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1ꜱᴛ – ᴇᴘɪꜱᴏᴅᴇ

????? 1

The episode starts with , Three boys in a hostel room , Ahil , His friends .

Rahul : Dear Abhay tell your friend that there’s no need to look so good .

Abhay : Rahul let him do what he likes , We’re going on in a wedding Party just to enjoy and eat .

Rahul : But Ahil , What if your mom got to know that the son of richest dad is stealthily going to attended a wedding Party for food .

Then Ahil , Looking himself in mirror turns and smiles .

Ahil : Don’t worry guys , For me my friends are important not status , And otherwise also , What a wedding is for , To enjoy Party and food .

Rahul : You’re right Ahil ! Living in hostel is really boring we need some time to relax .

Abhay : Hmm !! But Ahil Why are you wearing this expensive Dress , This jewelry and all Ha !!

Rahul : He’s getting ready as if he’s going to meet his Wife ..

Ahil gives a lovely smile ” Maybe I could ! meet her today in the Party

????? 2

Inside a big resort , It’s night , The place is beautifully decorated as it’s a wedding destination .
One side groups of ladies wearing shining dresses were chatting , On the other side , Men were talking and sipping coffee .

The three friends , Ahil , Abhay , Rahul entered .

Abhay : wah ! Mere bhai ( brother ) what a grand Party

RAHUL : yes bro . Hey Ahil let’s go and enjoy the Ball.

They Sat on the table and asked for snacks . People around them Saw Ahil and started gossiping .

Rahul : It’s awesome Man ! try this potato fries .

Then Two girls comes into View , They find Ahil and Standing at a distance talks to each other

Simi : Hey this is Ahil sinha Na !
Riya : Oh Yea ! I can’t believe him in front of my eyes

Simi : Go and meet him , I can’t I’m sorry .
Riya : Okay ! okay I’ll go .

Riya goes to Him and knocked his back , He turns around .

Riya : Hello !
Ahil : Do we know each other ?
Riya : Ya ! I’m following you on friendsbook .
Ahil : Oh Hello You’re ?

Riya : I’m Riya Rai ! You can call me Princess . It’s my cousin’s wedding today .


Rahul : Ahil ! I think we should Leave , We aren’t invited .

Ahil : Sorry ! We came here actually !

RIYA : no no no ! It’s perfectly fine , Please enjoy , I know you must also not want to leave seeing a girl like me here .

Abhay : what !??

Riya : Nothing , Please Enjoy .

She goes away ..

Rahul : Wow ! Ahil you got your girlfriend today

Ahil : Hey shut up okay !

Abhay : So I know why you were getting ready like it’s your own marriage

Ahil : It’s nothing like that okay .

Rahul : Okay jokes apart ! Ahil you never have told us about your views of a girlfriend .

Ahil : what type of question it is ?

Abhay : Tell Na bro !

Ahil woke up ” Listen guys I’m just coming okay , You enjoy your night ”
He goes away , Abhay ” Ahil sinha seen Shy when asked about girlfriend ”
Rahul : Top headline .

Ahil walks , He was holding a camera and shooting the moment

and thinks seeing around every corner , All girls .

Ahil : You ask me about my girlfriend , That my heart even dosen’t knows , Maybe someone who’s unique in this whole crowd

Suddenly he bumps with a girl , She was holding a try full of roses . The girl falls into Ahil’s arms and the whole try rises up and on both them , Roses falls down as a shower .
[ Background song – Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar ]

The girl in his arms clears her hairs in front of her eyes and stood all by herself .

Girl : Sorry ! I’m very sorry

Ahil : It’s okay are you fine

Girl : I’m very sorry please forgive me .

Then Someone holds Girl’s arms from behind , And rolled her . It was none other than Her mom , Kamini Rai ..

Kamini : Hey shit girl , I told you not go move from your Position , Why did you moved Ha !!

Girl : I didn’t moved , I’m sorry .

Kamini : Don’t you know how to hold a tray , You know who’s this , This is Ahil Sinha

Girl : Ma ! Listen to me , I didn’t did anything .

Kamini : Just shut up , I don’t want to listen a single word , You’re trying to argue with me .

She raises her arm showing her hand to Slap her , Ahil holds her hand .

Ahil : Mam ! she said that she didn’t did anything .

Kamini : Oh Ji you don’t know her , She can’t do anything seriously . Come ! Come with me , I’ll tell you !

Kamini clutched her arm and dragged her away ..

The girl was crying and Screaming ” Please Ma ! Don’t beat me again , I’m sorry , Please don’t beat me , I don’t want to live in that dark room again , Alone ”

Rahul and Abhay comes there .

Rahul : Let’s go Ahil now , It’s late .

Abhay : Come bro , Let’s go now .

R̰ḬY̰A̰’̰S̰ ̰P̰O̰V̰ ̰

Riya : How sweet was he ! Oh lord

Simi : Why’d he came here ?

Riya : God knows , But he’s so cute .

Simi : Ya !

Riya : Oh lord please I want to be his GF , Help me please !

Simi : Oh Princess , Your mom is calling you let’s go .

Kamini : Riya ! My beautiful daughter , Enjoying

Riya : of course Mom ! By the way , where’s Naina

Kamini : I’ve given her some job , She’s a headache for me

Riya : Again , She did something

Kamini : I won’t tell you what happened just now , Don’t destroy your mood , Go now .

Naina was sitting down on the floor , She was making garlands , Working with needle and flowers . Tears were dripping down on her cheeks , As she was thinking how her mom tortured her .

Standing at a distance three ladies were babbling .

Lady 1 : Kamini Ji , wow what a daughter you have , She’s so beautiful , And sweet

Lady 2 : Ya ! see she’s dealing with such a great problem but , Still she’s so independent .

Kamini : Thanks you all , I’m really lucky to have Naina as a daughter really .

Lady 1 : Even if she’s suffering a lot , But see , She can do anything

Lady 2 : Ya ! she’s God gifted girl

The needle pricked Naina’s finger , And blood oozed out . Naina shouts ” Aaah !!! Ouch ”

????? 3
Three friends were in car . Abhay was driving car , Ahil sitting beside , Rahul at the backseat .

Ahil suddenly cried ” Ouch ”

Abhay : what happened ! Are you okay

Ahil : Ya ! just felt like something sharp pricked my finger

( Their heart to heart connection is described here )

Abhay : Oh is it ! May be a mosquito

Ahil : How cruel was that woman , She was so bad with her daughter

Abhay : Ahil I think now you’re thinking a lot , Leave it why should we care !

Rahul : Yes , Why we need to care , She’s nothing to us

Ahil : No ! Don’t say like this , I just can’t believe how was she crying and yelling

His Phone rings …

Abhay : who’s calling Ahil

Rahul : I know it must be Ms . Janki sinha

Ahil : You got it right !

He pics up the call ..

????? 4
Inside a big mansion ” Sinha’s mansion

A woman , Wrapped in shining , Designer Saree , walks down the stairs , She’s talking on Phone , She’s JANKI SINHA

Janki : Ahil my son ! How’s you

Ahil : I’m good Mom , why’d you called

Janki : I’m your Mama , Right ! I’ll call you every hour , I care for you

Ahil : Okay mom

Janki : Ahil when will you come back to home , We’re in one city but still we’re living in different Houses

Ahil : Mom you know Na I’m doing a little business course , My university is quite far for home so I’m staying in a hostel

Janki : I miss you my son , Everyday media , Your dad , Asks me when will you come and I’m not answerable to them

Ahil : Mom , Let me complete my studies okay , I’ll come soon , Bye good night .

????? 5

Naina is in her room , Her friend ( care taker or maid ) PINKY is with her .

Naina : Pinky why I’m like this , Why people don’t love me

Pinky : Naina , Please don’t cry , Me and Grandpa always love you

Naina : Then why not Mom , Dad and Riya

Pinky : My dear , I know that but please you’ll have to be strong

Naina : I know the reason why the world hates me , Because I’m born blind .

Tears flooded her eyes , Face was red , She keeps her hands on her chest .

Naina : They think I can’t see , So I don’t need love , They think if I can’t see the world , I am not able to see Love . But , They don’t know , That love is not seen , It’s felt . Love is from heart , Not eyes .

????? 6
Ahil and his friends reached the hostel . They all were sleeping , But Ahil was sitting at the roof top in cool breezy night .

Ahil was recalling all those moments , When that girl , Who’s name he dosen’t know even , When she falls in his arms , When he saw eyes beautiful eyes , Shiny and like diamond .

Ahil : I will pray to Lord that he makes us meet once again , I can’t explain myself , The moment I saw you , My heart started beating fast . It’s like for first time in my life I had loved someone like this .

Ahil smiles ” I can’t tell anyone it’s not Love at first sight , It’s what my heart sent me signals when I saw her for first time , My heart said I’m in LOVE ”

{ Dₒ ᵢₛq ₖₐᵣₙₑ wₐₗₒₙ ₖᵢ ₖₐₕₐₙᵢ ⱼᵢₙₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ
ₚyₐₐᵣ ₐₙdₕₐ ₕₐᵢ }


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  1. ImRagela

    Hi Kira ….This episode was awesome ,…Superb one…I just loved it …Ahiana’s rose eyelock was lovely ?????????….Eagerly waiting..And i love Ahil’s character..He is very sweet and amazing…And all the characters were also did well…Finally the whole was episode Fantastic….No words….Love u loads ??????????????????

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot sweeti ??have a nice day ….

  2. Deeyaana

    Aww so cute 🙂 🙂 love it kira dii. I am a big fan of ur writings. I loved your previous ff too. Please update ASAP. I just loved the tray scene. Your writing has so much warmth in it. I feel so good and fresh after reading your ff. I was late to read the last episode of DON’T NEED YOU but I loved Pari and Veer a looooottttttt. I also read that this ff has a link with your previous ff. So please reveal the relationship ASAP. And her mum is so cruel. Ya and loved Ahil’s attitude. ( i didnot think that he would realize his love this fast) but anyway too much stretching is not so good. I just fell in love with Teri aankhon mein. So lovely So pure So heart touching. I love you a lot dii. Lots of love. Stay blessed and happy.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ,,, Love you loads ,,, One thing which I want to make clear is it dosen’t have any connection with DON’T NEED YOU , But yes it has a link with my new fan fiction on AVNEIL …
      Have a superb day ahead ????

      1. Deeyaana

        Ohh!! Waiting for that ff.

  3. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Nice episode di… It’s a unique and beautiful story….
    Yesterday I was sad bcoz I thought today I can’t talk with you bcoz maybe you will not write today but when I saw this episode I became very happy bcoz I can do comment now and also I can say you good night… Tumko good night na bolne se mujhe achha nahi lagta di… ?
    Good night and sweet dreams di….

    1. Kira

      So sweet of you dear , Thanks a lot , And me too without seeing all of my friends comments , I can’t sleep
      Good night ????

  4. Lucie

    Sorry for being late but I was little busy in our school function. The episode was really good. Ahil and naina scene was very beautifully designed as well as presented. Loved it yaar.

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear ,,, have a amazing day ahead ??

  5. HarSHaN

    Very Nice One!!!????..Nice narration!!

    1. Kira

      Thanks ,, have a amazing day ahead ??

  6. The first episode was marvellous didi
    I loved the three friends
    Is naina really blind?
    Waiting for upcoming episodes
    Have a sweet day
    Sorry I commented late

  7. Have a nice day today didi

    1. Kira

      Thanks Shagun dear ,,, have a blissful day ahead , love u ????

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