Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 17)

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Till one week she was in the the hospital.. Now she was better.. But I wanted her to be alright..

“Doctor when will u discharge her..” I asked..

“Well.. She is recovering fast.. U can take her back tomorrow.. And Mr Maheshwari try to make her happy.. Don’t give her any stress.. Mrs Smith strictly told me not to give her any stress..”

“Mrs Smith how did she knew she was here..?”

“Yesterday she came here.. Leave all that . u go ur wife must be waiting for u..” He left.. Mrs Smith was taking especial interest on swara’s case.. I went inside the room.. Lucky was with her

“Hubs, when will I go to home.. I don’t want to live here..” She showed her disappointment.. I knew she hates hospitals most..

“Bhai, see na bhabhi is feeling bored here…”

“Tomorrow we r going.. Now u take rest.. ” she hold my hand..

“Don’t go anywhere..?” Lucky smiled and left..

“I’m here only….” She slept.. After an hour.. Kavita called me outside..

“Sanky, sujata aunty came to meet.. U..” Mom came..

“Mom, what happened”

“Sanskar, I want talk something to u personally..” Kavita left..” Sanskar I know tomorrow u r taking her back but before u have to promise something.. ”

“What ?”

“She thought u r husband.. And being a wife she demand love from u.. But now as u promised u will .marry kavita so… Promise me u won’t touch her..”

“Mom, I’ll do everything u want.. U don’t worry.. I’ll not cheat kavita.. I can handle swara.. And thank u mom for saving my life..” I hugged her.. I knew she loves a lot.. Next day I took her back..

“Hubs, where r we going.. It’s not the way.. Of our house.. ” I stopped taxi outside the house.. She looked towards the nameplate.. “Hubs, when we bought new home.. Tell na”

“U talk too much shona.. Come inside..” I took her in the bedroom..

“Wao hubs, when we clicked this pic.. It’s awsome..” She was very happy

“On Diwali.. Lucky clicked it.. ” she hugged me..

“See na, hubs I forget.. All our love moments.. In these two months. How many time we loved each other.. But me forget everything..”? ‘not we u made love with ur lover..sahil.. Did she really loved me.. ‘ in the night.. After the dinner.. I gave her medicine..

” shona U take rest.. ” I was about to left.. She hold my hand..

“U r not sleeping hubs…” She asked.. But I promised mom.. I slept beside her.. After she got sleep I left for guest room.. I couldn’t able to stay with her.. She only reminds me how stupid I was.. I took blanket and slept.. In the midnight I tried to move.. But something hold my leg.. I opened my eyes.. She was sleeping in the floor taking the support of bed and holding my leg.. Don’t know but tear made way from my eyes..?.. It was very cold she was shivering also.. which I could never imagine in my dreams and thoughts that much love you gave me then Y u cheated me jaan.. I picked her and took to the room.. I took her in my embrace took the blanket and slept.. In the morning I take tea for her but she was crying..

“Shona, what happened.. ” but she was continuously weeping.. “Tell na shona..” She cried more..?

“Hubs did I committed any mistake.. U slept in the guest room.. ” what to say… ? How could I tell her what she did.. “Even since the time I opened my eyes u didn’t called me jaan, neither u kissed me….. Say na hubs.. What I did..” I wiped her tear and kissed on her forehead..

“Jaan, doctor told me. U r week and we should stay away from each other for sometime.. And if I’ll sleep with u.. Then U know it very hard for ur hubs to control.. ” I smiled.

“Hubs, did u find anyone better than me.. Then please leave her.. I can’t live without u.. I’ll make myself ready for u hubs..” she hugged her ..”I love …u hubs..” These words always fooled me.. Her tears, innocence, smile took everything from me..

“Jaan, what rubbish u r talking.. me too love u jaan.. Once u will become fine.. Then ur hubs won’t leave u for a second.. ”

“Promise.. ” I kissed on her cheek..

“U won’t believe jaan” I couldn’t make fake promises like her…. This was not that simple that I thought. It’s was hard to stay away from her.. She knew my weakness.. This heart always make me weak for her.. Still I couldn’t understand Y it’s beating for her.. Mom also send kavita. They didn’t believe me..

“Hubs, Y kavita came here..?”

“Jaan, woh she just completed her graduation so.. She need my help in her new case.. ”

“Oh, I know my hubs is best but don’t spend too much time with her..”

“Ok, now let me go..”

“Wait hubs, u can talk to her later.. First help me. I need to take shower.. I couldn’t open my clothes.. I’m facing problem in bending my hand..” I tried hard to come out of the problem.. She took me inside the bathroom.. “Come on hubs.. Do it..” I undid her sari. My eyes fell on her navel..

“Hubs, when did I wore this belly ring..” I was just starting her navel.. I kissed there.. But I controlled myself.

“Wait jaan, I’m coming..” I went outside and send kavita.. I knew swara would be very much disappointed with this.. Kavya also got engaged

“Sanky kavya came to meet u” kavita informed me..

“U go I’m coming..” I came down with swara.. Kavya invited us for her engagement..

“Sanky, he my love adarsh.. ”

“Hi sanky.. ” we talked for sometime then they left..

Like this one week passed.. I started spending more time with kavita.. Swara also tried to come near me but I denied her by saying that she is not well..

“I’m very happy sanky U hold ur promise..” She held my hand.. ” I’m very blessed I get u as my future husband.. U r too good ”

“I’m not that much good.. That’s why my wife cheated me.. ”

I went inside the room.. I was shocked to see swara she was only in my white shirt.. She was fully wet.. Her curves were clearly visible. Water drops were flowing from her locks.. Her wet shirt clearly showing her bosom, her navel.. She held my hand and took me near the bed.. She hugged me..

“I love u.. Hubs..” I released the hug. And locked her lips inside mine.. And kissed her.. I pulled her by waist.. I was losing the control.. We broke the kiss. We were gasping badly.. I immediately undid her shirt.. My heart skip the beat.. Seeing her without any barriers.. I caressed her cheek it was soo smooth.. I placed a wet kiss on her cheek. She undid my shirt… And touched my chest..

“Hubs, my name! When did u made this tattoo..”

“Sssh ” I placed her in bed and came top of her.. She was blushing. ? I kissed on her forehead.. And entangled her fingers with mine.. I immediately took her bosom inside my mouth.. Started sucking it..

“Hubs, …” Her moans forcing me to increase my strength. “I.missed this…” She was enjoying it..

“Hey sanky listen…” Just then kavita came..I looked towards her. I reminded I forget to close the door.. Swara immediately hugged me..

“Kavita get out..” She shouted..

“Sorry to disturb u..” She left.. I couldn’t able what happened at sudden to me.. I was making love with swara.. No I couldn’t cheat kavita, I couldn’t my mom’s promise.. I tried to get up..

“Hubs don’t leave in between.. I’m carving for ur love..” She was crying..

“Shona, it’s not right.. U wore ur clothes.. I’m just coming..”

“But hubs” I took my shirt and left without saying anything.. It was my mistake so I have to rectify it.. I went behind kavita..

“Kavi.. Listen” she wasn’t answering me.. Her anger is valid.. “Kavita please listen..”

“What is left sanky.. ”

“I’m sorry..”

“Sorry, oh did it rectify waht u did. U have any idea what I saw.. She was in ur arms and u..”

“I lost my control.. ”

“Y u made fake promises sanky… I’m going.. ” I hold her hand and hugged her..

“Please listen to me.. Give me last chance.. Trust me. I won’t repeat it again.. Trust me.” She hugged me tightly..

“Sanskar u don’t know how much I love u.. Don’t do this again..”

“Ok now come.. Back to home..”

“No sanky, take me outside.. I want to spend sometime with u..” I agreed.. We came home late I informed swara I’ll be late.. When I returned back I saw sahil’s car. I went inside and hide behind the door..

“Sahil, leave my hand..”

“Shona, what happened.? Y forget.. Our love”.

” what love sahil.. I never loved u..” Sahil pulled her..

“Swara me made love.. Two month ago.”she slapped him

“How dare to tell this rubbish I’ll kill myself if someone touch me.. I don’t believe u.. U leave before hubs came..”

“Shona..” She again slapped him.. And pushed him outside.. I hide.. She was crying badly.. I came inside the room..

“Shona” she came towards he and hugged me..

“Hubs, where were u.. U know what that sahil told me. He said. That he and me.. ” I cried.. More..”I couldn’t tell u..”

“Sssh jaan, ”

“Hubs, don’t leave me like that.. ” I gave her medicine. She slept on my lap..

“Shona u r impossible to understand if.. U had slept with him earlier. Then Y not today.. Is there is anything shona that we both don’t know..” Next day.. Swara is taking bath.. I was searching.. Clothes.. Just then my eyes fall on piggyback.. Kept inside the drawer. ‘For giving advocate.. Mrs manshi.’

“y shona need advocate..” I hide it back.. I called lucky we went to meet Mrs manshi.. She told me swara had field case against sahil.. For killing her unborn babies.. But she hadn’t enough money to submit her fees..

“If she filed case Y she didn’t informed me.. I’m ur their dad”

“Bhai, she came to meet u but, ragini and chachi.. Send her back.. On that day when we went to meet her.. Her parents and sahil.. Bhabhi left her home.. She was living in ur home Alone..”he told me how he met her in market.. I felt bad for leaving her..

” Bhai I want to tell u one more thing .. Although bhabhi told me not to tell u”

“What lucky”

“2 month ago, bhabhi tried to suicide..”


“Bhai, I know this was because of her mistake with sahil.. Forgive her.. She truly loves u.. ” shona tried to kill herself like yesterday what she said to sahil.. But she cheated me.. I went to home…

“Hubs, see how’s my new dress..” I hugged her tightly.. And cried ..

“What happened hubs”

“I love u shona..” I didn’t know what she faced after losing her child..

“Me too loves u hubs.. Please make me urs..please..”

“Ok, first u take ur dinner and medicine..” She followed my order like a good girl.. I closed the door and came towards her and undid her and mine clothes.. I was kissing her.. And she slept..

“Sorry shona, I mixed sleeping tablets in ur food..” Next morning..

“Hubs, see how stupid am I forget our love moments of yesterday’s night..” She was blushing.. I hugged her

“Don’t worry I remembered each and everything.. Clearly.. U became too sweet after accident..?”

“Hubs..???” I took her for shopping.. She was enjoying but kavita was upset I knew she is jealous..

“Hubs, blue or black which one is better..” She was busy just then we saw Tanya with a man.. That man is roaring on her.. We went outside..

“Sir u paid very less amount..”

“U blo*dy sl*t.. Keep ur mouth shut..”

“How dare u?”?? swara slapped him..” U have no manners. Don’t know how to behave with girls..”

“Miss who r u..” He tried to touch her. I hold his hand

“She is my wife.. U better leave..”

“Come Tanya, with us he is my hubs..” What she said Tanya how she knew her..

“Shona, how did u know her..”

“Offo hubs, she is rajat’s wife. I met her two month ago when u went for case for 5 wee…” She stopped while saying this.. She again lied.

“One more swara Gadodia.. Is there is anything left.. “She held my hand..

” sorry, hubs.. ? please.. ”

“Y u did this..? Y u hurt me.. ”

“Hubs I heard when ur mother told u to marry kavita.. When I gained conscious.. So I lied..”

“U played with my feelings.. It’s hurt me a lot.. I hate myself Y I loved u”

“Hubs please..?” I jerked her hand.

“Come sanky..” I left with kavita..

“She knew kavita I love her.. She took privilege of it.. But not now.. Me will engaged tomorrow..”

“Ok sanky, I’m with u. My love cure all ur wounds..” Mom did all the preparations.. In just one day..all were happy accept me and lucky..

“Bhai don’t do this..”

“Lucky please… She broke everything inside me.. Y she did this always..”

“She loves u Bhai..”

“No she was trying to hide her sin..I’m getting late kavita is waiting for me.” Everything was ready..

“Sanskar beta come on exchange the ring..” Mom told me papa was also there.. Don’t know whether he forgave me or not he didn’t talked me till now.. We exchange the ring.. All clapped but something broke inside me..? after sometime time I saw my mom arguing with adarsh and kavya..

“What happened kavya”

“Nothing sanskar U go.. Guest r waiting for u..”

“No sanky actually..”

“Actually what kavya.. Adarsh u tell..”

“Swara is in hospital..”

“Not now.. I’ll not melt this time..”

“U got ur answer now leave..” Ragini tried to send them…

“Sanky sahil tried to rapped her..”

“What… Where is she..”

“City hospital.. We called u but ur mom didn’t allowed us to talk to u..”

“Please take me, I want to meet my shona..”

“Sanky leave that sl*t…” Just then someone slapped mom.. I saw it was dad.

“Sanky u go.. She needs u . u r still her husband..” I left.. Shekhar uncle hugged me..

“I’m sorry beta, I always thought u bad.. And believed that sahil. But he..” Uncle was crying..

” where is shona..” He took me inside. My life. Was in the hospital like lifeless body. I’m responsible for this.. I hold her hand.

“Shona, ” she wasn’t saying anything.. I saw scratches on her hand.. Marks of fingers on her cheeks.. “Shona,say something.. Slap ur hubs.. He is biggest criminal.. ”

“Hubs, I really love u…”

“Sorry shona, I never trust u.. ” she wiped my tears..

“Don’t leave them..” She faints..

“Shona, open ur eyes.. Ur hubs is calling u.. I promise I’ll not leave u ..” Shekhar uncle kept hand on my shoulder.. ” uncle I’ll not leave that blo*dy sahil.. “?

” he is not alone.. That rajat is also with him.. And I also deserves punishment.. ” I went to kill that sahil.. But adarsh stopped me..

“Sanky, be clam..”

“How to clam.. Adarsh.. If I didn’t did anything this time I could able to face shona..”

“If u kill him.. This society will only blame swara. They will consider her characterless..”

“Ok” I went inside hold her hand..

“I promise shona I’ll not leave anybody.. First I’ll give ur pride back.. Then I’ll kill that sahil and rajat.. I don’t care after that if I would go jail..”

Next day.. I took shona with me to police station.. And we both filed case against sahil.. And rajat.. When we came outside.. Media was there..

“Sir Did u thought u can won against Mr sengupta.. It’s ur first case..”

“Sir, r u sure ur wife innocent Mr sahil sengupta said.. She had an affair with him..”

I kept my hand on her waist..

“Don’t become judge.. I’m fighting for my wife pride.. I’ll surely win..”

“But, sir yesterday u engagement.. With kavita.. They Y u fighting this case..”

“I’m with truth.. I trust her.. No matter what happens I’m always with my wife..” She was just looking at me.. I took her back.. I saw kavita.. But I couldn’t say anything to her.. Because only things matters go me is shona.

“Sanskar Y r u spoiling ur carer for that cheater..”

“Mom.. Please”

“Don’t know may be us lied to u like before..it’s her drama..”

“Enough sujata..” Papa came..” Sanskar beta..I always took u worng.. I also believed that sahil.. I never support when u were worng u did worng by eloping, but today u took right decision I m proud of beta.. Don’t think about SOCIETY.. ALL THE BEST sanskar” he hugged me.. I’m happy my papa was with me..

“Swara beta, ur father in law is saying sorry to u.. Please forgive me..” Papa hold his ear..

“Uncle don’t .. We both should ask forgiveness from u.. But I’ll not daughter in law.. What I did was wrong but I’m happy sanskar is with me.. One mistake I committed that was cheating him.. ” she left or tried to hide her tears..

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