Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (SwaSan Reunion) Magical Proximity by Mars Part 3

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Helloo!! I m back after long time with this Story. So here is romantic full of swasan epi. Hope so u will like it.
Let’s begin:

Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
(SwaSan Reunion)
Magical Proximity—Part 3
Recap: swara’s first day in office. Sanskar teasing swara.

Bose house:
Swara came from office. She is annoyed as Sanskar insulted her handwriting. She went to her room and saw the chit which was kept there with the pendant.
Swara picked it and saw the number and she dialed it.
Sanskar just came from office and saw swara’s call. He literally jumped as he has given her his new number to talk to her.He immediately received
Sanskar: hello
Swara:hey who is this???
Sanskar: u should tell as u had called??
Swara(annoyed): why u keep gifts every night in my room?
Sanskar: ohhh so u like them??
Swara:answer my question.
Sanskar:bcoz I think I like you no no love you.
Swara eyes widened.
Swara:what non sense. How can u love me when u don’t know me.
Sanskar: I know u very well.
Swara:see stop doing all this I m not innocent girl who will get scared I m very dangerous.
Sanskar(smiles): I love to play with danger.
Swara:idiot stop all this.
Sanskar: I can’t.
Swara: then get lost.
Swara cut the call and Sanskar laughs.

Next morning:
Swara got up and instantly look for the gift but it was not there.
Swara: I think yesterday I scolded him that’s why he didn’t came.
Then only her phone beep. She saw it was message from that no. Only
“Missing my gift??? Well your temper was high yesterday so i didn’t came. Now u cool down soon will come back”
Swara smiles reading his message.
She signed and went to get ready for office.

Maheshwari industries:
Swara is working in sanskar’s cabin but still he didn’t came. Swara was wondering that why he is late. After an hour, Sanskar enter inside and saw Swara totally indulge in her. Her long hairs falling on her face and she is wearing light pink colour suit.
Sanskar: she looks beautiful yrrr but I have to control.
Sanskar came near her and said
Sanskar:good morning miss Swara.
Swara got startled with sudden voice. She stood up and wished back
Swara: good morning sir.
Sanskar: today u go early as in the evening u have to attend party with me.
Swara:why me???
Sanskar: I m your boss and you are not suppose to deny my orders.
Swara roll her eyes and nodded.
Sanskar:and yeah wear saree.
Sanskar:bcoz it look descent and don’t question unnecessarily.
Swara:okay sir.
Swara started working and was thinking that she don’t have saree so she have to buy it.
Sanskar want her to wear the saree which he had given so he asked
Sanskar: swara u have saree??
Swara: no I will buy new one.
Sanskar nodded.
Sanskar (thinks): it means she will not wear the saree which I gifted. I have to talk to ma.
Sanskar went out and called shomi
Sanskar:hello ma
Shomi:yes sanskar
Sanskar: ma today I m going to take swara with me to party. I had given her saree plzz ask her to wear that only.
Shomi:u don’t worry I will make sure that she will wear that saree only.
Sanskar:thank you.
He came inside and silently started working as if nothing happened.
Later, swara left early to home.

Bose house:
Swara came inside and went to shomi
Swara:ma plzz come with me for shopping I have to buy saree.
Shomi: why??
Swara:I m going to party with Sir.
Shomi(teases): ohhho party with boss not bad.
Swara glare at her.
Shomi:BTW I had seen one saree in your room why don’t u wear that.
Swara remembered the gift given by unknown person.
Swara:no I will not wear that.
Shomi: but it’s beautiful u have to wear once only and it will take time for shopping. Plzz
Swara(signed): okay fine I will wear that only.
Shomi: good(smiles)
Swara went to her room while shomi informed sanskar that she agreed.

Sanskar came inside swara’s house. He is wearing black suit. Swara stare him as he was looking beyond handsome. He saw Swara wearing pure black saree looking breathe taking.
Sanskar(mumble): she will surely kill me one day with her beauty.
He went near and said
Sanskar:let’s go Swara.
Swara nodded.
Both left from there.

Party Venue:
Swasan came inside. There were many business related people. Swara was litlle nervous as she is not used to all these parties. Sanskar held her hand.
She felt better that he is there.
Swasan went to Mr khanna who is Sanskar’s dealer.
Mr khanna:hello Mr and Mrs Maheshwari.
Swara got shocked and even Sanskar.
Sanskar:no she is not my wife.
Mr khanna:but she was your wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar gesture him to be quite.
Swara was lost in her own world. She get flashes someone calling her Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar: let’s go Swara.
Swasan went other side.
Swara:why he was saying I m your wife.
Sanskar:ohh actually he thought u are my wife. He is old so didn’t found difference.
Swara(shocked): u are married?
Sanskar(in flow): yes.
Swara felt pinch in her heart thinking he is married.
Swara: then why didn’t u bought your wife here??
Sanskar(mumble): who else I bought.
Swara: what??
Sanskar: she is not in kolkata.
Swara: hmm
Some were doing couple dance.
Sanskar: if u don’t mind come let’s dance.
Swara went with him. She is still not able to digest that sanskar is married.
Swasan went to floor and Sanskar pull her wrapping his hand around on her waist. She fall on his chest. They shared lovely eyelock which was broken by swara. They started dancing slowly. Sanskar twirl and back hug her. Soft romantic music was playing in background. Sanskar trace his hand sensuously from her shoulder till her wrist. His hot breathe hitting her neck.
Swara closed her eyes feeling him. His touch was making her senseless. She got flashes that she is dancing with some man in same way. They were so happy. She instantly opened her eyes.
Sanskar turn her and pull her closer. Their face was inch apart.
Sanskar saw some confusion in her eyes.
Sanskar(slowly): what happened??
Swara:we had earlier also danced together.
Sanskar: why??
Swara:don’t know I felt like that.
Sanskar felt happy that she is remembering her past.
Sanskar: no may be u r mistaken.
Swara:yes plz I want to go.
Sanskar nodded and both came down.
Sanskar got call and went to attend.
Swara was so confused firstly some one calling her as sanskar’s wife and above that these flashes.
She took glass of drink and gulp it to calm her nerves. She didn’t realized that it was alcohol not soft drink.
Her head spin and she strike with waiter and some alcohol fell on her saree.
Sanskar came and saw swara she is holding her head.
Sanskar:swara u okay.
Swara(half closed eyes): hmm
Sanskar saw her wet saree and smell it
Sanskar: u had taken alcohol??
Swara(pout): may be.
Sanskar(signed): come let’s go.
Swara like a innocent child held his hand and went out.
Sanskar made her sit in car and himself sit on driver seat and start the car.
Sanskar: hmm
Swara:u r really married?
Sanskar: yes
Swara: u love your wife???
Sanskar: yeah I love her from the bottom of my heart.
Swara:so sweet and yes u should love your wife.
Sanskar smiles.
They whole way she keep on blabbering.

Bose house:
Sanskar came inside with Swara in his arms.she is playing with his shirt button.
Shomi: what happened to her.
Sanskar: she took alcohol mistakenly.
Shomi: ohhh then u be with her.
Sanskar nodded and went to swara’s room and place her on bed and came out
Shomi: hmm
Sanskar: plzz can you change swara’s saree. There is little wine on it.
Shomi: u yourself change sanskar u r her husband.
Sanskar: but ma she don’t remember me and then…
Shomi: then what she is still your wife. Don’t worry.
Sanskar nodded and went to Swara.

Swara’s room:
Sanskar came inside and swara got up and sits seeing him. He went to cupboard and took out her casuals.
Swara:Sir u will live here??
Sanskar:yes why u don’t want?
Swara:no u can live.
Her eyes were getting close due to hangover.
Sanskar came near her and saw her. She is sitting like a pure white doll wrapped in black cloth. Sanskar was not feeling right. Yes she is his wife but still not in her senses. Sanskar went and switched off the light.He came back and sit near her.
Swara:sir u r there I m scared.
Sanskar: I m here only swara.
Swara circle her arms around his waist in sitting position.
Sanskar smiles and unpin her saree pallu as a result it fall down. It was all dark in the room. Tears fell from sanskar’s eyes as the memories of their special night on terrace came in his mind.
He opened knot of her blouse. He can’t see her but can feel. He was breathing heavily as her chest pressed against his.
Sanskar:no I can’t proceed. She is not in senses.
He was about to get up when swara whisper in dizzy state.
Swara: I m yours only.
Sanskar got stunted listening her. Her mind forget him but heart still claim that she belong to him. She is sanskar’s swara.He smiles with tear filled eyes and then made her wear her night dress. After changing, he on the light and saw swara is half sleeping. He made her lie on bed comfortably and took her in his embrace. Today he is not that strong to leave her and go so he slept with her feeling solace being near to her.
To be continued….

Precap: jealousy

Well sorry if it was over and I was thinking to end it in next shot but then I had already done mistake of rushing in my story believe me so will not repeat with other stories. So I will go with normal pace. I hope u will bear this story for few more shots.
Thank you

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