Being with my so called kidnapper again # chapter 13

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Everyone comes for a reason .. everyone leaves for a reason..

Scene 1

Vihan’s pov

“Riddhimaaaaaaa” i shouted with my hands still in air in her direction

I felt my eye lashes getting shuttered and all i could see was empty room..

I didn’t force my eyes to remain open because their is no reason left for my eyes to see something..

My peace is love and my baby is gone..

Not only my legs but my heart also got paralyzed..

I am feeling numb..even my tears left me just like my love..

Why everytime me.. can’t i get little love from someone..

I was longing for the day she will confess her love for me but the way she confessed i felt more miserable now..

May be love is not in my destiny..

I used to thought i will love riddhima more than that she will forget him for sure in future..

But i was wrong..i was with her but still Vansh’s love won over mine..

She left me..she left me for him..and i became alone once more..

I didn’t got riddhima in this birth but i swear vansh i will snatch her from u in every next possible birth..

I letted my eyes shut thinking about her..

How our relationship gradually changed with each passing year..

From enemies to friends than lover..but alas i lost her forever..

If she will come back again to won’t make any sense because she loves vansh more than me..

My love failed in front of his love..

What magic he did on her that she couldn’t be able to forget him even in his absence and she forgot me even in my presence

Wasn’t my love sufficient for her to live happily..

Why!! Just why!! I want my answers..

“Riddhimaaaaaaa”be i cried banging my hand on floor untill it started bleeding..

If she would be here she must have scolded me for being so careless but just look at my unlucky i am that their is nobody to see if i am even alive or not..

I opened my eyes again and grabbed her duppatta which was lying just beside me..

I think i have only this thing in my destiny..her belongings..

“Barbie” i said sniffing her colonge from her duppatta

Still it has her fragrance..but she is nowhere to be found

She left me!! She left my love..

Congratulations Mr.Vihan.. you got betrayed successfully by ur beloved jaan..

You are a betrayer barbie but still I can’t hate you because my poor heart loves u more than my life..

But if u would have stabbed me with knife i wouldn’t have felt that much bad but you chose that vansh over me..

I was with u when he was not but still i couldn’t be able to keep u with me..

I still remember how i felt when i saw you very first time..

Flashback starts..

5 years ago..

“You have to kidnap her..see this photo..” the man said in front me handovering a picture

“Riddhima” i said huskily seeing the epitome of beauty in front of me..

” Don’t u in your limits” the man said and left the place..

I kept looking at her picture with an unknown emotion..


“Aaah..vansh” riddhima shouted as soon as she collided with me in jungle that night when i kidnapped her..

I felt my whole world stopped feeling her in my embrace..

She was looking more beautiful than picture..

Although i wasn’t supposed to like her even but that was love at first sight..

Loving someone else’s wife is crime but poor heart can’t be tamed by this morals..

Flashback ends..

After that only i know how i controlled myself in this 5 f**king years seeing u with me sharing same room same bed..

My sanity was at stake but atlast i got u finally in my arms..

How peaceful that night was when you submitted yourself to me..

I always loved u but that night u loved me ..

Being your kidnapper i was supposed to threaten you..scare you and i did that..but deep down my heart knew how bad i felt after hurting u..

I closed my eyes and letted the darkness surrounded me just like my life..

Pov ends

Scene 2


Riddhima’s pov

“Vansh…vansh..where are u” i shouted in an isolated jungle running here and there like a mad bull..

“Momo..dada” pari cried trying to wriggled in my hold..

“Baby..i will tell u everything but for now plz don’t distrub me” i said trying to make her understand

“Momo i am scared🥺 ” she said hugging me tightly..

Although i was scared like hell from inside ..the whole area is dark and isolated..

Was vihan right that i will regret..did i do wrong leaving him alone ..

“Vansh😭” i cried hard this time in hope he will come .

It is like the same night when i loss my vansh 5 years ago..

Gumnam hai koi.. Badnam hai koi..

I heard the same voice behind me..

A shiver ran down my spine sensing the intensity of voice

“Momo🥺” pari said tightening her hold on me..

” Baby don’t worry ..momo is here” i said keeping her close to me..

“RIDDHIMA” a husky voice hitted my ears and i felt my whole body trembled listening that .

“Vansh..”i whispered but soon realised that voice doesn’t belong to him..

“RIDDHIMA” that whiper again heard and i picked pari in my arms instantly

I felt a presence behind me in bushes and without giving a second thought i started running don’t know where..

“Baby just don’t leave your hold on me” i said to pari and kept running

I felt someone chasing me with the same knife..

I stopped behind a bush as i was running holding pari in my arms.

“Momo😭 we shouldn’t have left dada” she cried as soon as i putted her down….

“Don’t cry baccha..” i ruffled her hairs kissing her forehead..

Vihan was right .. i will regret

Sorry vihan first i deceived u and then hurted u..

“Listen baby..we have to run back to our ur dada” I assured her keeping her hand in mine..

We again started running but this time pari was running holding my hand

“RIDDHIMA” f**k..i was scared like hell listening this..

May be vihan was right..i lended into a grave danger ..

“Momo i am tired” pari huffed stopping near a tree..

Poor will she run without water or food..

“Just few meters more baby” i said to her and again took a step to run..

“Aaaaaahhhhh” i gasped as soon as i was about to run with pari..

“Mummaaaa” pari shouted hidding in my dupptta..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it..

Have patience..

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