A Trap- Riansh OS by Parita

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This starts when Riddhima had to arrange the beach party for Vansh and was in a relationship with Kabir but with a few changes.

A lady stood in front of the window that directly led their view to the calming and glimmering ocean. A tall and husky man came and engulfed her in to a hug. They looked over and saw the sun gracefully merging into the horizon as the night took over slowly. The man kissed her forehead and nuzzled his nose in her neck.

“I have to go” She said as she sensed him.

“Don’t…..for today!” He pleaded cutely. “I’m too addicted to you!”

“I can’t, but I promise I’ll come back soon.” She reassured.


Riddhima hurried towards the venue where she had to arrange a party for the top business man of India; Vansh Rai Singhania. Riddhima was a simple physiotherapist who lived in a hostel along with her best friend. Sejal. Sejal was a party planner and today, she had taken up two venues together so she sent her best friend who had some knowledge of party planning to one venue while she was busy in the other.

She immediately started arranging and organizing the decorations, instructing the workers, moving hither and thither. She finally found herself breathing as she reached the bar area.

Riddhima: God! This party is definitely going to kill me…..such a top notch party. Huh of course…..Mr Vansh Rai Singhania’s party!! (murmuring)

She saw the vase which held the multi-coloured fragrant flowers. She smiled as she remembered a person that held extreme importance in her life. The man whom she fell in love with after a year they had just met. They loved each other immensely; Kabir he was. He liked the different flowers, he thought they gave colour and meaning to life, made life not so bland but full of meaning. It made you realize that life indeed was so meaningful.

She came out of her chain of thoughts and ordered one of the men to change the flowers- to white lilies.

: Interesting, Very interesting! (deep voice)

Riddhima turned towards the voice to see a man, looking deadly handsome with a trimmed beard bordering his perfect shaped face and yellow tinted shades covering his deep brown orbs. His black velvet suit perfectly fit him and the printed muffler wrapped around his neck added nothing more but just charm. He was the VR. Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima’s eyes were fixed on him – of course, how could anyone take off their eyes if such a dashing man was in front of them. Riddhima soon composed herself and bit her inner cheek to stop herself from smiling, not just smiling but drooling over him.

Vansh: These flowers…..white.

Riddhima: Give a sense of serenity.

Vansh: and tranquillity.

Riddhima: (surprised) Absolutely, they add grace to any colour.

Vansh: Interesting, Very interesting! (he smirked and smiled)

Riddhima: (thinking) I’m totally going to get floored with that smile!

Vansh: I want all the flowers here to be white, no trace of coloured ones. (ordering tone)

Riddhima: But excuse me sir, this isn’t your party for you to decide the arrangements. I mean you might be a rich personality (looking behind at the bodyguards) but I’m the party planner here and it’s for Mr Vansh, so may I ask who are you?

Angre: Ms, talk in your limits!

Vansh: Angre! So you don’t know who the party owner is?

Riddhima: Of course I know, Vansh Rai Singhania!

Vansh moved a bit and the event poster came in Riddhima’s view. Riddhima’s eyes widened as she saw the man in the poster right before her, finally getting it that he was none other than Vansh Rai Singhania, the party owner himself. Riddhima bit her lip and cursed her fate. She smiled to cover up and quickly mumbled a “sorry”

Riddhima: I’ll do it right away sir.

Vansh: Angre, let’s leave for the den.

Vansh along with Angre and the bodyguards left for the den that was near the beach area while Riddhima was left to do the arrangements. The music played and dancers entered showing their dance moves and their curves. Riddhima ran between them, from one point to another, sceptical about the arrangements while Vansh chuckled.

Vansh got masked his seriousness when he noticed his business partner, Chang arriving for the most awaited deal. But as soon as he entered the pavilion a sudden blast occurred creating havoc.


Vansh: Angre alert everyone, take everyone to safety, I’ll go check there.

Angre: But boss, it would be dangerous

Vansh: VR liked playing with dangers (smirk) I want to see who has the guts to do this in my marriage.

Vansh reached the area where the bomb had blasted. A lot of smoke had caused a fog in the air, making it the place unclear. He brushed the smoke to clear his vision and Chang on the floor lying along with a few people. He nodded his head in negation and roamed around the area.

He heard a few whimpers that took his attention. Taking long strides he went towards the direction from where the sound was coming from. He went and saw a petite figure crouched on the floor, whimpering in pain. His sharp eyesight couldn’t miss out the person’s face even in the thick fog. He took a step towards the figure to help when he heard a loud shriek from the other side.

: Riddhima!!

Vansh sighed very well knowing who’s voice it belonged to, his long-time foe; Inspector Kabir. As wind slowly cleared the fog, his face appeared quite clear to Vansh, and the trio were in clear vision. Kabir saw Riddhima’s figure crouched up and tried helping her but to his surprise she denied. She put her energy and sat on the floor, seemed like the bomb blast had an impact on her too?

She looked at the two faces in front of her. Her faces had patched of ash and her attire messed up. Kabir forwarded his hand to her while Vansh did the same.

Vansh: Wrong timing Sweetheart! You’re always so impatient! (smirking)

Riddhima: (putting her hand into his, shocking Kabir) Am I? (smirking)

Kabir: Riddhima? (shock) What’s all this?

Riddhima stood up with the help of Vansh. He caressed her cheeks and gently roamed his hand around her hair.

Vansh: Not hurt are you? Are you fine? (worriedly asked)

Riddhima: Relax Vansh, I’m fine, just a small bruise (complained like a child)

Kabir: Riddhima…..you know this guy?

Vansh stepped in front of her and directly faced Kabir, holding Riddhima’s hand tightly.

Vansh: How in this world can a wife not know her own husband? (he chuckled)

Kabir: What!! Wife!! (shocked) Riddhima what is he saying? You love me right? And you Vansh, stop bringing my Riddhima in to our enmity

Riddhima: Ooops Kabir, I’m not yours, I’m his, was always and will always be! (holding his hand tighter)

Vansh: All this was a trap, weaved for you.

Riddhima: So we could catch you and expose your intentions!

Kabir: Whi-ch int-ent-ions? (stammering)

Vansh: Don’t act too smart! Your intentions to see me behind the bars, on false accusations.

Kabir: Riddhima he’s lying…..and you betrayed me! You faked your love! (hurt)

Riddhima: And you think I’m easily going to believe you, come on Kabir, I’ve been married to him since 2 years now! And weren’t you also betraying me, pretending to love me! So we’re on equal terms aren’t we now?

Kabir: You knew I didn’t love you? (realising) Our meet was also a plan by you?

Riddhima nodded and Kabir held his head in frustration. His plan backfired on himself. He looked around and found everything cleared up, no people on the floor, no more fog, no more mess. He widened his eyes as he realized that the bomb was part of their plan to bring him in the party.

Vansh: Don’t think too hard…..Riddhima had seen you before she started the decorations and she sneakily called me to inform me about it. I simple just followed my queen’s order and planned everything out. You wanted to keep an eye on my deal today didn’t you?

Riddhima: Kabir, My Vansh doesn’t do any illegal dealings…yes I agree he’s in the mafia but doesn’t do any illegal activities. Our marriage was purposely kept a secret and taking that as an advantage, I came in to your life and planned everything.

Soon the cops arrived and after having a conversation with the commissioner, Kabir was officially suspended after being accused of falsely trapping and fraud. Vansh side hugged his life and kissed her hair gently. After the cops and everyone left, Riddhima turned to him.

Riddhima: So Mr party owner….how are my decorations? White lilies right?

Vansh: Absolutely my favourite! (winked) By the way sweetheart, you were really eager to press the bomb?

Riddhima: Of course after seeing those lizards trying to lure you in the dance! (jealous)

Vansh: Aww jealous!

Riddhima: Of course, you’re mine!!

Vansh: Always! (smiled)

Angre reported back to them and smiled seeing them together. As soon as he saw Riddhima, he immediately held his ears.

Angre: Sorry Bhabhi, I was too rude to you!

Riddhima: Arree Angre, no need, it was part of the plan.

Vansh: Angre, all ready?

Angre: Yes bhai. Please come on the other side towards the beach.

Riddhima: What’s left now? (confused)

Vansh: A surprise!


Vansh, Riddhima and Angre reached the other side of the venue where Riddhima saw a podium and reporters facing the podium. Vansh held her hand and took her on the podium. Holding the mic…..

Vansh: Today is one of the most important days of my life; today I’m finally going to introduce the one to you all, the one who makes me complete, the one who filled the void in my life, the one whom I love immensely and isn’t less than my world. She’s my entire life, my jaan, my sweetheart; Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania! (he looked at her while she had tears in her eyes)

The reporters hooted and celebrated the confession of their relationship. Vansh pulled her closer and hugged while the reporters took pictures of the lovely couple. As the sun merged with the horizon once again…..

Vansh: Never leave me, you’re my addiction! (whispering)

Riddhima: I’m with you, always!

The end.

Hope you all liked it….It wasn’t up to the mark from my side, but I hope i’ll be able to write better once my break ends.


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