A SUMMARY TILL TODAY! Rudhita – Walk down lovers and Anidita – Love or fire?

Hey there! I have a summary for you all! the stories which I have posted in telly updates should have a report right? If you really like my stories then pls answer these questions below! Ans should be of your own choices as It will decide something good!

There you go – Anidita – Love or fire?   The first story of mine for which I have got a lot apprecitaion thank you! This revolves around 24 year old Anirudh , 18 year old diya and 22 year old bondita das! They were the besties. Bondita befriends diya and then anirudh. Anirudh who was a barrister and a chirpy lad gives a liking to diya. Bondita who was a upcoming barrister babu gives a liking to Anirudh unknown to the fact that he likes diya. Bondita leaves both of them and gets settled in London. Diya leaves to Uk for being a doctor. Anirudh who was still left out he was sent to jail for 2 yrs for some reason. He became cold hearted and krishnagar and tulsipur became the enimies. The upcoming story is going to revolve here! Stay tuned

Rudhita – walk down lovers! – this is something of my remix idea actually what would have happened if bondita had to convince Anirudh to marry another girl? In the cage of her mother’s promise bondita is going to lose her love? Is anirudh going to marry Aanya who is a mad lover? will bondita bear the shock?  So have a summary and make a story out of it.  A 23 year old bondita who returns from her agnipariksha have an another mission! She has to make a trap set for Chandrachur. She never believed him. Anirudh who was becoming mad in love for bondita is making plans for love. In her mother’s promise Bondita makes a grave mistake that will change her life? Stay tuned!

The questions are-

The best story of mine?

which one should I continue?

drop it down/

your Ziya

  1. Sis continue both❣💕
    I like both stories❤❤

    1. Sis I liked both but will go for 1 one

    2. Zeo

      Any one pls! But thank you shree sis!

  2. Didi, I liked both but will go for 1st story

    1. Zeo

      Oh yeah sure. Thank you Priya Sis


    Di I like both stories but you said to choose one so I will choose 1
    Please continue both stories please please please

    1. Zeo

      Yeah yeah sure! Thank you sis😊

  4. 2nd story

    1. Zeo

      Thank you sis❤

  5. 1st Story plsss

    1. Zeo

      Ya sure thanks rhea sis❤

  6. Di I’m saying 2 because I didn’t read the first one it’s mixed with Hindi …..I don’t know Hindi I only know English and Tamil …2 pls di

    1. Zeo

      Ya sure! But I have posted the stories in english right? 🙂

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