Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 16)

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Lucky’s POV….

It has been a week… Since the Bhai left bhabhi.. When I came to know the whole truth I wasn’t ready to accept it.. Then I remembered that Y bhabhi wanted to suicide.. It might be her mistake or whatever it was… But still the fact is that Bhai still love her. I had seen him crying for her many times.. But ragini and sujata chachi took the privilege of the situation. They r continuously forcing Bhai to marry kavita..

“Sanskar beta, till how long u will cry for that cheater.. Now think to move on..” I heard chachi’s voice a week ago when I was passing through Bhai’s room..

“Mom, please I don’t want to talk about it..”

“Sanky, Y r soo faithful for that blo*dy sl*t..” On the next moment Bhai slapped her…

“Don’t u say a word against my wife..” Still Bhai can’t hear a word against her…

“Sanskar is this a way to talk with ragini.. ”

“Mom please u both leave me alone…” They came outside.

“Ragini, u should keep ur mouth shut..” I warned her.. And she left without saying anything.. I came inside..

“Bhai…” I called.. And he hugged me.

“Lucky see na, what had happened.. My jaan.. ” I have never seen Bhai like that.. He was crying.. He told me everything.. About his child also..

“Bhai u should ask bhabhi about the whole situation.. Then U will get to know the whole situation..”

“We will go to meet her tomorrow.. ”

On the next day we went to Gadodia mansion.. We entered in the house.. I was shocked that shekhar uncle welcomed us with smiling face..

“Welcome my son in law oops my ex-son in law..? come .. Shomi see guest came..” He served us lots of sweets..

“Call swara I want to meet her.. ?”?

” Y r u in soo hurry? Have some tea.. Actually swara is in her room.. ”

“Ok I’ll meet her in her room..” Bhai was about to go..

“Wait sanskar.. She wasn’t alone there. She is with her future husband sahil..” Shekhar uncle’s words.. Brought angry in his face..

“And u know na shekhar ji.. New couple need sometime together..” Shomi aunty to joined her.. But I hold his hand.. We waited more than 3 hours.. With each second bhai’s anger was increasing.. Then that sahil’s came out of room while closing his buttons.. While coming down from stairs.. He was passing his evil smile.. Bhai grabbed his collar..

“U blo*dy.. How dare u kill my babies.. “?

” clam down.. Sanky” he removed his hand from his collar..

“Where is shona?”

“She is my shona.. For u she is only swara.. And she don’t want to meet u.. She was very much tired..”

“I’ll talk her directly..” Bhai moved but he hold his hand..

“Sahil leave Bhai’s hand.. ” I shouted on him..

“Sanky, u have no right to see her in that condition.. U know what I mean.. ” he winked..?

“Bhai, let’s go.. ” but Bhai dialed her number…

“Sanky, she blocked ur number.. Haha ?” I wished I could shoot that sahil.. But I couldn’t do that.. We left from there.. Bhai was very much hurted.. He stopped the car in the middle way..

“Lucky u go home, I’ll come later.”

“But Bhai, ”

“Go..” He shouted..?. I came back to home.. I waited him it has been 11:30 PM.. He wasn’t came still. All were worried.. Then I got a call

“Hey, lucky.. ”

“Ya nikhil.. What happened.. ”

“Yrr, ur bro is sitting in my bar.. He is continuously drinking. Bring him back.. His condition isn’t good.. He is with a girl. She is not good.. U know what I mean bro..” I immediately left for there.. Bhai wasn’t in his sense.. He was drinking continuously.. He rested his head on a girl shoulder..I moved towards him.

“U know Tanya, when I saw her first time I fall for her.. So innocent.. Her beautiful eyse.. Cute smile stole my hear.. But this innocent face cheated me.. I’m very bad..” He was completely broken down..

“Sanky, all girls r same.. See me I’ll give u love..” She moved closer to kiss him..

“No.. U go Tanya.. I love my shona.. Only..”

“Sanky, u need me.. As a friend.. “‘ this girl is too much’?

” Bhai, let’s go home.. ” she looked towards me..” And u stay away from him.. He will not do that u want..”

“I know what man wants.. ” she left.. I took Bhai back to home.. And laid down him on the bed..

“Shona… I need u please come back.. ”

“Bhai what u have did to yourself..”

“Jaan….” He was only ranting her name… This was continued everyday.. And kavita she grab this opportunity she used to go in his room frequently whenever he came home after drinking..

“Kavita I think u should go back to ur home”

“Lucky, sanky needs me.. And u don’t interfere in my matter “she left..

Everyone was only thinking about their benefit. Bhabhi how could she left Bhai like this? She knew he need her badly.. Then one day I saw her in the market..

” bhaiya, what is the cost of these potato? ”

“Didi 30 rupees per kg..” She noticed that she had very low money..

“It’s too costly.. U gave me only two potato.. ” she left and I followed her.. She went to her house that Bhai made for them..

“Bhabhi, ” she turned .

“Lucky, hello how come”.. I looked towards her. She lost her charm, her glow that she had when Bhai was with her..

” Y r u living here.. ” she was quite for a minute.

“U come inside..” I went inside.. She made tea.. ” how’s he?” She asked..

“What u think..? How he would be?”

“Did he missed me? What am I asking? Who will remember cheaters..” She similed.. Or she tried to hide her pain..

“Every second.. His jaan in his mind.. ? Bhabhi Y u did this? Y didn’t meet Bhai when he came to meet u instead u were with that sahil..?”

“Hubs came to meet me when.. ” I tell her everything….

Lucky’s POV ends…

Swara POV…

Today I meet lucky.. He told me about hubs..

“Hubs came to meet me when..” I was excited to know.. He told me everything..

“They all lied lucky. I left my home.. On the day when hubs left me.. Ma baba cursed him badly.. Even I told them whole truth but they were not ready to believe me..”

“Ma he is innocent, it’s me who cheated him.. ”

“Don’t cover his sin shona, he told us everything sanskar himself said. That he was bored with u.. U r not able to keep him happy or satisfied that’s why he is leaving u…” Even in that condition he didn’t wanted anyone would blame me.. But I couldn’t take what ever they said ill about hubs.. Sahil too joined them..

“U blo*dy ‘cheapo how dare u.. U killed my babies…” I slapped him.. He hold my hand..

“Cool my jaan.. See ma baba what sanky did to her.. She is blaming me..?” I don’t know Y ma baba believed him.. More than me.. Baba slapped me..

“Shona for that womanizer u r blaming sahil.. He loves u.. Now after ur divorce u have to marry sahil.. ” I packed my bag and left.. I searched my mobile

“Shona here is it..” I snached my phone from sahil..

“I don’t want to live in that house where no one respect my hubs.. It’s my sin and now I will suffer..” I left from there since that time I’m leaving here.. I filed case against sahil. But no one believe me. I have no proof of my innocence.. I talked to a advocate and he asked for money.. So now.. Just searching a job..

“Bhabhi !! I’ll give u job..” Lucky said.. He gave me job in a bar.. I didn’t want to work there but I have no choice… “U can join from tonight..”

“Ok” I met nikhil…

“Hi swara. I’m ur boss if any problem just call me.. Ok..” I node yess.. In the night.. I was doing my work.. Just then I saw my hubs.. I was seeing after a week .. What he had did to himself.. Long beard swallon eyes.. Messy hairs…. He asked for a drink..

“Hey u waiter give me drink..” I moved towards him..” Not u that one..” Another girl served him. SHe sit with hubs.. Touching my hubs..

“Sir u need more.. ”

“Yes, ” he looked towards me..” Ur hand some magic dear.. ” he was continuously drinking.. Just looking at me and that blo*dy ‘cheapo girl was touching my hubs.. She hold his hand and placed it on her thighs.. I slapped her..

“How dare.. Stay away from my hubs..”

“Enough swara, leave don’t disturb my jaan.. Rosy..”

“Sir I’m Lilly” hubs pulled her by waist..

“What ever.. Now ur my jaan..”

“Hubs, I’m ur jaan not she.. Don’t do this na..” I was crying.. Just then I found a hand on my waist.. I turned

“Baby, leave him.. I’m here.. I was seeing u r crying for him.. ” he hold my hand..

“Leave me..” I was struggling but Hubs hit the bottle in his head ..

“With this hand touched my jaan..” He hurted his hand with broken bottle.. I hugged him..


“Jaan, I’m here na.. ” he cupped my face.. Then jerked me.. ” go..” He fainted on my shoulder.. Lucky also came there.. I understand Y he gave me this job..

“Bhabhi u also come .. He needs u.. ”

“But no one allowed me.. Earlier I came to meet him but everyone pushed me out..” He gave me dress and I covered my face in veil.. Lucky said everyone that I’m new maid.. We took hubs to his room.. But that kavita also came..

“Sanky, Y r u doing this..” She was crying..

“Shona, I need u where r u jaan..” I moved but lucky hold my hand..

“Just wait bhabhi” he whispered..

“I’m ur shona sanky..” Kavita took his hand and placed it on her navel..” See hubs, ur jaan . belly ring u like it na..” I’ll kill that kavita.. How could she touched my hubs…

“Jaan, I love u..” My hubs loves me a lot.. But that kavita was taking the benefit of situation..

“Kavita, chachi is calling u.. U go I’ll take care of Bhai..”

“Ok, ” she kissed on my hubs forehead .. ??? Finally she left … Lucky looked towards me..

” Bhabhi u take care of him.. I’m locking door from outside.. ” he left.. I moved towards hubs.. Removed his shoes. I rubbed his forehead where that kavita kissed my hubs.. I kissed all over on his face..?. I opened his shirt . . and kissed on my name..


“Shona, u came”

“Ya” I hugged him “I’ll not leave u hubs..” He too hugged me.. His hand was on my waist.. ” hubs, that kavita is very bad. Don’t talk to her.. ”

“I love u. Shona.” I looked towards him.. And I kissed on his dry lips.. He hold me tightly.. He too responsed with equal passion.. The thing we both missed in this one week.. No one was ready to stop. He removed my pallu.. And touched my navel.. He rubbed his legs on mine.. I was feeling very good after getting his love.. His feet touched my anklet… He broke the kiss.. ” shona, still u have this..”

“Hubs, I love u more than anything.. Ur every gift is especial for me.. Hubs u please.. don’t talk to that kavita.. I don’t like her..” I slept hugging him… This warmth of his arms… I missed a lot..

Next morning I was sleeping just then I heart a loud voice..

“Sanskar….” Oh hubs mom saw us.. Hubs too woke up.. Mom saw my messy condition..

“Swara u r here..” Hubs was shocked to see me.. With in no time ragini and kavita also came there.. My lipstick marks on his lips and his open shirt ..created suspect in their mind.. Ragini grabbed my hand and pulled me..

“U blo*dy b*t*h.. How dare u..” She pulled me out.. But my leg got hit by table..

“Hubs..” I cried..?

“Jaan..” He came towards me.. And cupped my face..” R u OK..” I node no and showed my leg..

“Sanky.. She is again fooling u…”

“It’s my personal matter ragini… Everyone please move outside.. ” please don’t ask anything.. ”

“But sanky, ” kavita said..

“Get out..” He shouted.. Everyone left and he closed the door..

“Hubs, it’s paining.. ” he placed me on bed.. And took my leg and cleaned my wound..

“Now OK ..”

“No.. But if u kissed there..” He kissed on my wound..

“Now stand up.. ”

“But Y hubs..”

“Don’t argu.. ” I followed his instructions.. He undid my sari.. “Hubs, all r in the home.. It’s not correct time..” I was blushing..?

“Sssh u talk to much.. ” then made me wear sari.. Properly.. Also did my hairs.. Cleaned my face..He also changed his clothes.. He wiped my face.. “Now u r looking prefect..”

“Hubs u forget sindoor..”

“No need of this..” He called someone..” Is everything is ready.. Ok we r coming.. ”

“Hubs where r we going..” He grabbed my hand and opened the door.. All were outside the room.. “Hubs tell na..”

“Mom, we r going to court today everything will end officially..” I was shocked..

“Hubs, please don’t.. Do this.. I’m ready to stay away from u..” He pulled me.. I was continuously beginning.. “Hubs, please.. Don’t divorce me..” He took me court.. “Hubs, I love u..?”

“Don’t say this again.. Now I’m not ur hubs.. I’m sanskar Maheshwari for u.. And u r swara Gadodia..” We entered inside.. .. Hub’s family also came..there and that kavita also..?

“Mr Maheshwari Y u want to divorce ur wife..” He looked towards me..

“Because I’m bored with her.. And I had an affair and I want to marry with my girlfriend kavita.. I don’t love swara…. ”

“If is it so then Y u both eloped.. ”

“I was stupid that time.. I thought to use her then leave her.. But this girl made my life hell.. It was nothing more than a teenage mistake.. And please don’t ask anything else..”

“Ok, Mrs Maheshwari u tell Y u want to leave Mr Maheshwari..” I looked towards him but he turned his face..

“Sir, my hubs loves a lot.. It’s me who cheated him.. I slept..” Before I could say anything..

“Enough ur greatness drama.. Swara.. Sir I don’t love her she is biggest fool.. Please I don’t want live with her.. ” he gave some money to judge.. ” do it fast..”

“Ok.. ” he gave him papers..” Signed here..” He tooked the pen.. His hands were shivering..

“Hubs, please don’t..” he signed it but I saw his tear drop on the paper.. He gave it to me..

“Sign in it ”

“Hubs, Y u lied..”

“I’m not ur hubs..”

“U r I didn’t signed it.. ”

“Swara sign in it.. ” he shouted.. A loud..

“I won’t.. I’ll never be.” He forcefully made me signed on it.. But I made cross on paper and tore it… ” I’ll never do it..” I ran from there..

“Swara listen..” He followed me.. I was crying.. Again he made himself good.. I knew he loves me a lot. ” swara stop.. ” but I didn’t because I didn’t want to go.. ” swara I said.. Stop..” I turned back..

“No, hubs this time not…”

“Swara look behind u..” Something hit me hard… I fell down.. Everything was becoming black.. He came towards me ” shona, I’m sorry.. ”

“Hubs, I’ll not sign..” My eyes were closing..

“I love u shona, please don’t close ur eyes..” But I closed….

Swara’s POV ends….

Sanskar’s POV…

I was took her hospital… Doctor told me that they need to operate her… They asked me to submit the fee..

“Ok doctor I’ll u just operate her..” He demanded to submit the fee fastly.. But then I found.. I don’t have money in my account as I spend all money in house.. And also I don’t have time to sell it moreover it was on swara’s name.. I called shekhar uncle but they didn’t picked my call.. “Oh God what to do..” I called mom..

“Sanky where r u..”

“Mom I need money.. ” I tell her everything.. ” OK I’m coming.. ” after 30 minutes she came..

“Sanky submit it fast.. ” doctor said…”also we need to buy blood from blood bank..”

“Mom..give me.. Money..” But she didn’t..

“I’ll but u have to promise me..”

“I’m ready to do anything for her.. ”

“Marry kavita..” I don’t have any time to argu with mom..

“Ok mom.. After shona become fine I’ll marry kavita..” And I submitted the fee.. I was waiting outside the operation theater..

“Mr Maheshwari she is out of danger now.. But this time take care of her.. ”

“Thank u doctor for saving my life..” He left.. I thank to God.. “Shona now ur hubs will not let anything happen to u”Just then kavita came she hugged..

“Sanky I’m so happy.. U accept it.. I love u..” The I realised what I promised to mom.. I couldn’t back off mom was also there..

It had been 2 day.. She didn’t get conscious.. “Shona, please don’t tease me.. ”

“Sanskar..” Mom came” don’t attach yourself with her that much.. Once she will get conscious u have to marry kavita.. ”

“Mom, I know u please let us stay alone.. Please… I’ll not break my promise..” She left.. I looked towards swara and kissed on her forehead..

“Swara if u love me this much.. Then Y u cheat me.. Don’t know but my heart still not ready to believe in it.. But u did it.. ” I hold her hand.. ” I can’t give ur place to anyone in my heart.. This marriage is just a agreement to me.. Nothing more than it.. Kavita also knew it..” I slept.. Next day.. I felt movement of shona’s finger.. I called doctor.. As soon she opened her eyes she hugged me..

“Hubs, u came so soon .. Please now don’t leave me.. ”

“Shona, u take rest..”

“I’ll but u don’t go, for that stupid case.. ”

“What case shona??”

“Hubs three days ago u told me na that ur going out of station for a case with Mr sengupta.. ” what she forgot recent incident…

“Mrs Maheshwari what is the last thing u remember..” Doctor asked..

“Woh, I came back after giving my exams.. Then after that how can I came here.. Hubs.. I didn’t remember..” I came to know about her condition.. I told mom about it..

“Sanskar now u r staying with how can u.. U promised me..”

“Mom I’m not breaking my promise she is not well.. When she remember everything I’ll marry kavita..”

“She is doing drama.. Wait I’ll show her, her real place..” She moved

“I’ll die mom..” She turned ..

“What !! U r ..”

“Ya mom.. If this time anything happens to her. I’ll kill myself.. I don’t want to live in the world she doesn’t exist.. ”

“For a cheater.. Who shared bed with another man..”

“I love her.. She cheated me.. But my love can’t die for her mom.. But I’ll never forgive her..” I left… I came inside the room..

“Hubs where were u.. I was very much tense.. Don’t leave me like this..”I sit beside her she kept her head on my chest.. ” hubs u know what..”


“I feel so secure in ur arms.. I feel like heaven in ur touch.. ” she hugged me and slept..

“Don’t know to which of ur face I should trust.. Did u loved me.. And in those 5 week u forget my love or u never loved me.. ”

Precap: swasan filed case against sahil…

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