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Hola Everyone, Its me Riana & Dedicating this Os to Kavya, my dear little sister who wants me to write an Os on Shivika before she leaves for her hostel !…So Its a pretty simple teenage story you will understand soon…? and there are no twists and turns…And also everyone it is short as i have my exam tomorrow…Its damm crazy…Enjoy ?


“Okay students, i want everyone’s project to be submitted after 2 weeks, otherwise your final exam mark will be deducted !!” Teacher informs or threatens them and then wishes them Happy Summer Vacation and leaves…

“Shit yaar !!…This is digusting…mam first gave us this project and now wishing happy summer vacation !!” Gauri irks…??

“Soumya..whats your opinion here” shivaay asks…?

“I think mam did correct, she’s focussing on our studies guys” soumya says chilling !!…☺

“You just shutup !…ma’am ki chamchi” gauri gets irked and asks anika “Hey anika tell naa whats your opinion ?”…?

“I think mam is a bit tensed these days…maybe she’s having fight with her husband and thats why releasifng her anger on us” anika says her point of view…?

“Whoaaa !!…True said !!…” Gauri & Anika does high five !!…?

“Anikaa…guyz dont say like this about mam….else i will complain !” Soumya fawns…?

“Mmmhh….meh mam ko bata dungi…if you complaint naa…then we call you by only one that is” rudra says…


“Chamchi” anika teases !! ?

“No guyz !”…?

Om is on the other hand busy in reading a book !!…He doesnt talk to anyone !…He is like more introvert in nature !…(lol just kidding ??)

“Hey Om…Whats your opinion ?” Shivaay asks…

“Shivaay…stop asking everyone and tell yours opinion and i am listening” om says smirking ! ?

Shivaay gets ashamed and everyone laughs hardly except anika !! ????

“Bilkul sahi hain…why are you such a question bank ?” Rudra asks…

“Hey! Guyz…did you noticed one thing !!…Shivaay-Anika are talking to each other, whats the matter !” Gauri asks…

“No i” shivaay says confusingly !!…

“Did you guyz had a breakup or what ?” Gauri asks…?

“Shutuppp Gau…And your own business !!” Anika angrilly replies !!…?

She makes faces…

“Why dont asks her gau…she is extremely dramatic !!…Dramewali !” Shivaay replies smirking ! ??

“Enoughh !!…I dont want a stay here !!…Soumya & Rudra go and bring my car fast !!” anika shouts !!…

“Anikaa we are not your servants…go and bring yourself” soumya rants ! ??

“???” Anika looks on and walks out…At the doorstep she hits bhavya who is nail polishing !!…

“Hattt” anika pushes and rushes outside !!…

“Anika ko kya hua ?” Bhavya asks shivaay !!…?

“Mujhe kya pata…sab mujhe hi kyun puch rahe hain !…I am not that anika’s pa ?” Shivaay angrilly replies and walks out !!…?

“Bhavya…come naa baby…massage my shoulder no” gauri leans on the bench and says…

“Gauri…Tera gala dabadu” bhavya replies…?
(Should i strange you)

“Whhhatt ?” ??

“Soumya…come lets go…rudy you too come”…

“Are you three going for threesome ?” Gauri asks naughtily !! ??

“Shutuppp Gauri !!” Soumya, Rudra & Bhavya angrilly replies and elopes !!…???

Now Gauri & Om are at the class !!…Gauri stares at Om’s eyes…Om intensively looks at her eyes !!…Gauri signs him to come near her…Om throws the book away and sits near her !!…??


“Acche se dabao naa !” Gauri says naughtily !!…?
(Squeeze na)

Om is shown massaging gauri’s shoulder !! ???

“Tumhe mein hi mila ye sab karne keliye !!” Om asks…?
(You got me only to do this)

“Sssshh…Aur zor se dabao”…?

“Kya” ?

“Kandhaa baby” she replies…?
(My shoulders baby)



Soumya, Bhavya & Rudra are shamelessly munching each other’s…???
Burgers !! ???



Anika is standing and busy on her phone, Shivaay comes from back and pushes her !!…

“How dare you ??” Anika asks…

“Dare me”…

Anika “Whhhat ? You are really stupid Shivaay !!”…

Shivaay “Anika…dont dare to talk to me like that else”…

Anika “Else”…

Shivaay starts unbuttoning his pants !!!…

Anika “Ye tum kya kar rahe hon”…??

Shivaay looks here and there and spots one !!…

Anika gets afraid !! ?

Shivaay pushes anika back and walks towards the bushes and pees there !!! ???????????????

Anika “??????”…

He finishes his disgust and then comes near anika !!…

“Tumhare dimaag ka screw kitna dhilaa hain…washroom nahi milaa saamne jo yaha par hi tumne” anika says disgustingly ??
(You are such a retard…you didnt got washroom near that you)

“Jab lagti hain naa…tab pata chalta hain” shivaay says confidently ! ?
(You will understand when you will suffer this pain)

“Ajeeb hai” anika replies…

Shivaay suddenly kisses on her cheeks !!…

Anika “huhhh”..

“Sorry yaar !!…Pls forgive naa” shivaay apologises !!…

“Pucca, you are feeling guilty now…pura ek minute laga mujhe tumhare liye dinner order mein Swiggy se !!” Anika says her sad story !! ??
(It took me one big minute to order food for you from Swiggy)


Shivaay “Sorry naa…but food was so spicy that i got angry and”…

Anika looks on…

“I gulped the whole food just for you”…?

“I am proud of you !!…And I still love you” anika replies…

They holds each other’s hands !!…??

Suddenly Anika-Shivaay looks at our phone/laptop screens !!…Anika says something..

“Chalo niklo abhi….Scene khatam Os khatam…bye”
(Now get out ! Scene ended Os ended..Bye)




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  1. Mansi

    Funny OS?????Enjoyed it????Classroom scene was so much fun????RiKara scene??Bhavya is too here?Rudy, Soumya n Bhavya scene was????Anika ordering food for shivay n as the food was spicy he got angry??Want more??

    1. Riana

      @Manuu… ???
      I laughed a lot during writing that RuMyaVya scene manuu ???

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is funny dear

    1. Riana

      @Niki.. ??

  3. Niriha

    It’s so funny dear???I really enjoyed it superb ?

    1. Riana

      @Niri… Same happened with me yaar ???

  4. Kavya14

    So funny just lovedd thanku love u????

    1. Riana

      @Kavya.. aww…????

    2. Riana

      @Kavya.. will miss u ???

  5. Arpita6

    Riana dear…
    You are going to hostel..
    I am sad..
    This OS is khidkitod. …
    I wish you will study in khidkitod types..
    Good luck dear.
    Love you

    1. Riana

      @Arpita… Not me kavya whom i dedicated this Os is going to hostel arpita…??
      Thanxalottt ???

    1. Riana

      @Ale… ?

  6. ItsmePrabha

    ????????..hahahaha… Very funny..

    1. Riana

      @Prabha… ?????

  7. Jasminerahul

    you are too good at comedy.loved this college comedy.girls’ gang n their talk…so funny.I was reminded of my gang in college.boys’ gang’s talk was also funny.rumya bhavya and rikara scenes were so funny.shivay saying that he is not anika’s PA for everyone to ask questions about her was funny.shivay just gulped the whole spicy food just for he narrated it was funny.enjoyed was funny like fairy tale ishq

    1. Riana

      @Jas… ??????

  8. Niyati

    Damn funny di ….loved it

    1. Riana

      @Niyu.. ???

  9. Pavithra1616

    Wow! SSO funny! Love it..

  10. Negisanyukta

    This os really made me laugh.Loved it to the core???Yaaa….hope to read this kind of os in future.
    Keep writting dear???

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