Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika ready to accept Sahil’s love

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Vaidika confirms the nurse if it’s true that her donor is Sahil Agarwal? The nurse apologizes that it was her mistake, the files got exchanged by her. Maya comes to the room. Vaidika gives the file to Maya who was also shocked to read the news. Maya says Sahil didn’t even know she underwent artificial insemination, he donated sperm for her. She cheers that it’s all God’s miracle, she always wished Vaidika to bear Sahil’s child and here he is. Vaidika always feared a society and today God has slapped that society and proven her love for Sahil. Maya leaves the room. Vaidika cries thinking that she bears Sahil’s child.
Later she walks towards Agarwal house and rings the bell. Sahil comes to open the door and was shocked to see Vaidika standing outside. Vaidika says she has known a life changing truth now; the child she bears is his and he is the father of her child. It was hospital’s mistake that he became her donor, but she believes its God’s will. She will give birth to his heir. Tears fell off Sahil’s eyes as he consoles himself. Vaidika was ready to bring his child along with him, she wants to reply his proposal in yes. His love is her fate, and today she accepts it. She opens her arms wide. Sahil looks on for a while then hugs Vaidika. Vaidika stood outside Agarwal house still smiling and realizes it was only a day dream. She now rings the doorbell.
Sahil was in the hall and thinks it feels as if Vaidika is somewhere around. Outside, Vaidika thinks she needs to share the truth with Sahil, then everything will be fine. But she can’t do all this in excitement at this time of night. She must think again because this truth will change everything. Before Sahil opened the door Vaidika had left. He calls God to bring his Vaidika to him and plan something that brings Vaidika to him.
The next morning, Maya holds the hospital authorities accountable for the irresponsibility to switch donor but she and Vaidika have decided not to take any action against them. She informs the doctor that she wants Vaidika’s delivery here in the hospital. Maya turns around to see Anjana bring Gauri. Gauri had gone inside for a test, Anjana sits on a nearby bench and prays for Sahil. Maya comes to Anjana and shows her the file of Vaidika.
Anjana hurries home and informs Bari Amma cheerfully that Vaidika bears Sahil’s child. She decides to marry Sahil and Vaidika as soon as possible, its God’s will. Bari Amma questions if Anjana has lost her mind? Bari Amma says she only wants the child in this house, not mother. Anjana resists and clarifies to Bari Amma that she no longer needs her consent in the matter, she will marry Sahil and Vaidika now.
Vaidika stood in her old house and speaks to her child for being her support and a proof that her relation with Sahil is God’s will. She is no longer fearful of either Agarwal family nor the society, she will accept Sahil’s proposal for her. Anjana stood behind Vaidika and promises she will never let this happen to her again.
At Agarwal house, Sahil cheers when Bari Amma informs Sahil that Anjana went to Vaidika’s house with his proposal for Vaidika. Bari Amma says she only fears what if Vaidika denies once again. She suggests Sahil to go to Vaidika’s house, its important for him to be there. Sahil swirls around with her and leaves in excitement. Bari Amma assures Sahil that she will accept whatever Anjana decides. Later, Bari Amma thinks she never expected Anjana can be so blindfolded in Vaidika’s love. She can’t let Vaidika marry into her family no matter she has to kill someone from her own family. She recalls mixing poison in the water she presented to Anjana from temple. The poison will slowly show its affects and the accusation of Anjana’s death will come to Sahil. Sahil must hate Vaidika.
Anjana felt dizzy. Vaidika noticed this. Anjana replies may be she is over happy, she has brought a proposal for Vaidika and wish she marries Sahil. Vaidika accepts her proposal. Anjana happily kiss Sahil’s forehead. All at once, Anjana feels heaviness in her chest. Anjana didn’t agree, she was in a hurry to go and tell Sahil about it. Vaidika shares with Anjana that she is afraid, there is always a mishap whenever she is about to get some happiness. She turns around to see Anjana almost out of balance. Sahil just entered the house when he finds Anjana falling off the stairs.

PRECAP: Vaidika was in the jail. Sahil asks her the reason for his mother’s death. Vaidika considers it Anjana’s own mistake. Sahil calls his love for Vaidika a curse in his life, he vows that he would no longer love Vaidika and she must now witness his hatred. He leaves holding Bhoomi’s hand.

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  1. Charmin Anderson

    I know this is all an act by Sahil to find the truth. He know no matter what Vedika would never do anything to hurt a member of his family. I can’t believe Anjana is dead. How could they do this.

  2. I hope you are right Charmin ?
    BA is so evil… well when the truth eventually come she will have to bear Sahil wrath and this time not even Vedika will save her.

    I read that she will swap Gauri’s baby with Vedika. Heartlesss creature. How much more pain will Sahil have to endure. It’s hearbeatking watching ??

  3. O………M……..G……will comment later

  4. DannyComments

    Actually Sahil is right..his love for Vedika is a curse. Nothing good has come from it. Feel bad for her tho..I don’t think she has it in her Destiny to find love..everyone who has ever loved her always leave her…her husband, Yash gave his life to save hers and now Sahil lost his mother. Truth be Told, it is because we the viewers know his mother was poisoned and considering the fact that Indian tv series police don’t actually investigate cause of death the way American series do, Sahil was bound to hate Vedika. I would hate her too..if I lost my mom that way. Believe it or Not, Vedika is the reason Sahil lost his Mom.

  5. Nina

    Already a few people know that there is Sahil’s child. Certainly, he doesn’t know. Maya could make one call only.

  6. I didn’t see this coming so quickly. Now that Vedika knows Sahil is her child’s father, this untimely demise of Anjana would certainly prevent her from revealing this huge truth of their lives. I’m not in agreement with Sahil’s change in demeanor towards Vedika, his love is unwavering, no matter what anyone’s ever said, he loves and trusts her judgement and to suddenly do a 180 degree turn is really unrealistic and unreasonable. No police report ,no inquiry, but Vedika is off to jail for Anjana’s death and his reaction in the precap is really astounding. I’m not going to speculate whose child would end up with which set of parents but I’m sure that one of the children would remind Vedika and BA that he or she is Sahil’s child by mannerisms and character. I always forget that in this serial, nothing is dragged on for long, the events flow very quickly and I’m not to complain about this because in other serials, this is much to viewers dislike, where the events that occur, does so at snails pace. So….Sahil would be the only one who’s involved since he’s the father, who won’t know that he has a child. How very sad??.. I also think that if Bhoomi marries Sahil, she won’t let Vedika have him after she is proven innocent after which Sahil would realize that he should have known that Vedika wouldn’t ever harm his mother, much less kill her but it would be too late by then. In jail, Vedika will be stubborn as usual just to prove to herself that she’s ot right partn6for Sahil so that why she’ll clam up and Sahil would eventually lose his patience with her and storm off with Bhoomi in tow…she’ll look for that for trying to be mahaan….

  7. As for BA…today I fully understand why Yash hated her so much…this wretch had the gall to steal another woman’s husband, make children with him and expected to be accepted with open arms by his legitimate son? So she got spurned and is doing so with Vedika now, she wants the child but not the mother, so she hatched a plan to get rid of her,maybe Yash should have done the same thing with her…I wish Maya could reveal to Sahil that he’s the father of Vedika’s child, although he’s going to think that Maya’ s child would be of himself. I know for sure now that we are in for a lot of emotional scenes to come…

  8. In my book, no one’s ever cursed or bad luck for any human being. It’s all about ones destiny. If something is meant to be, come hell or high water, it’s going to be just how life is designed to be for an individual. As in Vedika’s case, she is denying that she’s meant to be Sahil’s partner in life, even the pundit told the family so but because she’s a widow with a daughter and older than Sahil, there’s opposition to the relationship. If she had only accepted Sahil’s love and married him, then we wouldn’t be having this script at all, in fact the scenarios would have been different and still society would have had something to say about that…It’s like damned if you do, damned if you don’t ….so, Vedika’s resistance to accepting Sahil’s love, societal interference, BA’s hatred for Vedika being an older woman than Sahil…never mind she was older than her husband…is what has shaped this story. It’s a lesson in many ways….to love unconditionally, accept people regardless of human flaws, to not fight destiny when you are getting so many hints, to live your life to please yourself because no matter what you do, someone’s going to be happy or someone’s going to be sad anyway and most importantly be aware of those who always would try to bring you down because of jealousy… not everyone’s lucky to have a love like Sahil’s, or a friend like Maya or a sister in law like Gauri or a sister like Bhoomi…for now….and not everyone can have relationship with a daughter like what Vedika shares with Aarya…

  9. Muniya

    Today i really felt bad for Vedika….why this lady has to bear so much in her life??…After all…she denied Sahil’s love only bcz she wanted to save him from the taunts of society…and now when she finally convinced herself to accept his love…knows the biggest turth of her life…destiny shows another color…she will now recieve Sahil’s hatred…that hurts so badly.
    Loved Anjana…
    I hv no waords left for BA’s cruelty…

  10. Just the perfect sequences..juz like how we want it..but all in vain.. How can Sahil who stood by her thru all thick and thin suddenly go against her? Anyone can change, but not him.. He should definitely take the responsiblity of vedhika and his child..With great difficulty, vedhika had the guts to accept Sahil even to her own self.. This should go as nothing..

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