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Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 8th

RECAP : Ahil saves Naina after a poisoned snake bit her , Later Riya enrages seeing Ahil and Naina together , Kamini hits Naina with rod and cautioned her not to come closer to Ahil again ..

Naina got little thirsty , She hadn’t ate anything , She supported her head with wall and closes her eyes , Tears flooded those Nainas ( eyes ) which couldn’t see but were waiting for someone to come eagerly .

Suddenly she feels someone’s fingers reaching her eyes and whipping off her tears and that Person hugged her , That Particular hug gave her deep warmth and relaxation .

Naina smoothly open her eyes , She can’t see but she can make out , Realize , It was Ahil .

Naina : Why’d you came here ?

Ahil : You only said just now , That there’s a Protective hand which god sends to help others and to bring smile on faces , So I’m here

Naina : This all is just a story , A fantasy , A crap , It’s never could be a truth

Ahil : How come you be here , Come let’s go home , Come .

Naina stood up , Ahil holds her hand and pushed her to go home , But Naina stood still .

Ahil : Come let’s move in

Naina moves her head from Left to right .

AHIL : No , But why ?

Naina : Please go from here

Ahil holds her from shoulders and looks into her moist shiny eyes ” But , Why , Tell me , It’s your home ”
Naina cried out of Pain as he was holding her aching arms ” Ahhooch ”

AHIL looks towards her red and swollen arms ” Naina , Who and how did it happen ”

Naina was silent , AHIL ” Okay wait , Come , Come with me ”

He took her to his car, Make her rest on the comfortable seat , Took out Medical kit and applies ointment on her arms .

AHIL : I can’t understand what’s happening here , Please make it clear

Naina : Leave it Ahil , There’s no need for you to understand , Leave me on my own

AHIL : How can I do that ? You ought to tell me what happened , Aren’t we friends .

Naina : Thanks for everything you did for me , But now I need to go back and sir there in the dark.

AHIL : Have you gone mad , Did you ate anything ?

Silent persists , ” I knew you wouldn’t have eaten anything ”

AHIL opens the back door and brings a box ” I’ve bought PRASAD , I knew you will not eat until you visit temple , So I went there and Prayed from your side also , Have it come on ”

Naina : I don’t know how can I express my gratitude , Thanks , how will I repay …..( he keeps his hands on her lips )

Ahil : Shhh !!! Don’t say this , I’ve made it clear already DOSTI KA EK OOSUL HAI MADAM ! NO SORRY NO THANK YOU ( it’s a rule in friendship , No sorry no thank you )

AHIL took a little piece of sweet and puts it in her mouth . Then Naina hears Kamini yelling from inside ” Eh girl , Where are you , Still Alive or dead ”

AHIL : Kamini aunty , Wait let me talk to her

Naina recalled what she said to her ‘ If I saw you again with AHIL then I’ll tell doctors that we don’t need your grandfather , You can kill him ‘ , Naina shouts ” AHIL ! no You’ll not go there ”

AHIL stood shocked , Naina ” You’ve helped me a lot , Can once again you help me ”

AHIL nodded .

Naina : Please go out of my life , Don’t come to Me again , we’re friends , But nothing else , I beg you please go from here

AHIL was confused , Hurriedly he go and hid in his car .

Naina walked away , To her house .

Kamini comes out of the house ” Where were you ”

Naina : Sorry mom , Now I promise I won’t do anything what you hate

Kamini : Don’t try to be over smart , I know you very well , Just stay out of my house , Okay , So that next time if you try to betray me you know how I tortured you

She locked the gate and goes in …
After AHIL comes out of the car , His feet which were walking forward on the dry road could be heard , Naina roared ” No AHIL , Please don’t come here ”

AHIL stopped ” KABHI KABHI YEH SWAAL BAHUT SATATA HAI MUJHE , KI HAME MILAYA KYOON JABH HAME MILNA HI NAHI THA ” ( sometimes this question troubles me a lot that why we met when our destinations dosen’t want us to ).

Naina : Sorry Ahil , But I’ve to remain silent , This is what gives me power

AHIL: why are you silent , I can’t understand you , Tell your pains , Speak , It’s the in solution

Naina : You know what Ahil ! BAATE TO HAR KOI SMAJH LETA HAI , MUJHE AISA KOI CHAHIYE JO MERI KHAMOSHI SAMAJH SAKE ( Our sayings can be easily understood by anyone , But I need someone that could understand me when I’m silent )

They both twisted , Their backs repelled each other .

Naina stumbles and goes back on her Place , Ahil opens the door of car and sit inside .

[ Background music – Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi … ]

AHIL Speaks ” What do you think I can’t understand your silence , I can very well , But How should I make you understand that more than you need me , I NEED YOU , SO LET ME LOVE YOU ”

NAINA sat there and thinks ” How should I say this that I need someone near me when my heart gets weak , I NEED SOMEONE , I NEED LOVE , BUT WHO CAN BE THERE FOR ME !

___:: NEXT MORNING : _____
Ahil’s eyes opened and He saw Naina was okay , So he drove away to his hostel . Then Naina woke up , To check if he was there she spoke ” Ahil ” , But no reply came

Naina ” I knew he would go , I knew ”

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ƛƬ ӇƠƧƬЄԼ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
They trio were sitting at the breakfast table

Abhay : Really ! so whole night you were there

Rahul : But Yaar ! how can one be like this , I mean she was so ill , Then also her mom gave her punishment

AHIL : But what punishment , For what ? I am sure this is not a truth , She’s hiding something

Abhay : Maybe she would have done some mistake , Her mom might be a strick one , And ….

Ahil : No Abhay , I’ve always seen a sight of terror in Naina’s eyes , She’s obviously hiding something

Abhay : But what Is she hiding

Rahul : Should we ask Riya

Ahil : We should not ask her , I doubt Riya too .

Rahul : You know what sometimes I really don’t understand Riya , she’s always behind Ahil , And why Does Naina lives out of the house

Abhay : She’s eldest daughter , What’s happening here , I’m muddled

AHIL : something is really fishy over here , But what ????

ᖇᗩᎥ’ᔕ ᕼᗝᑌᔕᗴ….

Kamini assures Riya : Listen , Everything is clear now , No one will come into your way

Riya : Thanks mom you always help me out

Kamini : Now you’ve to keep on trying , You’ve to impress Ahil

RIYA : But why ?

Kamini : Moron , Don’t you want to spend your life as a queen , Don’t you want a luxurious life

Riya : I want ! what should I do

Kamini : You can do it ! prove yourselves , Show him that you can even die for him , Okay

Kamini climbs down the stairs , She spoke to her husband , Naveen , Sitting on sofa

Kamini : I gave you one Job and you even didn’t did that

Naveen : I’m finding a tenant don’t worry

Kamini : You’re so lazy

Naveen : Really , This whole house is dependent upon me Okay

Kamini : Hmm I know , Now shut your mouth and do some work , Okay

Naveen : Don’t worry I’ll find a tenant very soon .


Abhay : what should we do now

AHIL : I’ve a Plan and I need your help to execute it

Rahul : we’ll help you but what is the Plan ?

AHIL : To find out who’s the thief we’ve to first enter their niche

Abhay : What is in your mind ?

Ahil : Listen ….. ( silent conversation )

Rahul exclaimed with shock: AHIL are you serious , We’ve to do this


Ahil : Yes guys we don’t have any other way , This is a better idea .

Rahul : I wonder if it will work

Ahil : It will don’t worry .

Abhay : Let’s leave it on God now !!!



Pinky : Naina are you okay , I was really worried for you whole night

Naina : I’m fine , Now I don’t feel Pain because I’m used to it , Don’t worry Okay

Pinky : Naina you didn’t ate anything since yesterday .

Naina : No I ate a little piece of love and that pacified me fully , Now I don’t need anything

Pinky : Your double meaning answers , I can’t understand , Wait let me bring something for you

Naina : Pinku!!! my friend now just forget about last night , Smile Okay

Pinky : what about your smile

Naina smiles faintly ” Okay now , Be happy , Okay ”

Pinky : You’re my star , I love you .

She pics up the Mop and moves out of the room to RAI’S house .


Kamini and Naveen were sitting on the table , While Riya was in her room .

Riya was chatting to Ahil on Phone

Riya : I’ll really miss you , So sad you’re leaving

Ahil : Oh RIYA you now , My Aunt is really weak so I’ve to go to see her

Riya : I just wish she gets well soon

Ahil : Don’t miss me , My friend I’ll be back from Malaysia very soon .

Riya in her mind ( Hai !!! ( what ! ) Malaysia , May I ask him to take me along )

Riya : AHIL , Can I accompany you , I’ll help you out there

Ahil : No No there’s no need , You’re very nice girl

RIYA thinks ” This is what I’ve to be , For my own advantage ”

RIYA : Thanks AHIL it’s so good of you , Bye

Ahil : Take care bye .

Down there , Kamini bangs cup of tea on Table

Kamini : Here’s your tea , Whom are you talking to on Phone

Naveen on Phone ” Okay Ji we’ll be waiting for you bye ” , He shuts the phone

Naveen : Kamini Ji , I’ve a good news

Kamini : what good news

Naveen : we’ve got new Tenant , Not one but two , And they are ready to Pay even double rent

Kamini : what ! Wow !

Naveen : They’re coming tomorrow to see Space

Kamini : It’s good , Pinky clean the room hurry up , Just throw away All the unnecessary things there .

Pinky : Okay Aunti Ji …

Pinky runs to NAINA .

Naina : what ! No they can’t do this

Pinky : Yes , Aunt is going to throw away all grandfather’s things and rent the room for double amount

Naina : Oh god , Now what’ll happen

Pinky : I also got to know that Ahil is going to Malaysia

Naina : Oh okay , Now I just wish everything goes well .


Abhay : All’s set bro , ready to go

Ahil : Ya I am , Rahul you’ve to be here , You know Na what you’ve to do

Rahul : All’s clear , No tension , All the best for mission

Abhay brings two large suitcases ” The luggage is ready and let’s begin our new journey ”

Abhay : Come Rahul let’s go and bring that Dress for Ahil

Ahil took out Naina’s picture ” See what all I’m doing for you , Just for you , After all we’re friends , And in friendship no sorry no thanks ”

Rahul and Abhay comes in ” Here’s your special dress Ahil ”

Ahil smiles ” It’s beautiful ”

Abhay : Really it is , Just like our Master Plan

Trio laughs and hugs together .

Give your comments , what’s Ahil’s Plan , How’ll Riya try to impress Him . Is NAINA really ready to break friendship from AHIL . If you liked it put ???, Bye , if you’re confused about characters check it ???


Bye love u all???

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  1. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Nice episode di.. And I think Ahil and his friend is planning to go to Naina ‘s house ?
    And sorry di today again I am late bcoz me and my parents went for shopping… As bcoz day after tomorrow is Bengali New Year…
    Good night and sweet dreams di.. ?

    1. Kira

      Happy new year dear , No need sorries in friendship ?? have a good day ??

  2. Hey Kira sorry for the late comment actually I was busy coz tomorrow is Vishu (Kerala new year)
    And about today’s update it was really amazing…… Hope Naina realises Ahil’s love for her as soon as possible……..
    Plzzz update soon
    Have a nice day????
    And HAPPY VISHU well in advance
    Take care dear????

    1. Kira

      Don’t be sorry Rona , No sorries in friendship ,,, love u loads ???happy new year to u an ur family …TC ???

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