A Wave back to home! Part 2


Episode 2

Making several calls, vansh was trying his best to get any sought of information about the one who had kidnapped the twins..


They were almost there…


Another 5 minutes they were there, the scene of the house was not the way they left. Mess at the entrance with broken pots. David standing at the entrance with a worry in his face.


Making a way to him..


They were ready to jump on him with worry and lots of questions.


Understanding what could be their next move he calmly said,


“Sir, Kabir sir has gained consciousness. He is asking about you both.”


Riddhima hurriedly entered the house and went to Kabir seeing Siya standing there with a worry in her face.


“Siya, is the bullet removed?”


“The bullet had been removed but it was deep, he had to completely take rest, no pressure, but he wasn’t listening.”


“Kabir are you alright? ” Asked Vansh coming from behind


“I am, but vanya and vridha was really scared those bastards”


“I know, have you seen their faces? ”


“No! They were wearing masks and that too their language was different too, some thing not English, French, German it was something different. Kind of code language, those were here after a lot of planning, their moves were well planned.”


“Vansh I am really scared, why did they come here and what can they even do? We are clueless, I want them back! I want my children back! Do something, involve police or anything but I want them back do u understand? ”


“Riddhima relax!”


“Are you out of your mind? How can I even Relax? Vanya, I promised her I will be back soon, u know what she said before we left home? She said she is not getting good feeling and I was so stupid, I was.”


“shhh ik you are worried but what can we even do until we get some information! Can we? ”


Vansh said wiping her tears that were automatically there, what the day started with and where they are standing right now…just in an hour their life turned into something that they never imagined about…their kids were missing..what more bad can happen to them now!


Room was filled with silence with some sniffings of the people present there…were they even standing at Their house! It was silent like it was never before.


The laughs of twins, their giggling which all made that architect made of bricks a home to live in.






“Bhaii…..” Angre came running.




Well! Short updates is the thing I give so….


Well, your feedback! Always count a special place..


Constructive criticism is wholeheartedly welcome!


How was it?



  1. Japjot Kaur

    Mind blowing di ❀

  2. Sweetheart
    You know na I love Angre
    When he made entry you ended😲

    Well the episode
    You never told me that you are so great in writing mystery.
    Everything was so deep
    Sooooo deep
    So deep words choosen
    Lovely girl lovely.

  3. Priyanka Thakur

    Amazing episode Aayu

  4. Shambhvi Shukla

    You could write even more in this episode but it was a good episode.

  5. DDD

    Awesome dear ❀️

  6. Prabhleen 😊


  7. It was as usual serene…pata hain tumhare updates bina pare hi bol sakte hain ki wo acche kya super acche hi honge…bola tha na aayu special hota hain….uske updates hamesha magical hi hote hain…par aayu emotional queen se ab tumhara promotion ho gya hain mystery queen ban gyi….anyways loved it as always…..All theee best for ur next post😍😍

  8. AarushiSoni

    U were writing emotional.. ye cliffhanger banne ka shauk kabse? πŸ™‚
    I am coming to ur house.. I willl give u 3 dozens banana and many dark chocolate.. as ur gift of writing super se bhi zyada uparπŸ˜Œβ€οΈβœ‹πŸ»
    It was beautiful ❀️
    Brilliant πŸ–€

    1. 3 dozen bananaπŸ˜‚

  9. Parita

    Amazing Aayu!!
    The update was so emotional and beautifully written!❀🀧

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