aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 20)

Next day Morning

Sooraj was sitting on the bench, at park near their house..

He can’t think anything ..he was angry on him ..still he can’t find any answer for why he scolded Sandhya..

He knows Sandhya very well..that she will do whatever comes in her mind..

Why he wants to show Sandhya in a good frame to his Mom..

Sooraj was in very big confusion..

Sooraj: (thinks)

Oh God u are the one who helps me in every situation …u helped in every toughest situations .so help me in this too..u know that i came here for my life..u know that too i can’t say no for My Mom..

So i should find my life partner here..till now i don’t see anyone like that…but i saw one girl..Sandhya…i felt something ….when i saw her at first…i don’t ever agree for the love at first sight ..but still i felt something on that day..it was very close to my memory, the moment i saw her..the moment i held her hand..the photo we took..eventhough i was not ok with that photo idea..somehow i felt happy feeling..when we took picture ..till now i was happy when she was with me..

But i am damn sure she is not the one for my family..like i know what was Mom’s expectations for her daughter-in-law..nd i am also sure about Sandhya can’t be like that..

Then why i want Sandhya image to be nice, good..in front of My mom..

He closed his eyes..this was his habit..whenever he can’t judge the situations ..or handling any difficulties…or what should do next..he will just closed his eyes..

First he will feel the breathe ..
Next after the mind, heart became calm…slowly rewind the situations…after that he paused…if he still feels something was not ok..then he will open his eyes…nd try to fix that situations..

So now our hero decided..that he was wrong..somehow he concluded that he had some feeling for her..but he couldn’t express that to her, without knowing her feelings..so he paused that..he going to ask Sorry to Sandhya for his behaviour…

Sooraj went to house..the first he searched Sandhya..she was not there..

Scene shifted to Sandhya

Sandhya was eating icecream..with house owner’s son Veer

This is Sandhya.. elder people can’t accept her behaviour, her thoughts, becoz she was straight forward..if she thinks No, wrong,, then she can’t go with that..at the same time she thinks it was right..she will give her full effort to keep up that …

Veer: U r so cool dhi..if u don’t come to my cricket practice that day..i don’t know what could happen..Master will definitely fix that i theft the money..but thank god u came there..

Sandhya: its ok ..u should be even more careful..when u r in these kind of positions..u should be careful when handling money nd all this..nd u learned now..how to handle rit?

Veer: haan..lekin how u found that? He was the thief..

Sandhya: sometimes we can say by seeing their eyes..

Veer: tk dhi..i am getting late to my practice..

Sandhya: chal bye..go nd do ur best..rock it as always u do..

Sandhya still in the confusions about Sooraj behaviour..

But she decided not to think about that anymore..

Sandhya(thinks): i know that i didn’t do anything wrong..then why i should go nd speak..its not any rule if he gives some place to stay in his house..i should accept all his behaviour..i won’t go to him..nd i don’t care if he avoid me like this..

Suddenly she saw someone who watching her at far..she recognised him who was he…

To be continue…

  1. Fenil

    Awww….Sooraj pov was nice.
    So he has something in his hert from first meeting…not bad.
    He decided to ask forgiveness.
    Sandhya and Veer scenes was amazing.
    Her pov also good.

  2. Farie

    Thank u bro☺

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