Kaleerein 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Marries Meera

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Kaleerein 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan fills Meera’s forehead with his blood and walks away holding her hand. Family follows then. Vivan takes Meera to mantap and does pheras with her while Silky and Laali look in jealousy. Dolly prays god to keep Meera married for whole life. Vivan finishes Pheras and dorns mangalsutra in Meera’s neck and applies shindoor on her forehead. Pandit says this wedding is complete and they are husband and wife now. Vivan says Meera is his wife now and nobody can allege her. Meera cries reminiscing Vivan supporting her and taking her side, Silky lying Vivan gave her chip to edit, Biji backing off Silky, Meera alleging Vivan that he spoilt her life, he telling she protected her and she is alleging him instead, he does not care about her now and leaves. She continues crying.

Amar returns home with Dolly and Biji. Dolly says they have to make arrangements for Meera’s bidayi. Amar says he does not consider this marriage as Vivan just married Meera due to situation, he may back off, did not they see how he changed his words. Dolly says did not they see how Vivan protected Meera, they wanted Mera marry similar boy, good Meera did not marry Sumer as she doubts he was waiting to get out of this alliance.

Meera on the other side thinks Vivaj should reply her why he did this. Bidayi starts. Dolly says Meera is going to same house. Family does rituals and does Meera’s bidayi. Amaya takes Meera to a well decorated room and asks her to rest while she sends Vivan. Meera angrily breaks flower decoration and shouts he made morphed video and then took her life’s decision himself, how dare he. Vivan vents out his anger on punching bag. Meera thinks where is he now. Vivan reminisces marrying Meera. Someone calls him and he says he has some work.

Vivan then gets busy in his work. Meera walks in and says she needs to talk. He says nobody enters his den without permission. She asks why did he make such a big drama by showing morphed video and then alleging Silky, then marrying her, how dare he is to do all this. He says if she thinks so she is a fool, he protected her instead, else moral police would have killed her. She asks why did he write her fate when they cannot tolerate each other for 7 minutes, forget 7 lives, does he have any answer. He says yes, whatever he did is situational and solution is these papers, he has made all arrangement, he will return to London and she can go wherever she wants. She asks what is this. He says divorce papers.

Precap: Meera asks if he thinks everything will be alright after divorc,e this is India and it does not happen here. She throws papers.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Candiva007

    You go Meera! If word got out that they got divorced, how would that look on the family? Silky’s mom would have a field day!

    Vivan should tell Meera the truth about the chip and he should have made a copy of the original video before giving the chip to Silky.

    1. totally agree.he was an idiot not to make a copy of the video

  2. What is going on…expected Meera will understand Vivan after the way he stood by her and protected her life and reputation….it is obvious that she doesn’t have faith in Vivan …then why did she allow him to protect her and marry her….and Vivan too proves to be immature…..how can he keep the divorce papers ready and ask Meera to sign them and free him so that he can go back to his world……on top of it he defends himself that he did the right thing under those Circumstsnces and now wants a divorce just after just a few hours …what does he think ,that the moral brigade won’t come back ….otherwise also where is his conscience gone…in a way indirectly Vivan was responsible for Meera’s shame and disgrace…had he not left the video footage of silky and Sumer with the cheats ,it would not have been edited to Meera’s shame…..And I lost all respect for Meera’s father ,brother and granny who thinks she is very smart…the way they witnessed their girl’s shame ,as if their hands were tied up was unbelievable…. anyways Meera did the right thing by tearing of the divorce document….It will be of interest to see what will be Vivan’s reaction….will he still leave Meera and go….Ofcourse Meera can bank upon Amaya ,who has been her friend and now her sister in law….

    1. Lakshmi, I wish writers can give us mature thinking male leads instead of little boys. I also think Meera is always hyper, always flustered and boisterous, she should be a little more feminine for goodness sake! What’s wrong with these writers? One of the only mature thinking male leads right now on soapland is Sahil on AKAS. …and the thing is…he’s still young, not even a man of the world as yet but his thinking is so different from Vivaan and others… As for Silky, I meant to say this before but I forgot, she a treacherous b*t*h of a sister but she behaves like a saint with her soft voice and demure style..good tactic to catch a man!!! She’s been coveting Sumer all along although we didn’t see it coming till recently but she’ll get what she deserves, in the same way Sumer is icky picky and was secretly eyeing Silky behind his betrothed Meera, the same thing he could do to silky as well…. As for Laali, I can’t stand her……

  3. Cathy,finished episode1 of Adhoori Aurat…check out Jeet Gayi Toh forum 12 th April….the first one is basically introductory ,,,actual story starts from Episode 2.

    1. Cathy

      Thanks again!!

  4. Hello everyone.This is Sangeetha.I am new here to comment.But i love the serial Kaleerein.I want to write FF on it.I got a nice plot.If anyone interested then i will write FF on MeeVan.

    1. I would interest on Kaleerein serial please write FF .

      1. Hello Amanda.Glad to meet you dear. Thank you so much.I will start it soon.
        So friends?

    2. Yes please start writing

      1. Hello Shraddha.Thank you dear.I will start it soon.So Friends?

  5. Why Zee is only showing 3 days Please give us Monday to Friday –thanks love the serial so far

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