations and he will see Zara as harsh.

  2. Cathy

    Ladies a question, i thought it was not allowed for children under a certain age, Pregnant women and the infirm from doing the fast, or is this a personal choice?.

    1. Cathy, where were you dear??? Well….you were correct about who would be exempted from keeping the fast. There are others who have the desire to keep it especially kids when they are surrounded by those who are of influence to them, they want to be included in the breaking of the fast, especially. I’m sure you have seen somewhere where it’s usually a grand dinner called Iftaar and shared by family and friends together, so it’s a happy feeling that one can give up worldly things and do what is halaal without having to feel even a tiny fraction of remorse because it’s a difficult thing to be 100% total obedient to our Creator and Sustainer…without whom we have nothing!!! To keep one day of fasting as how we Muslims do it, takes a lot of self control ,it is difficult somewhat where the daylight hours are longer as in North America, to not have food and water and the workers doing long hrs jobs have greater sacrifice in Ramadan month. Hope I was able to shed a little light on your question. So, Zeenat’s son is seeing the elders fasting and thinks he can do it too…

  3. Cathy

    Thanks for the clarification Naz, i live in northern Canada or West depending on your location, and the sun doesn’t set starting next month or so till after 10 Pm and doesn’t get dark till after 11 pm and sun rise usually starts around 4;30am..LOL so i can imagine the disipline it takes to do such a fast i admire all that can do this, Fefe a egyptian Muslim lady i work with just takes the month off from work to cope , she works with food so she knows her weakness and just removes the temptation. On a personal note, i’ve had some health issues i’m dealing with (nothing tragic) and an aging computer that likes to throw me off of whatever i’m i’m picking my battles…i’m still around but mostly lurking. 🙂

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